Ref NoUS/PH/1/2/45
Alt Ref NoZ/A1033A/A1b
TitleUniversity of Surrey Construction Site: Senate House and other outside buildings
Date7 February 1968
Extent1 black and white photograph
Name of CreatorP. Norman Button
DescriptionSenate House sits roughly in the centre of the photo and has much of the upper levels of the outer building complete. Windows have been installed in the top six levels. There is scaffolding around the left hand side of the building and the wide staircase on the lower ground is visible. A large pile/ mound sits inside the second from top floor. In the background behind Senate House is an open muddy space; on the left further back are residential houses, fields and some tall Italian style conifer trees; on the right further back is a thinner collection of houses, more fields and trees. A muddy road/ track runs out from behind Senate House and curves slightly to the right. A small van/ vehicle with trailer is parked at the left hand base of Senate House. In the foreground on the left and stretching into the centre of the photo is another university building under construction with scaffolding around it. The height is about half that of Senate House.Two wheelbarrows stand on the top level of scaffolding. A man in a jacket, wearing glasses is standing on the top of this building, in the sunshine, looking in towards a crane arm which is stretched up above the height of the building, from the ground below where the photographer is. In the central foreground, just on the right of this building, are piles of construction materials/ blocks and bricks. A muddy road goes from the crane area off diagonally to the right and three men in suits are walking up it towards the crane. A tall scaffolding structure stands on the far right of the photo foreground. There are some white wooden huts/ cabins up at the top most part of the road which is visible in the photo.
Physical Description247mm x 200mm. Good condition.
CopyrightOriginal copyright holder P. Norman Button
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