Ref NoXZJ/155
Alt Ref NoJ(XZ)/155
TitleSix Original Dances by Shelagh McKenna
Extent1 VHS videotape
DescriptionA collection of six dances, choreographed by Shelagh McKenna, recorded for film. The dances are: Slow Water, Walking the Dog, Harvest of Sorrow, Dance of Lachesis, Umbilica, Lullaby. The dancers are: Helen Corbett, Anne Marie Hooa, Tija Coules, Vivian Ho, Meredith Wreda, Janette Alexander, Lubica Dobalova, Ainsley Cyopik, Helen Minten, Stacey Danchuk, Elaine Savail, Rita Vendetti, Deborah Castello, Michelle Mctaggert, Bill Stephen, Lorna Reddick, Stephanie Milford, Shawn Essiambre and Janette Silverthorne.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P3311Greco; Salvatore
DS/UK/P3323Corbett; Helen
DS/UK/P3324Hooa; Anne Marie
DS/UK/P3325Coules; Tija
DS/UK/P3326Ho; Vivian
DS/UK/P3327Wreda; Meredith
DS/UK/P3328Alexander; Janette
DS/UK/P3329Dobalova; Lubica
DS/UK/P3330Cyopik; Ainsley
DS/UK/P3331Minten; Helen
DS/UK/P3332Danchuk; Stacey
DS/UK/P3333Savail; Elaine
DS/UK/P3334Vendetti; Rita
DS/UK/P3335Castello; Deborah
DS/UK/P3336Mctaggert; Michelle
DS/UK/P3337Stephen; Bill
DS/UK/P3338Reddick; Lorna
DS/UK/P3339Milford; Stephanie
DS/UK/P3340Essiambre; Shawn
DS/UK/P3341Silverthorne; Janette
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