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TitleOral history interview with Mr Tony Turner on 14 January 2016
Date14 January 2016
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Hogan, Teresa
Turner, Tony
DescriptionInterview conducted by Teresa Hogan.
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Part One

00:00-01:15: Introduction

01:10-02:28: Why Battersea College? Left school at 16, employed in industrial laboratory, completed A-levels part-time at Acton Technical College; began degree part-time at Birkbeck College, transferred to Battersea Polytechnic full time

02:28-03:00: Accommodation: Clapham Common halls of residence; married in summer of second year, moved to Raynes Park

03:00-05:34: Returning to Study: recalls day release studies and evening classes at Acton college of technology; recalls most Chemistry students were older; International students, Polish, mentions George Lucachefski [Lutiskevski?], Middle Eastern

05:34-06:34: Food: meals supplied in halls; discusses finances, full student grant from Middlesex County Council

06:34-07:39: Accommodation: describes Clapham Common halls of residence; men and women segregated

07:39-11:24: Socialising: mentions Peter Gaffney, running entertainment for hall; recalls mixed dining room; remembers female wardens, including Jane Rool; remembers played cards

11:24-12:30: Alcohol: no bar in halls of residence; mostly socialised each other's rooms

12:30-13:45: 1950s: not much money; recalls overseas students were more affluent

13:45-17:50: Course structure: covered maths, biology, physics and chemistry in first year; second year dropped biology and maths; remembers five day week 9am-5pm; two half days of laboratory work a week; recalls delay in arrival of grant to pay for laboratory weights at start of term; mentions biology lectures and practicals; mentions degree results

17:50-20:00: Memorable staff: mentions Professor Salmon, head of department; Dr Lee, physical chemistry lecturer, footballer; Dr Griffiths, very likable; Dr John Redfern, younger member of staff, trained as a teacher

20:00-22:22: Wife: childhood sweethearts, met wife at age 11, dating from 13; she left school at 16 to train to be a teacher; married while still a student, rented accommodation Raynes Park; she was working then and studying part time with Birkbeck College

22:22-24:10: Spare time in Halls: sometimes went home at weekends; saw girlfriend; sport, played football Wednesday and Saturdays

24:10-25:30: Cricket: returned to college to play for their team, didn't play for Battersea; Lords cricket ground in 1948

25:30-27:56: Graduated in 1957: held at Royal Albert Hall, mother came to ceremony; mentions George Lutiskevski; mentions Queen Mother

27:56-29:26: After Graduation: George Lutiskevski stayed on to do Doctoral Degree; recalls leaving Battersea College to complete teacher training, taught at Thames Valley Grammar School, Twickenham from 1958 for 3 years; offered doctoral degree place by George Lutiskevski

29:26-31:50: Doctoral Degree: inorganic chemistry, ion exchange studies; financed by Atomic Energy Authority; mentions Professor Salmon; finished research in December 1964, returned to teaching in 1965 at Harrow mixed Grammar school

31:50-32:04: Doctoral Degree workload: fulltime research at Battersea, with supervisors Dr Genge and Professor Salmon;

32:04-34:30: Move to Guildford: planning had begun, but didn't know much about it; recalls competition between Battersea and Chelsea colleges to become a university; recalls tension at college during 1962-3 relating to Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis

34:30-35:22: 1960s: missed the famous liberation of the decade; got married, bought a house in Croydon; mentions limited finances; mentions birth of four children

35:22-40:12: Contrast between Undergraduate degree and Doctoral degree: discussing Doctoral teaching and support; recalls help from Professor Salmon in writing up research; remembers writing up thesis whilst working full time; graduated in 1968

40:12-44:01: Teaching: applied for teacher education post at University of West Indies, Jamaica, in 1969; went with whole family for five years; developed science curriculum for schools there; returned to UK in 1974, employment at Nuffield Science Centre, Institute of Education

44:01-44:56: Why career choice? Recalls being overawed by teachers at school; first in family to have degree

44:56-47:16: Why Decided to Study? Encouraged by his wife; she left school to fund training to become an educational psychologist;

47:16-50:12: Doctoral Degree process: mostly worked alone; mentions friendship with other students; mentions Eddie King and wife, Margaret King

50:12-51:08: Further connections with Surrey: nothing after doctoral degree

51:08-53:50: Doctoral Degree Graduation: Royal Albert Hall; University of London qualification, viva was with University of London staff; recalls never visited University of Surrey until son came to study there

53:50-56:55: Undergraduate Degree: Bachelors of Science awarded by University of London; discusses Battersea's changes of name; recalls commuting to college in 1956 smog down Queen's Town Road; mentions pollution from Battersea Power Station and railways

56:55-01:03:03: Memories from 1950s: remembers little café, moussaka served with chips; discusses clash of football and physics practicals on Wednesday afternoons; describes activities of University of London Air Squadron, mentions Chipmunk planes, mentions Biggin Hill; describes trip for week in Cornwall, St Eval aerodrome

01:03:03-01:05:44: International influences: not involved in Students' Union affairs; mentions role in operatic society, sang in chorus with Ashford Grammar School, joined college Gilbert & Sullivan society with Lionel Cousins and Bill Wright

01:05:44-01:20:34 Photographs: describes looking at photographs in scrap book;
mentions University of London Air Squadron, gender roles, summer camp 1956, Norman Crossland, names RAF staff;
describes 'Yeoman of the Guard' play in Main Hall at Battersea, Dr West's wife was lead in play;
describes Clapham Common hall of residence 1956 Christmas Party, mentions Peter Gaffney, Mike Harmsworth;
mentions graduation ceremony;
describes newspaper article, May 1958, concerning increases in number of students;
mentions Queen Mother and Dr Logan;
describes photographs of football teams at Merton sports fields, mentions Roy Dowsett, Dr Lee, Dr Griffiths, mentions science department football team

01:20:34 - End

Part Two

00:00-02:48: Employment: mentions employment with Meta Filtratrion Company in Hounslow after leaving school; describes meeting in 1953 with Mr Kovio

02:51 - End
Administrative HistoryTony Turner studied at Battersea between 1954 and 1957 for a Diploma in Technology in Chemistry. He returned to Battersea in 1962 for a PhD in Chemistry, finishing research in December 1964 and graduating in November 1968.
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