Person NameDuncan; Irma (1897-1977)
ActivityGerman - US Dancer and teacher. Adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan; one of the first pupils to join Isadora's Grunewald school; debut at the Berlin Kroll Opera in 1905; in 1911 became a teacher at the Elizabeth Duncan school (run by Isadora Duncan's sister) in Darmstadt; in 1914 taught at Isadora's school in Bellevue-sur-Seine; between 1918 and 1920 performed as one of the six Duncan girls in New York; in 1921 helped Isadora Duncan found her school in Moscow; after Isadora Duncan's death in 1927 she became director of the shool, touring the USA and China with her pupils; settled in the USA in 1930
Other Forms Of NameIram Dorette Henriette Ehrich-Grimme
Dates and Placesb. Scleswig-Holstein, 26 Feb 1897, d. Santa Barbara, California, 20 Sep 1977
SourceSource: Craine, D. and Mackrell, J. Oxford Dictionary of Dance. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.
NM/B/871Technique of Isadora Duncan, The
XZB/2661Duncan Dancer: An Autobiography by Irma Duncan
LB/B/29Isadora Duncan's Russian Days & her last years in France
XZB/2663Isadora Duncan's Russian Days & her last years in France
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