Ref NoUS/PH/1/2/73
Alt Ref NoZ/A1033A/A1b
TitleUniversity of Surrey Construction Site: ouside of two buildings
DateApril 1968
Extent1 black and white photograph
Name of CreatorP. Norman Button
DescriptionPhoto taken outside looking down on to an open, muddy construction area with two buildings at an early stage of construction (first level of brick walls up, inner sections/ wall divisions in place and some flooring complete), both with men bricklaying on. Scaffolding surrounds both buildings (the second just slightly to the left and behind the first). Stacks of bricks and wooden planks are dotted around the upper levels of both buildings. On the right hand side, behind these buildings, are a couple of white wooden huts/ cabins with a freestanding scaffolding structure outside. Two lines of posts with power cables run behind these huts and further behind them still is a row of trees, one of which stands taller than the others. A crane stands a short distance from the far end of the wooden huts, at the end of a muddy road/ track. A little further down the road is a concrete lorry and further still a group of three cars / small vans are parked. The road branches in two at the far left of the photo and one branch comes up to the left of the central buildings. Behind the road with the cars/ concrete lorry on, an open field can be seen on the right and on the left are more open muddy construction spaces with wooden huts/ cabins dotted around them. In the background, buildings, houses, fields and trees of Guildford town can be seen.
Physical Description259mm x 203mm. Good condition.
CopyrightOriginal copyright holder P. Norman Button
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