Person NameClaid; Emilyn
ActivityDancer, National Ballet of Canada; dancer, Martha Graham Company (New York); co-founder, X6 Dance Space, 1976; artistic director, Extemporary Dance Theatre, 1981-; freelancer, 1990-1998; PhD, University of Surrey (Guildford), 1998-2000; research fellow, Department of Dance Studies, University of Surrey (Guildford), 2000-2003; Director of the Honours BA in Choreography, Dartington College of Arts (Devon), 2004-.
XZB/2458Yes? No! Maybe...
ED/F/5/17Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Naples (Early) \ Emilyn Claid1982
ED/A/519Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Interview with Emilyn Claid1988
ED/A/517Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Meeting at the Drill Hall05/03/1988
XZJ/54Laid Out Lovely22 February 1994
ED/F/4/55Extemporary Dance Theatre \ It Happened at Club Bombay Cinema (Armitage) \ Emilyn Claid and Lloyd Newson1982
ED/F/5/3Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Naples (Early) \ Emilyn Claid1982
ED/A/501Pheasant China1988
ED/F/5/11Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Naples (Early) \ Yaakov Slivkin and Emilyn Claid1982
XZP/606Claid, Emilyn
UNIS/B/1741Emilyn Claid: An Examination of Her Influence within Contemporary Dance in this Country
XZG/438Emilyn Claid \ The Place Theatre, London \ 24 March 198724 March 1987
ED/E/25/3Education \ Brighton \ Polytechnic Residency 1984-19851984-1985
ED/E/110/1Touring \ Foreign \ America1982-1983
ED/E/56/4Personnel \ Artistic Director \ General1989
ED/E/76/4Publicity \ Brochures \ American Suite1987
ED/E/110/4Touring \ Foreign \ Berlin 19881988
UNIS/B/2090Analysis of the Relationship between Artistic Intention and Critical Interpretation: A Case Study - Emilyn Claid's 'Virginia Minx at Play', An
UNIS/B/2601"Dancing Valkyrie" Tracing Images of Death & Femininity In Dance
ED/F/5/14Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Naples (Early) \ Avigail Ben Ari and Emilyn Claid1982
ED/F/4/56Extemporary Dance Theatre \ It Happened at Club Bombay Cinema (Armitage) \ Emilyn Claid and Lloyd Newson1982
ED/F/5/4Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Naples (Early) \ Emilyn Claid1982
ED/A/494Child's Eyes1983
ED/A/509Grace and Glitter \ Sylvia Hallett and Lucy Wilson \ Original1987
ED/A/507Grace and Glitter \ Lisboa 19871987
ED/A/504Pier Rides \ Kalliopeia1986
ED/A/508Grace and Glitter \ Lisbon Portugal Gulbenkian Foundation1987
ED/A/510Grace and Glitter1987
ED/A/503Pier Rides \ Kalliopeia1986
ED/F/14/4Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Portrait Shots \ Company Membersc. 1982
ED/F/10/3Extemporary Dance Company \ Company membersn.d.
ED/F/10/4Extemporary Dance Company \ Company membersn.d.
ED/F/14/3Extemporary Dance Theatre \ Portrait Shots \ Company Membersn.d.
XZG/436Emilyn Claid \ The Place Theatre \ 8 March 1993 8 March 1993
XZJ/416Did I Speak? [Close Up Version]2 October 1996
ED/E/12/2Artistic Policy \ Artistic Development \ 1985-19861985-1988
ED/E/113/6Personal Administrative Notebook \ 4[1980s]
XZG/437Emilyn Claid \ The Place Theatre, London \ 16-17 March 1992 16-17 March 1992
XZJ/417Did I Speak? [Whole Stage Version]2 October 1996
ED/E/113/11Personal Administrative Notebook \ 9[1980s]
ED/E/113/12Personal Administrative Notebook \ 10[1980s]
ED/E/113/4Personal Administrative Notebook \ 2[1980s]
ED/E/113/5Personal Administrative Notebook \ 3[1980s]
ED/E/113/7Personal Administrative Notebook \ 5[1980s]
ED/E/47/1Marketing \ Grace and Glitter \ 11987
ED/E/113/3Personal Administrative Notebook \ 1[1980s]
ED/E/113/9Personal Administrative Notebook \ 7[1980s]
ED/E/113/10Personal Administrative Notebook \ 8[1980s]
ED/E/113/13Personal Administrative Notebook \ 11[1980s]
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