Person NameDV8 Physical Theatre; 1986-present
Corporate NameDV8 Physical Theatre
XZF/6/31Two dancers from 'Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men' by DV8 Physical Theatre1988
XZF/6/33DV8 Physical Theatre \ Enter Achilles \ 19951995
XZF/6/34A pub scene in the film version of 'Enter Achilles' by DV8 Physical Theatre, 19951995
XZJ/347Signals \ Section 28 Two Years on \ Never Again15 November 1989
XZA/858/5Work in Progress \ Lloyd Newson \ 1 6 September 1999
XZJ/400/42 Dance \ Enter Achilles17 July 1996
XZM/1347DV8 Physical Theatre \ Oversize
XZP/682DV8 Physical Theatre
XZB/2536Struggle with the Angel, The; Poetics of Lloyd Newson's Strange Fish, A
XZJ/1954DV8 Physical Theatre \ Enter Achilles1996
XZG/383DV8 Physical Theatre \ 1988 \ Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men1988
XZH/4728DV8 Physical Theatre \ The Place Theatre, London \ 28/10/1987-14/11/198728 October 1987-14 November 1987
XZJ/1956DV8 Physical Theatre \ Strange Fish1992
UNIS/B/2104Reading Dance in the 1990s: A Personal Interpretation of DV8 Physical Theatre's 'Strange Fish' (1993)
UNIS/B/2602Ambiguity within the Ambiguous: The Representation of Homosexuality within DV8's Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men
XZF/6/32Black and white publicity photograph of Nigel Charnock and Lloyd Newson in 'Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men' by DV8 Physical Theatre, 19881988
XZF/6/35Two dancers from 'Enter Achilles' by DV8 Physical Theatre, 19951995
XZJ/1955DV8 Physical Theatre \ Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men1990
XZG/384DV8 Physical Theatre \ Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK \ 14-15 October 1988 \ Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men14-15 October 1988
ED/H/6309Anniversary Festival of Contemporary Dance: Dance Umbrella 8816/10/1988-19/11/1988
XZM/340DV8 Physical Theatre
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