Dates1901 - 1979
Person NameJooss; Kurt (1901 - 1979)
Addresstaggeddisstagged-0205 taggedBMOD
PH/B/1020New Ballet, The \ Kurt Jooss and his work
XZF/1/31Ballets Jooss \ Ball in Old Viennan.d.
L/F/4/52Dances \ Ballets Jooss \ The Green Table \ Kurt Joossn.d.
L/E/50/25Letters \ Kurt Jooss12 November 1945
NM/B/860New Ballet, The
XZM/1405Jooss, Kurt \ Oversize
XZA/36Laban Lecture \ Laban Guild AGM \ 2 of 216 March 1996
XZL/J/1817Modern Dance in Germany and the United States \ Crosscurrents and Influences \ Choreography and Dance Studies1995
XZL/B/2027German Tanztheater: Traditions and Contradictions a Choreological Documentation of Tanztheater from its Roots in Ausdruckstanz to the Present
L/F/1/68Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in his workshop \ Dartington Hall1939
L/F/1/69Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban and Kurt Jooss \ Dartington Hall1939
L/F/1/48Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban and Kurt Jooss \ Aino Jooss \ Anna Jooss and Lisa Ullmann1938
XZL/B/2015Hitler Emigres, The \ Cultural Impact on Britain of Refugees from Nazism, The
XZL/B/2017Empire of Ecstasy \ Nudity and Movement in German Body Culture, 1910-1935
XZF/1/32Ballets Jooss \ Balladen.d.
XZF/1/43Ballets Jooss \ Green Table, Then.d.
XZA/12Vivien Tandy (Harbord) \ Interviewed by Monica Hetherington16 December 1985
L/E/50/96Letters \ Correspondence with Kurt Jooss28 December 1940-30 September 1943
NCPE/1/61Vogel-Tanz aus 'Die Feenk├Ânigin' (Jooss)\ Ballettoper nach William Shakespeares Sommernachtstraum [Bird dance from 'The Fairy Queen'(Jooss) \ Ballet from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream]1959
XZB/1356Kurt Jooss: 60 Years of The Green Table
XZM/493Jooss, Kurt
XZD/89Joffrey Ballet of Chicago The Green Table by Kurt Jooss2000
NCPE/1/8Menuett aus dem XIX Jahrhundert \ nach dem Buch von Bernhard Klemm (1855) [Minuet from the 19th Century \ after the book of Bernhard Klemm (1885)]1960
L/E/36/18Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Schreibens an das Rockefeller Institut, London-Amerikanisches Hilfskom [Letter to the Rockefeller Institute, London-American Help Committee]n.d.
L/F/4/44Dances \ Ballets Jooss \ Ballade \ Noella De Mosa \ Kurt Jooss \ The Green Tablen.d.
L/F/1/49Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban and Kurt Jooss \ Laban Workshop \ Dartington Hall c. 1938 - 1939
L/E/41/25Articles about Laban \ Dancing Times \ 'Rudolf von Laban on his 60th Birthday' by Kurt Jooss1939
L/F/2/28Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in his workshop with Kurt Jooss \ Dartington Hall1939
L/E/78/7Rudolf Laban's Pupils \ Information connected with Kurt Jooss and Anna Jooss \ Newspaper articles12 October 1981-11 July 1982
XZK/C2049/3426Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineDecember 1954
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