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TitleOral history interview with Professor David James on 30 June 2015
Date30 June 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
James, David
Leech; Graham
DescriptionInterview conducted by Graham Leech.

00:00-00:22: Introduction

00:22-03:22: Training: describes undergraduate degrees and educational training; mentions work experience at Bath Technical College and the University of Durham; describes role at University of Surrey teaching psychology and establishing adult education courses; recalls role of Peter Leggett

03:22-06:24: Impressions of Battersea Polytechnic: describes rooms and facilities; recalls rooms were too small and there were not enough windows; mentions University of London and teaching Sister Tutor's Diploma

06:24-08:08: London in 1960s: describes some differences to modern London; mentions London Zoo, the Natural History Museum and Madame Tussauds

08:08-10:33: Move to Guildford: describes process of move; recalls transferring in 1969 to start adult education programme, mentions Lewis Elton; considers choice of site in Guildford

10:33-13:57: Reception in Guildford: Discusses opinions of local residents, mentions Sir Richard Nugent; explains plans for a University of Guildford; describes difficulties establishing adult education course; describes publicity

13:57-17:53: Development of Stag Hill Campus: mentions cattle grazing; describes construction of main buildings; recalls extent of mud; remembers thefts from campus before gates were added

17:53-21:18: Characters: describes Peter Leggett, Vice Chancellor; describes research focussed attitude at Battersea

21:18-22:28: Student Life: describes some changes to relationship between students and lecturers

22:28-26:42: Development of Battersea: describes University of Surrey as more international and competitive; mentions student welfare; considers continued focus on engineering and science; describes restrictions placed on foundation of university in Guildford

26:42-29:46: Nurse training: describes providing teacher training to University of London nursing students; mentions General Nursing Council and Royal College of Nurses

29:46-33:11: Role as advisor to Vice Chancellor: mentions Patrick Dowling; explains plans to improve links with other educational bodies; describes role as Dean of Associated Institutions

33:11-36:07: Relationship between University and Guildford: mentions wealth and development; describes role of Guildford Institute in Ward Street

36:07-38:27: Move to Guildford: describes lecturers trying to teach during packing process; mentions sale of desks; recalls difficulties transporting equipment; mentions transfer of courses to other London colleges

38:27-41:53: Opinions of move: recalls positive feeling relating to new equipment; remembers difficulties in commuting or moving house; remembers advice to purchase house in Guildford; mentions Sid O'Connor

41:53-44:26: Praise for University of Surrey: describes self promotion of University; mentions research and development fields; mentions Peter Leggett

44:26-45:48: Fond memories: recalls teaching offices were too small at Battersea; describes relationships gained at Guildford

45:48-49:08: Aging: describes professional interest in aging and retirement; mentions presidency of pre-retirement association; describes hobbies; mentions invitations to talk at conferences

49:08-55:04: Changes to University of Surrey: mentions links with other educational institutions, Roehampton Institute, Wimbledon School of Art; describes broadening of subjects; mentions Tony Kelly; recalls distribution of funding and loss of staff

55:04 - End
Administrative HistoryProfessor David James was a member of staff at Battersea from 1964 onwards and moved to the University campus in Guildford in 1969. He has first degrees in Botany, Zoology & Psychology (Reading) and a diploma and a higher degree in Education (Oxford)
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