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RepositoryUniversity of Surrey Archive
Ref NoUS/PH/2/5/1
Alt Ref NoZ/A1033A/A1b
TitleOfficers of the University of Surrey: Sir George Edwards and two senior members of the university
DescriptionPhoto taken on the University of Surrey construction site, from a road, looking towards three men in suits who are walking (in a line) towards the photographer. The taller man, in the centre, is Sir George Edwards. He is wearing a thin coat and a hat, has his hands in his pockets and is looking off to the right of the photo. The man on the left, with white hair and spectacles, has a walking cane in his right hand and is looking towards the camera (possibly Dr Rich?). The dark haired man on the right has a handkerchief in his jacket pocket and a pale circular pin on his lapel. He is walking with his hands in his pockets and looking down at the ground. The two men either side of Sir George Edwards are wearing gum boots/ Wellingtons. Behind these three figures on the left is a white shed office with a sign on saying 'JAMES LONGLEY & CO. LTD OFFICE'. Further back behind them, more centrally placed, is an unpainted wooden shed and on the right of this is a smaller white shed, with a low container in front of this. Two more men in suits can be seen walking the same direction, in the space between two of the sheds. On the far left of the photo, behind the white shed, two more men are walking also. Photographer: P. Norman Button.
Extent1 black and white photograph
Physical Description254mm x 206mm. Good condition.
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