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Alt Ref NoK(XZ)/2291
TitleMovement and Dance \ Magazine of the Laban Guild
DateSeptember 1986
Extent1 issue
Descriptionno. 75.

Johnston; Su. Editorial. p 1.
McGivering; Sheila. Chairman's Address. p 3.
Dunn; Margaret. President's Address. pp 2-3.
Norman; Elizabeth. Annual General Meeting March 1st and 2nd 1986, The. pp 4-6. Photograph of Rudolf Laban and Lisa Ullmann at Dartington in 1949 p.6
Lamb; Warren. Laban Lecture, The \ Movement as a Common Denominator. pp 7-14.
Bruce; Vi. My Tribute to Sir Alec Clegg. pp 14-15.
Stephenson; Geraldine. Joan McKnight (nee Goodrich). pp 15-19. With photograph of Rudolf Laban and Joan McKnight at Dartington Hall p.16.
Casson; Elma F and Hodgson; John and Adshead; Janet and Nicholas; Jane and Howard; Robin and Davy; Sisi and Fox; Clive. Margaret Dunn \ an Appreciation. pp 19-27.
Sherborne; Veronica. Movement Observation and Practice. pp 28-39. Relationships chart p.29
Hargreaves; Sheila. Movement with the Handicapped. pp 39-42.
Jones; Betty Meredith-. Movement and Rehabilitation \ with reference to Parkinson's disease patients. pp 42-45.
Meads; Christine. Movement to Music for the Elderly. pp 45-46.
Ward; Ann. Approaching Art Through Dance. pp 46-49.
Howlett; M and Howlett; R. Kinotate \ A Computer Programme for Kinetography Laban. pp 49-56.
Haslett; Jacqueline G and Reischer; Corina. Computerizing Effort \ A New Way to Notate the 'Drives'. pp 57-63.
Stephenson; Geraldine. Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund. pp 64-65.
Wilks; Janet. Dance and the Child International \ 'daCi'. pp 65-67.
Richardson; Jenny. Reports \ Dance Technique \ The European Approach. p 68. Photograph of Dance Teacher's Group, Hamburg p68.
Gardner; Chloe and Wethered; Audrey G. Reports \ Laban Movement Workshops for Therapists and Teachers of People with Special Needs. pp 69-70.
Thornton; Susi. Reports \ Sharing Day. pp 70-71.
Bagley; Gerard. Reports \ Dance in Action. pp 71-72.
Anon. Books \ Records \ Videos. pp 72-73.
Anon. Courses and dates for 1986/87. p 73.
Anon. Information. p 74.
Physical DescriptionBound.
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/C2049Laban Art of Movement Guild Magazine; 1948-1991; magazine1948-1991
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