Ref NoDC/K/C8879/6221
TitleJoan Russell Memorial Journal
Extent1 issue
Davies, M. Foreword, p vii.
Hencher, J. Address at the funeral of Joan Russell, Worcester Cathedral, p1.
Redfern, B. Joan Russell Memorial Lecture, p4.
Boorman, J. Two thousand words: more or less, p15.
Brinson, P. The new dance transnationalism, p22.
Challis, C. Dance - the philosophically neglected art, p32.
Gerhart, L.A. Art and science in movement: integrating dance with the early childhood curriculum, p42.
Hermon, S. Folkdancing in the Israeli school system: 'The Dancing School', p53.
Hill, R. Dance and the Child: International C.I.D.D. U.N.E.S.C.O. A dream and a reality, p56.
Jenssen, R. Educational dance in Norway, p62.
Schwartz, P. Curriculum design and American cultural values: a dancer educator's perspective, p68.
Stanton, K. Dance movement therapy in child psychiatry, p83.
Thomas, H. The sociology of dance: themes and issues, p88.
Wilmans, J. Some political issues related to dance, p94.
Howlett, R. Joan Russell, MBE. 'Teacher extraordinaire', p101.
Knowles, A. To Joan..., inside back cover.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/C8879Joan Russell Memorial Journal; 1991; journal1991
DS/UK/P1145Brinson; Peter (1923-1995)1923-1995
DS/UK/P1362Howlett; Reg
DS/UK/P1609Redfern; Hildred Betty (1923 - 2009); Dr1923 - 2009
DS/UK/P3987Boorman; Joyce
DS/UK/P4051Thomas; Helen
DS/UK/P1221Davies; Mollie
DS/UK/P5802Knowles; Athalie A
DS/UK/C8789dance and the Child international (daCi); 1978-present; membership organisation1978-present
DS/UK/P3943Russell; Joan (1921-1989); Dance educator1921-1989
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