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TitleOral history interview with Mr Michael Stanberry on 14 January 2015
Date14 January 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Leech, Graham
Stanberry, Michael
DescriptionInterview conducted by Graham Leech.

00:00-00:20: Introduction

00:20-02:45: Why Electrical Engineering? describes headmaster's decision he should be an apprentice; remembers apprenticeship at Vickers-Armstrong Aircraft in Weybridge; explains thick sandwich courses; mentions entry requirements for Battersea College and recruitment process

02:45-05:28: First Impressions of Battersea College: mentions social life; mentions Polish influence; describes Battersea Main Building; describes Ralph West halls of residence; mentions catering; describes room in halls of residence

05:28-06:16: Freshers' Week: recalls social aspect; remembers joining Conservatives society; mentions Great Hall, organ and stage

06:16-07:19: Food: describes food available in halls of residence; mentions local public houses; mentions bar in Battersea Main Building

07:19-09:17: Student Demographic: explains presence of Polish lecturers at Battersea College, mentions Enigma machine at Bletchley Park; recalls making friends with other students through Students' Union

09:17-09:38: London: remembers visiting theatres in West End

09:38-12:33: Subject Teaching: describes usual daily timetable; mentions studying in evenings after lectures; explains taking notes in lectures; recalls work load

12:33-14:44: Sandwich Course: describes value of time in industry before studying; mentions salary from apprentice year; explains the apprentices worked with their sponsor company during summer holidays too; describes increase in pay and purchasing of car; mentions employment after graduation

14:44-16:40: Work during apprenticeship: describes moving to different departments; mentions helping to develop aircraft and going on test flights

16:40-19:56: Students' Union: describes role as president of debating society, recalls entering competition; describes helping candidates campaign for role as students' union presidents, Rob Macleod, Dave Varney; mentions Humphrey Lyttleton; remembers weekly Students' Union meeting in Great Hall

19:56-24:05: Socialising: mentions sport; mentions stealing mascots; recalls charter ball; describes concerts in Great Hall, mentions Georgie Fame

24:05-27:18: Memorable Characters: mentions David Varney; mentions lectures from Professor Elton; mentions Daphne Jackson, Professor Laverne, Dr Noah Reame, Sid Williamson

27:18-29:27: Free Time: describes parties in rented accommodation; mentions RAG week; mentions boat races on Battersea Park Lake; mentions Six Bells public house

29:27-31:27: Move to Guildford: recalls promoting move to residents of Guildford; mentions Rob Macleod; describes event held in tent at Guildford to promote move; mentions role as member of Students' Union; recalls commuting to Guildford from Fleet

31:27-32:38: Accommodation: describes layout of rooms in Guildford, contrasts to London accommodation; describes communal lounges in Battersea

32:38-33:53: Stag Hill Campus: describes studying on new campus; mentions facilities which have since changed

33:53-34:57: Changes to Teaching Methods: mentions blackboards; describes development in display technology; mentions tiered lecture theatres

34:57-35:45: Graduation: recalls ceremony took place in Westminster

35:45-37:51: Students' Union: mentions University Charter; recalls role in producing college handbook for new students; mentions degree result

37:51-42:51: After Graduation: describes apprenticeship with British Aircraft Corporation; mentions designing auto-landing system; remembers scholarship for Masters degree at Guildford; mentions time spent as researcher; recalls employment with Marconi defense systems; describes transfer from analogue to digital electronics and computing; recalls rise increase in confidence, mentions stutter

42:51-45:16: Returning to University: Describes visits for electric engineering and aeronautical lectures; mentions changes to students, appearance of mobile phones; describes quality of current students

45:16 - End
Administrative HistoryMichael (Mike) Stanberry graduated in 1967 with a BSc in Electrical Engineering
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