Person NameAdzido Pan African Dance Ensemble
Corporate NameAdzido Pan African Dance Ensemble
XZJ/203Coming Home 1988
XZA/669African Peoples' Dance \ African Peoples' Dance in Britain \ 223 January 1990
XZA/833/1... and 1 \ 2 \ Class Struggle, The26 May 2001
KO/H/30Adzido Pan African Ensemble \ Fontomfrom/In the Village of Africa (Dzikunu)1984 - 1985
KO/E/2/4Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble1999-2000
KO/E/66/2Adzido Education Pack1999
KO/H/31Adzido Pan African Ensemble \ SiyeGoli (Dzikunu)12 February 1992 - 15 February 1992
UNIS/B/2570Towards Developing a Critical Framework for African Dance Forms in Britain: A comparative study of four dance companies
XZE/41/9Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble: Coming Home Education Packc.1988
KO/H/32Adzido Pan African Ensemble \ Under African Skies1990s
KO/E/37/2Education \ Adzido/Kokuma Training Programme1992-1996
KO/E/52/6Patrick Acogny's Files \ Reports1996-1997
KO/E/72/7A Bridge Too Far? Impact of Dance Participation on Dance Audiences, The1992
KO/E/45/6Collaborative Projects \ 3 of 31991-1994
XZP/49Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble1986-2000?
XZG/575Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble \ University of Surrey, Guildford, UK \ 1 November 1994 1 November 1994
XZG/520Academy of Indian Dance, Adzido and Fusion \ The Place Theatre and Bloomsbury Theatre, London \ 26-29 March 198626-29 March 1986
XZM/5Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble
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