Ref NoBV/J/1875
TitleBodenwieser Reconstructions \ University of Surrey \ 7 \ Death and the Maiden, Bodenwieser Exercises, Slavonic Dance, Demon Machine
Extent1 VHS videotape
DescriptionRehearsals and performances of reconstructions done by Bettina Vernon and Evelyn Ippen at the University of Surrey for Carol Brown's MA dissertation. Developments of two Bodenwieser exercises are demonstrated as well as three dance works: Slavonic Dance (Bodenwieser), danced by Carol Brown; Demon Machine (Bodenwieser), danced by Carol Brown, Margarita Andreou, Sara Porter, Sophia Preston and Christopher Ugolo; Death and the Maiden (Vernon and Ippen), danced by Carol Brown (maiden) and Michele Quinton Hunt (death). The video proceeds in the following order: performance of Death and the Maiden; Vernon teaching Brown developments of two basic Bodenwieser exercises; performance of Slavonic Dance and Demon Machine. There are titles and credits for each work.
Related MaterialThe music for Death and the Maiden and Slavonic Dance is on audiotape BV/A/894. The music for Demon Machine is on audiotapes BV/A/893, BV/A/895, BV/A/896.
Physical Description14 mins total.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P6052Warren; Bettina Vernon- (1920-1995); dancer and choreographer1920-1995
DS/UK/P1801Brown; Carol
DS/UK/P8889Ippen; Evelyn
DS/UK/P1125Bodenwieser; Gertrud (1890-1959)1890-1959
DS/UK/P9502Hunt; Michele Quinton
DS/UK/P9503Andreou; Margarita
DS/UK/P9504Porter; Sara
DS/UK/P9505Preston; Sophia
DS/UK/P9506Ugolo; Christopher
NA270PATS Dance Studio, University of Surrey/Guildford/England, UK
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