Ref NoUS/PH/1/2/31
Alt Ref NoZ/A1033A/A1b
TitleUniversity of Surrey Construction Site: outside of buildings
Date4 January 1968
Extent1 black and white photograph
Name of CreatorP. Norman Button
DescriptionOutside view of two buildings under construction - much of the framework and structure is in place already and the outer walls of breezeblocks/ bricks are being added to the ends of the two buildings in view. Scaffolding is up around these ends and a large unit of scaffolding rises up into the gap between them, with the 'Longley' sign on. Many of the windows have been installed and the stairwell with stairs zig-zagging down it is visible in the upper half of the exposed end of the building on the right. In front of this building is a wide muddy space with piles of bricks and wooden posts. A road cuts through the centre of the foreground and two men are standing talking to one side of it. One of the men is dressed in a suit and is holding a clipboard under his arm whilst he talks to another man in more casual dress who is standing on a small pile of breezeblocks. In front of the building on the left is a cement mixer, a ladder propped against some scaffolding (side on), some buckets and on the far left of the photo, another cement mixer. This cement mixer has text on it which reads 'Marsh' and another word following it which looks like 'plant' but the last letter is obscured/ worn off
Physical Description258mm x 203mm. Good condition.
CopyrightOriginal copyright holder P. Norman Button
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