Person NameAstaire; Fred (1899-1987)
ActivityDancer, film actor, choreographer.
Other Forms Of NameAusterlitz; Frederick (birth name)
Dates and Placesborn in Omaha, USA 10 May 1899; died 22/06/1987
SourceSource: Craine, D. and Mackrell, J. Oxford Dictionary of Dance. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.
XZJ/1843Fred Astaire \ Puttin' on his Top Hat; Easter Parade19 December 1989-23 December 1996
XZJ/1200/1Band Wagon, The [film]13 October 1999
XZJ/1070/1That's Entertainment \ Part II13 January 1999
XZJ/448Top Hat [film]14 December 1996
XZJ/1176Second Chorus [film]n.d.
XZJ/1833Roberta [film]29 December 1989
XZJ/1137Summer Stock [film]; Let's Dance [film]6-7 September 1999
XZJ/1798/2Belle of New York, The [film]15 April 2002
XZA/865/1Postscript \ Pas de Deux, The \ 3 \ Popular Pairings, The17 March 1999
XZJ/865/1Funny Face [film]4 May 1998
XZJ/1843/2Easter Parade [film]23 December 1996
XZJ/1843/1Fred Astaire \ Puttin' on his Top Hat19 December 1989
XZA/853In Tune \ Fred Astaire10 May 1999
XZA/866/2Fred Astaire \ Step by Step \ Step Six \ Life After Ginger - The Last dance9 May 1999
XZM/1266Astaire, Fred \ Oversize
XZJ/1940/1Carefree [film]26 September 2003
XZJ/842Finian's Rainbow [film]13 April 1998
XZJ/1014Damsel in Distress, A [film]25 November 1998
XZJ/1115/1Puttin' on the Ritz8 May 1999
XZJ/1137/2Let's Dance [film]7 September 1999
XZJ/1135/1Yolanda and the Thief [film]28 October 1999
XZJ/1173/1You Were Never Lovelier [film]10 January 2000
XZJ/1842Fascinatin' Rhythm \ Omnibus24 February 2001
DH/B/2286Steps in Time
UNIS/B/2609The Significance of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' Musicals: An Analysis of Swing Time (1936)
XZJ/1185/2That's Entertainment! [film]3 January 2000
XZJ/1940/2Flying Down to Rio [film]2 October 2003
XZJ/107Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The [film]29 December 1992
XZG/731Dance on Film presented by the Society for Dance Research \ Bloomsbury Theatre, London \ 19 May 198419 May 1984
XZG/732Dance on Film by the Society for Dance Research \ Bloomsbury Theatre, London \ 19 May 198419 May 1984
XZJ/106London Tonight \ Featuring Joaquin Cortes at the Royal Albert Hall; Four-Mations \ Continental Passions \ Featuring The Dance Floor10 October 1996
XZJ/110Shall We Dance [film]23 November 1996
XZM/35Astaire, Fred
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