Person NameHeyworth; Anita Elizabeth M (1906-1991)
ForenamesAnita Elizabeth M
ActivityStudent at the Madge Atkinson School of Natural Movement and Atkinson's principal dancer; in 1933 Heyworth became a younger partner at the School and taught in Manchester and later in London when the School moved, in 1936, and the Natural Movement studio was opened in Kensington; she also taught at the Bergman Osterberg Physical Training College (later Dartford College of Physical Education) from 1930-1944; in 1944 co-founded the London College of Educational Dance (which became the London College of Dance and Drama) with Madge Atkinson and Grace Cone, where she was Principal from 1944 until 1973; in 1970 she was awarded the gold medal of the Imperial Society for 'outstanding services to teaching'; she retired from the London College in 1973; throughout her life she continued her involvement with the Natural Movement Branch of the ISTD as an examiner, committee member and chairman.
Dates and PlacesBorn in Hale, Cheshire and died in Sussex.
SourceThe Dancing Times obituary January 1992
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NM/F/3/2/1/3Anita Heyworth and dancerc1930s
NM/F/3/2/8F G Johnson photographsUndated
NM/E/2/10/4Answers to questions about Madge Atkinson1980s
NM/F/2/29/3Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 31930s
NM/F/2/29/4Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 41930s
XZB/1265Curious Character Dances
XZB/347Curious Character Dances
NM/F/6/1Studies from the Russian Balletc1913
NM/F/4/1/2Family photographs - Woodlands in Ruthin, Walesc1892-1915
NM/K/2/1Dance journal Christmas supplementDecember 1936
NM/E/2/7/1Visit to Germany 19301930
NM/E/2/10/3File of dance notation1930s
NM/HTheatre Programmes1909-1981
NM/M/15Loose news cuttings c1953-1976
NM/F/2/29/2Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 21930s
NM/F/2/29/1Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 11930s
NMNatural Movement Archivec1860-1994
NM/MNewspaper cuttings1905-1965
NM/F/4/4/2Dancing at the beach in Combe Martin and Woody Bay1920 - August 1925
NM/F/5/4Dartford College photographs1939
NM/M/5Anita Heyworth 1917-1927November 1917 - December 1927
NM/M/6Anita Heyworth 1928-1959January 1928 - October 1959
NM/M/3Madge Atkinson 1925-19701925-1970
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