Ref NoXZA/658
Alt Ref NoA(XZ)/658
TitleLet's Dance! \ Party Etiquette \ 3 \ Street Party, The; Ballet Dancers Never Die \ They Just Lose Their Pointe \ 1
Date24 March 1998-17 April 1998
Extent1 audio cassette
DescriptionOff-air recording. Side A: Analysis of party etiquette, focusing on memories of street parties in the East End at the end of World War II. Side B: Considers the place and value of ballet training in today's society, its attraction for children and physical/psychological hardships. Roope; Clover (contributor). Barbieri; Margaret (contributor). Newman; Miriam (producer). Murray; Jan (dance consultant). Sellors; Tony (producer). Dromgoole; Nicholas (contributor). Clark; Joan (contributor). George; Violet (contributor). Jackson; Kate (contributor). Gibbs; Penny (contributor). Gala; Rose (contributor). Moore; Tom (contributor). Laurence; Roy (contributor). Neal; George (contributor). Ryan; Winnie (contributor). Lyons; Vera (contributor). Pilbeam; Elsie (contributor). Stonebridge; Margaret (contributor). Udal; Dora (contributor). Thackeray; Nora (contributor). Bone; Ivy (contributor). Simmons; Eve (contributor). Castle; Kate (contributor). Macarthur; Angelica (contributor). Thorogood; Alfreda (contributor). Harris; Emma (contributor). Barranger; Nicola (presenter).
Let's Dance! \ 3, 24/3/1998, BBC Radio 4, 14:30:00, 30 mins.
Ballet Dancers Never Die, 17/4/1998, BBC Radio 4, 11:00:00, 30 mins.
Physical Description60 mins total.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P916Roope; Clover
DS/UK/P2658Barbieri; Margaret
DS/UK/P2835Newman; Miriam
DS/UK/P2863Murray; Jan
DS/UK/P4635Sellors; Tony
DS/UK/P4636Dromgoole; Nicholas
DS/UK/P4652Clark; Joan
DS/UK/P4653George; Violet
DS/UK/P4654Jackson; Kate
DS/UK/P4655Gibbs; Penny
DS/UK/P4656Gala; Rose
DS/UK/P4657Moore; Tom
DS/UK/P4658Laurence; Roy
DS/UK/P4659Neal; George
DS/UK/P4660Ryan; Winnie
DS/UK/P4661Lyons; Vera
DS/UK/P4662Pilbeam; Elsie
DS/UK/P4663Stonebridge; Margaret
DS/UK/P4664Udal; Dora
DS/UK/P4665Thackeray; Nora
DS/UK/P4666Bone; Ivy
DS/UK/P4667Simmons; Eve
DS/UK/P4668Castle; Kate
DS/UK/P4670Thorogood; Alfreda
DS/UK/P4671Harris; Emma
DS/UK/P4672Barranger; Nicola
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