Person NameMartin; John
ActivityDance critic for the New York Times
Addresstagged-0205 taggedBMOD
L/E/79/14Photostat and Newspaper Cuttings \ Dance, The: Experiment \ Brooklyn M020 December 1936
XZB/1932Dance in Theory, The
XZB/1610John Martin's Book of the Dance
NM/B/927Dance: The Story of the Dance in Pictures and Text, The
NM/B/858Dictionary of Modern Ballet
XZB/1785Introduction to the Dance
DH/B/2263Introduction to the Dance
XZB/1787America Dancing
PH/B/1087Modern Dance, The
XZB/422Dance, The \ The story of the dance told in pictures and text
LB/B/13The Dance, the story of the dance told in pictures and text
L/E/50/80Letters \ Movement - An International Magazine1948
XZG/565Adrian Lee, Peter Badejo and Mallika Sarabhai \ QEII Theatre, Woking, UKn.d.
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