Person NameGuest; Ivor Forbes (1920-)
ForenamesIvor Forbes
ActivityDance historian.
SourceSource: Craine, D. and Mackrell, J. Oxford Dictionary of Dance. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.
XZB/2750Adeline Genee: A Lifetime of Ballet under Six Reigns
XZB/2751Dancer's Heritage, The \ A short history of ballet
XZB/1928The Dancer's Heritage: A Short History of Ballet
XZB/735Ballet of the Second Empire: 1847-1858, The
XZB/2800Victorian Ballet-Girl: The Tragic Story of Clara Webster
XZB/321Ballet of the Second Empire 1858-1870, The
XZB/1963Ballet under Napoleon
XZB/2797The Ballet of the Second Empire
DH/B/2301Ballet in Leicester Square
DH/B/2308Jules Perrot: Master of the Romantic Ballet
DH/B/2305Ballet of the Enlightenment, The: The Establishment of the Ballet d'Action in France, 1770-1793
DH/B/2209Gautier on Dance
DH/B/2309Romantic Ballet in Paris, The
DH/B/2302Adventures of a Ballet Historian: An Unfinished Memoir
DH/B/2307Romantic Ballet in England, The
DH/B/2300Fanny Elssler
NM/B/889Dancer's Heritage, The \ A short history of ballet
DH/B/2304Life of a Romantic Ballerina Fanny Cerrito, The
DH/B/2303Dancer's Heritage, The: A Short History of Ballet
XZB/2817Letters From A Ballet-Master: The Correspondence of Arthur Saint-Leon
XZE/10/3Spotlight \ Four Centuries of Ballet Costume \ Tribute to the Royal Ballet, A1981
HB/E/27/7John Gregory \ Correspondence \ 19921992
PH/B/1137Designing for the Dancer
DH/B/2306Adeline Genee: A Lifetime of Ballet under Six Reigns
XZH/3984Madam - A Celebration of Ninety Years \ A Tribute to Dame Ninette de Valois, CH DBE \ Presented by the Society for Dance Research \ Royal Opera House, London, UK \ 28/05/198828 May 1988
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