Ref NoNM/F/5/4
Alt Ref NoNM/F/21
TitleDartford College photographs
Extent50 photographs
DescriptionA box of 46 black and white photographs belonging to Anita Heyworth containing photographs mainly taken at Dartford College (Bergman Osterberg Physical Training College) and others of large group demonstrations of physical training. Most of the images are taken outdoors. Also includes postcards of the College and the grounds. Some of the photographs were taken by B. Wagstaff but most are unattributed.
The individual photographs have been numbered and some description has been attempted below:
NM/F/5/4a - 4n - Group dances in short tunic costumes, using scarfs, hoops and other props; NM/F/5/4a has been digitised
NM/F/5/4o - 4s - Group dances in traditional or folk costumes. The first photograph in this series (NM/F/5/4o) is annotated by Anita Heyworth and describes that Natural Movement is included on the curriculum of the Bergman Osterberg Physical Training College and that pupils of the Madge Atkinson School of Natural Movement have had the use of the College gymnasium.
NM/F/5/4t - 4v - Group shots of Natural Movement dance identified as Festal Dance
NM/F/5/4w - 4x - Sepia postcards of Natural Movement dance identifed as Toil
NM/F/5/4y - 4aa - Sepia postcards of group dances
NM/F/5/4bb - 4gg - Photographs taken by B. Wagstaff, 12a High Street, Roehampton of a ceremony involving a large outdoor display of movement dancers in an outdoor arena
NM/F/5/4hh - 4ss - Photographs of a large outdoor class of students, some shots involve hoops
NM/F/5/4tt - 4xx - Postcards of the Bergman Osterberg Physical Training College and its grounds
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P3147Atkinson; Madge (1885-1970); dance practitioner1885-1970
DS/UK/P1348Heyworth; Anita Elizabeth M (1906-1991)1906-1991
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