Person NameDudley; Jane (1912-2001)
ActivityDancer with Hanya Holm c. 1932; choreographer (notably Harmonica Breakdown, 1942), 1934-1988; dancer, Martha Graham Dance Company, 1935-1944; teacher, Neighborhood Playhouse and Graham School, 1938-1958; co-founder, New Dance Group, l942; director of Contemporary Dance Studies, London Contemporary Dance School, c. 1970-1991; teacher, London Contemporary Dance School, 1991-1998; dancer in Tales from the Citadel, Green Candle Dance Company, 1996. For her choreographic works, see the NRCD's dances database.
RelationshipsHusband: Leo Hurwitz (divorced).
Dates and Placesb. 3 April 1912, New York; d. 19 September 2001, London.
SourceNewspaper articles: Kisselgoff, Anna, 'Jane Dudley, Modern Dancer and Teacher, is Dead at 89', New York Times, 22 Sept 2001, pA13; Levene, Louise, 'Old Age Gets Hip', The Independent, 30 Oct 1996, p6.
XZA/672/1On Air \ Ninette de Valois Tribute \ Birmingham Royal Ballet3 June 1998
XZJ/1139/2Tx \ Dancing Inside \ Jane Dudley22 July 1999
XZP/676Dudley, Jane
XZJ/443Harmonica Breakdown1995
XZJ/1119Dated \ Dances by Jane Dudley \ In conversation with Nadine Meisner1997
XZM/1595Dudley, Jane \ Oversize
XZG/977London Contemporary Dance School Summer School July-August 19831983
GC/J/987Road Home, The \ Rough Edit; North West Tonight \ Green Candle at LIPA1992-1996
XZM/332Dudley, Jane
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