Ref NoUS/PH/1/2/87
Alt Ref NoZ/A1033A/A1b
TitleUniversity of Surrey Construction Site: residential buildings
DateJune 1968
Extent1 black and white photograph
Name of CreatorP. Norman Button
DescriptionPhotograph taken from a hillside bank looking across towards various university buildings, most with scaffolding around them. A muddy road/ track is visible on the left, cutting a path between the buildings on the left and right of the photo. A smaller, muddy track bracnches off near the bottom of the hill and moves diagonally right across the photo and up the hill. Behind this on the right, is a short row of trees with more buildings and a tower crane behind. The arm/ jib of the crane is pointing away from the photographer, to the left slightly, and has a load suspended from it. The top of two more, smaller cranes are visible above buildings to the left. On the left middle ground in the photo is one of the residential Battersea Court buildings. It has most of its windows installed except a few. There is a ladder propped up against the left hand side of the building, currently in shade. Opposite this building on the other side of the muddy track, is another building with only one level of construction so far. Within this, some of the divisions/ rooms have been put in and the diagonal lines from shadows created by joists/ floorboards are visible within two of the open window sections.
Physical Description255mm x 206mm. Good condition.
CopyrightOriginal copyright holder P. Norman Button
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