Ref NoUS/PH/1/2/95
Alt Ref NoZ/A1033A/A1b
TitleUniversity of Surrey Construction Site: Robert Boyle academic building and Senate House
DateJune 1968
Extent1 black and white photograph
Name of CreatorP. Norman Button
DescriptionPhoto taken on muddy construction site looking onto the Robert Boyle foundations which are being worked on by several site workers. Senate House is behind on the right hand side, almost complete save for the lower section's outer building/ brickwork. The foundations of the Robert Boyle building are at different levels, the closest to the photographer being the lowest and this is also where a group of five men are working with shovels. Around the front of this building is much rubble and some scraps of wood (posts and planks). There is also an oil drum standing next to a T-shaped post which has been knocked into the ground. On a slightly higher level of the building, behind, there stands a white box unit with a window just in front of a large, spoked wheel propped upright. At the back of the Robert Boyle building area are two boom style cranes, their arms facing away from each other - the one on the left (with ARUP written on it) rises up above Guildford Cathedral and the one on the right rises across the front of Senate House. Inbetween the two cranes is another large piece of construction equiment attached to a large base. Higher up, to the left, the large pillars of an incomplete building stand and workers are dotted around this area. In the background, more university buildings under construction can be seen as well as Guildford Cathedral up on a height. On the left in the background is a large deciduous tree.
Physical Description255mm x 206mm. Good condition.
CopyrightOriginal copyright holder P. Norman Button
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