Ref NoLM/N/1
TitleSigurd Leeder School events and performances
Extent1 small brown scrapbook
DescriptionBelonging to Ludmila Mlada and largely consisting of newspaper clippings, leaflets and a section of photographs.

The cuttings date from 1946-1948 and are concerned with the Ballets Jooss Company, performances by Ludmila Mlada and the Leeder School and their performances.

The cuttings document the following key events/performances;

Image of Ballet Jooss Company on visit to Stormant, Belfast Telegraph, 9 August 1946; review of Jooss Ballet in performance of The Green Table and The Big City, 17 January 1947; Wheeling, W.V and a French review from Le Monde, 22-23 June 1947; Mlada's performance/opening at the Claygate Liberal Fete, September 1948; a performance including Mlada, the Oxshott Musical Society, October 1948 and Mlada's appearance in "Gay Cavalcade" 31 March 1957; Mlada and Colin Patricke performing at the Oxshott Women's Institute, January 1952; performances of Leeder's choreography by Mlada, including Ballet at I.F.A, October 1952, and in 1954 (written in Polish); activities at Toynbee Hall, May 1954; Leeders visit to Belmont, 1954; cuttings from 'Dzieninik Polski'; a flyer for Dla Ciebie Wszystko at St Pancras Town Hall including a trio by Pola Gobinska, Ludmila Mlada and Colin Paterick; demonstrations by Leeder and his students at the Belmont County Secondary School, 1955; a German reprint of an extract from Dance Today by A.V. Coton, March 1956; reviews and articles on Modern Dance featuring Leeder by A.V. Coton, 1956; 'Orzel Bialy', 1956; reviews of Ernestine Costa's Melodrama's (featuring Mlada) from The Stage, 1956; extracts from Dance and Dancers and Dancing Times, September-October 1956 regarding Leeder's dance recitals and cuttings from recitals throughout 1957, many written by A.V.Coton. Advertisement taken from 'Ballet To-day' for a Modern Dance Course reconstructing Humphrey's "The Shakers" taught by Ann Hutchinson alongside classes in Modern Dance by Leeder and classes in Labanotation by Mlada, 11-18 April 1957; several cuttings of A.V. Coton in London Ballet Month; Sigurd Leeder Festival; notes on a lecture given by Belinda Quirey presented by the British Dance Notation Society.

Black and white photographic prints include: Mlada in Oxshott, Claygate (at a fete), the premiere of "Pandora", 26 January 1944 Cambridge; Mlada outside the Haymarket, London 1944; the Ballets Jooss on a journey to Oslo May 1946, Mlada on board S.S. Scythia September 1946; the company on the journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 1946; a trip to America, autumn 1946 and Januray 1947; Mlada, Leeder and others on board R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, February 1947; Mlada in performance at Hammersmith March 1947; the company in Leicester, May 1947 (Robin Young); Mlada and Young on way to Holland, May 1947; image notes 'London road autumn 1948; Sigurd's birthday party, August 1949; summer school August 1949 and Mlada in Dance suite 1953 (Leeder).
Physical DescriptionOne brown leather scrapbook, wearing on the spine. Originally with an illustration of a dog on the cover entitled 'our dog' this has been covered in paper with Ludi's name written on the cover (most of this has been torn away).
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P868Leeder; Sigurd (1902-1981)1902-1981
DS/UK/P5416Mlada; Ludmila (1918-2003); dancer; choreographer; teacher1918-2003
DS/UK/C123Ballets Jooss; 1933-1953; Dance company1933-1953
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