Person NameNorth; Marion (1925-2012)
ActivityLaban-trained educator; principal of the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, 1974-2004.
Dates and Places Born: Hull (2 November 1925) Died: (3 May 2012)
SourceLisa Ullmann Archive, NRCD
BMJ/B/1226Personality Assessment Through Movement
XZB/446Personality Assessment Through Movement
L/B/68Composing Movement Sequences
L/E/38/35Industrial Rhythm \ Youth Advice Bureau \ Vocational Guidance1956
XZJ/96Laban Centre for Movement and Dance Promotionn.d.
XZA/599Kaleidoscope Feature \ Dancing With Your Eyebrow \ Profile of Rudolf Laban15 November 1997
XZA/36Laban Lecture \ Laban Guild AGM \ 2 of 216 March 1996
L/E/4/55Choreology (Space) \ About the use of the Laban Dial1957
AW/E/5/3Dance Styles \ Dance, Drama, Movement \ Private Sessions with Laban \ Basic Movement, Movement Direction, Observation and Notationn.d.
LU/E/8/8Art of Movement Studio \ Correspondence between Lisa Ullmann and Marion North1975
L/E/38/33Industrial Rhythm \ Youth Advice Bureau \ Follow-up30 June 1954-8 February 1956
XZK/C2049/3427Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMarch 1955
L/E/68/48Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Laban Centenary 19791979
L/E/38/36Industrial Rhythm \ Youth Advice Bureau \ Report on Six Movement Observations1956
AW/E/5/13Educational presentation Staff and Studentsn.d.
DH/B/2540Movement Education: A guide for the primary and middle school teacher
BMJ/B/1227A Simple Guide to Movement Teaching
XZB/1789An Introduction to Movement Study and Teaching
XZA/35Laban Lecture \ Laban Guild AGM \ 1 of 216 March 1996
XZK/C2049/3430Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineOctober 1956
XZK/C2049/3434Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1958
AW/E/5/8Laban Studio 1953/1954 Educational Presentation1953-1954
AW/E/5/12Basic Movement Session taken by members of staff \ Dance and Movement Inventionn.d.
L/E/39/49Therapy \ Laban Art of Movement Centre \ Conference on the Use of Movement as a Therapy7-9 April 1965
LU/E/16/13Letters \ Graham Hulton and Marion North1973-1975
XZK/C2049/3429Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMarch 1956
LG/F/1/5Guild Council meeting 19541954
XZK/C2049/3432Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1957
AW/B/2047Composing Movement Sequences
L/E/36/37Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Re Bill Carpenter's Manuscript \ Comments on Manuscript5 November 1955
L/B/71Story of a School \ A headmaster's experiences with children aged seven to eleven
L/B/69Movement Education: A guide for the primary and middle school teacher
L/B/70Personality Assessment Through Movement
L/B/72Simple Guide to Movement Teaching, A
L/E/38/41Industrial Rhythm \ Report of the Discussion between Mr Warren Lamb and Mr John Armistead about the Comparative Assessments of Harveyn.d.
L/E/38/30Industrial Rhythm \ Youth Advice Bureau \ Correspondence1951-1959
L/F/3/57Portraits \ Ashridge \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?]August 1955
L/E/39/55Therapy \ Correspondence \ Letter to Marion North8 July 1957
L/E/22/34Articles about Laban \ Art, Science and Education \ 'Movement Concerns the Whole Man' by Rudolf Laban / 'Scientific Guidance gives Basis for Guidance and Treatment' by Marion North1958
L/E/41/50Articles about Laban \ New Era, The \ Special Issue on Rudolf Laban1959
L/E/39/50Therapy \ Laban Art of Movement Centre \ Movement Education, Observation, Analysis \ What is the Need of the Therapist?5 February 1972
XZB/447A Simple Guide to Movement Teaching
XZK/C2049/2238Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMay 1964
LG/F/1/2Guild Council meeting 19541954
LG/F/1/4Guild Council meeting 19541954
LG/F/1/6Guild Council meeting 19541954
LG/F/1/7Guild Council meeting 19541954
AW/E/5/2Laban Lectures \ G. Stephenson Conflict etc, Students Themes, Observation Marion North, Records & Sheet Music1954
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