Person NameJordan; Diana
NM/B/906Dance as Education, The
L/E/52/23Letters \ Letter from Diana Jordan \ Worcestershire County Council Education Committee15 March 1946
JR/E/1/3Worcester College Summer Schools1970-1983
L/F/3/44Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana Jordan Bournville, Primrose Hill, Selly Oak, Birmingham1943
XZB/1258Childhood and Movement
JR/E/1/2Summer Schools1950-1965
NM/B/905Childhood and Movement
L/F/3/43Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana JordanEarly 1950s
L/B/2384Childhood and Movement
BMJ/B/1205Childhood and Movement
L/E/50/14Letters \ Letters to Diana Jordan \ 1941-19551941-1984
L/E/23/68Philosophical comments \ Letter to Diana Jordan9 April 1941
AW/E/5/12Basic Movement Session taken by members of staff \ Dance and Movement Inventionn.d.
LU/E/17/11Articles for the Press \ Laban Art of Movement Guild Magazine \ Obituaries1976-1984
AW/B/2036Childhood and Movement
L/F/3/51Portraits \ Newtown, Mont. \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana Jordan and Lisa Ullmann \ Rudolf von Laban and Lisa Ullmann first meeting with Diana Jordan and Joan Goodrich when the M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?] were invited1941
L/B/34Childhood and Movement
L/E/26/67Philosophical comments \ Letter from Diana Jordan to Labann.d.
L/E/69/19Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Laban Art of Movement Centre, The \ Rudolf Laban Memorial Fund, Then.d.
L/E/50/15Letters \ Correspondence1950-1955
L/F/3/57Portraits \ Ashridge \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?]August 1955
XZK/C2049/3426Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineDecember 1954
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