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TitleOral history interview with Mr Philip Verity on 14 October 2015
Date14 October 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Burt, Alison
Verity, Philip
DescriptionInterview conducted by Alison Burt.

00:00-00:43: Introduction

00:43-02:07: Why Battersea College? mentions clearing and entry requirements; asked advice of cousin studying in London; mentions accommodation

02:07-03:00: First Impressions: Exciting; mentions meeting Aries Kipris [Kypris?], linguistics student

03:00-06:19: Accommodation: describes Courland Grove hall of residence; recalls termly fee of £64, half board catering; mentions eating in The Refectory and The Eagle public house

06:19-08:09: Mix of Students: recalls international students, Chinese, African; considers gender balance at college and on course

08:09-11:37: Course topics: details of teaching in first year, Principles of Engineering, Mathematics and Science (PEMS); Lewis Elton; description of laboratory equipment

11:37-16:26: Staff: Mentions Polish lecturers; Chesterton Annexe; mentions rowing on Battersea Park lake with doctoral degree students to discuss course; mentions Elliott 803 computer; making models of chemical bonds; describes annexe in old swimming pool

16:26-19:31: Move to Guildford: Chairman for Guildford 1968; describes creation of Bare Facts student magazine with Bob Matthews; mentions meeting Mayor of Guildford; explains which courses moved to Guildford campus first; description of campus on arrival and facilities in new buildings

19:31-21:59: Reaction from Guildford citizens: story about department store; mention of demographic in Guildford town; consideration of politics

21:59-27:45: Students' Union: Entertainments Chairman; mentions Led Zeppelin playing at Battersea College in 1968; describes Charter Ball in Guildford; trips to London at weekends; returns to Bare Facts magazine, nude photographs, threat of legal action

27:45-29:41: Student and staff relationships: describes Dr Mike Clark and tea with Laurie Howell, mathematics lecturer

29:41-30:47: Guildford campus: describes as less welcoming, due to ongoing building work

30:47-36:34: Industrial Placement: optional aspect of course, encouraged by lecturers; describes placement with Plessey company and Paul Burnham, lots of freedom to experiment, offer of employment; consideration of value of placements; placements offered on other courses too

36:34-39:51: Final Year: Describes level of focus needed in final year; mentions speaking to first year students in halls of residence; description of challenges for lecturers, PJ McVey

39:51-43:24: Research: Aware of two professors doing research in engineering department, Chik and Bill Laverign; Joe Pace, materials investigation; explanation of decision not to do postgraduate degree

43:24-44:27: Reputation of college

44:27-47:20: Accommodation: description of new halls of residence in Surrey 'Diddy Town', contrasted against tower block style; description of rooms and facilities, contrasting Battersea and Guildford

47:20-50:38: Other memories: describes trip to Merton sports ground with Freddie Stride, encounter with police; description of bar in Courland Grove halls of residence

50:38-53:25: 1960s: description of fashion and clothes, Mary Quant; short discussion of drugs and alcohol use, Students' Union help for alcoholics

53:25-54:17: Student Support: mentions campus doctor; reference to support from Students' Union for alcoholics

54:17-55:35: Guildford campus lake: Story relating to police car rolling off road near lake

55:35-57:14: Guildford Entertainment: mentions discos and Charter Ball at Civic Centre; description of graduation ceremony at Guildford Cathedral, mentions use of Odeon cinema; concerts on campus, John Peel, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Led Zeppelin

57:14-58:58: Sporting Activities: not on sports teams; description of time in goal for women's hockey team; mentions limited use of library; mentions sports days

58:58-01:00:30: RAG week: together with Chelsea College, story of flour fight

01:00:03-01:02:40: Romance: Wife studied Human Biology at Battersea, accommodation in Courland Grove halls of residence; description of dates during second and third year

01:02:40-01:03:15: Friends: Continued contact after studying

01:03:15-01:04:39: Class of students: description of student demographic; summary of lessons learnt at Battersea College

01:04:39-01:05:49: Graduation: Lord Robens chancellor, visit from parents

01:05:49-01:08:19: Summary: description of return to Students' Union several years after graduation; praise of time at University

01:08:20 - End
Administrative HistoryMr Philip Verity studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering from 1967, graduating in 1971.
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