Person NameAtkinson; Madge (1885-1970); dance practitioner
Epithetdance practitioner
ActivityFounded Madge Atkinson School of Natural Movement in Manchester (later the Atkinson-Suffield School with Mollie Suffield as her partner in 1921); formed Natural Movement Branch of the ISTD in 1925; in 1944 co-founded the London College of Educational Dance (which became the London College of Dance and Drama) with Anita Heyworth and Grace Cone; retired in 1967.
RelationshipsFather was James (known as John) Atkinson, actor.
Dates and PlacesBorn in Manchester 16 February 1885, died London, 19 February 1970.
Worked in Manchester, London and Cornwall.
SourceDancing Times obituary May 1970.
NM/F/4/2Photographs sent or given to Atkinson or Heyworth1924-1967
NM/O/2/5Abergele ChildrenUndated
NM/F/2Natural Movement dancesEarly-mid 1900s
NM/E/1/2/2Anita Heyworth, Elementary Examination in the Natural Movement Section of Greek Dancing. July 1925
NM/H/2Programmes featuring Madge Atkinson or Natural Movement1909-1969
NM/G/8Manchester Grand Opera Festival 24 October 1921
NM/G/5Miss Madge Atkinson and Company in Dance Scenes at the Gaiety Theatre Manchester2 April 1917
NM/G/9Madge Atkinson and pupils in a demonstration of Natural Movement, Dance and Music at the Whitworth Hall28 June 1930
NM/M/10News cutting photographs of interest1919-1929
NM/H/2/3/18Annual Concert, Park House School, Blackburn18 December 1924
NM/G/14Madge Atkinson at the Rudolf Steiner Hall8-9 July 1938
NM/G/11Miss Madge Atkinson and pupils in a demonstration of Natural Movement Dance and Music at the Whitworth Hall, Manchester17 November c1930
NM/H/2/3/47The Royal Manchester College of Music at the Lesser Free Trade Hall18-22 October 1929
NM/G/7Miss Madge Atkinson and her pupils interpretation of Music through the Dance at the Houldsworth Hall, Manchester22 November 1920
NM/G/10A Dance Recital by Madge Atkinson at the Rudolf Steiner Hall 24 July 1930
NM/H/2/4/23Songs, plays and dancing for Dr Barnardo's Homesc1933
NM/T/1/7/10Gibson: Forty-Seven Musical Improvisations1928
NM/G/4Dramatic Recital with Mr J H Atkinson assisted by Miss Madge Atkinson at the Congregational Hall, Marple Bridge.12 October 1907
NM/G/3Special production of Measure for Measure at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester2 April 1906
NM/S/12Danse sacre et profane (Debussey)c1927
NM/H/3/1/1Semi-Finals of the Solo Dancing Competition at the Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate, Manchester21 April 1923
NM/H/3/1/8Final Duet Dancing Competition at the New Scala Theatre, London. 9 April 1927
NM/T/2/1/1/7"At Ebb Tide"Undated
NM/T/2/1/1/8"Elfin Revelry"c1931
NM/H/1/3/4Pupils from the studio classes of Miss Madge Atkinson at the Milton Hall in Manchester5 December 1931
NM/F/4/1/4Madge Atkinson and Anita HeyworthUndated
NM/H/1/1/1Miss Madge Atkinson assisted by Miss Ralph-Hall and Friends at the Opera House, Buxton14 December 1913
NM/H/2/1/4The Altrincham and District Nursing Association at The Assembly Rooms14 December 1910
NM/H/2/3/20Garden Fête at Belmont, Cheadle in aid of the Boys' and Girls' Refugees and Homes.18 July 1925
NM/G/13A Programme of Dance and Mime presented by Madge Atkinson at the Rudolf Steiner Hall16 July 1936
NM/H/3/1/6The Seventh Annual Sunshine Matinee at the Queens Theatre, London 8 December 1925
NM/B/4Goblin Market
NM/F/5/6Lento School of Dance1950
NM/T/2/7/14Tyrolean SchuhplattlerUndated
NM/F/6/4Natural Movement statueUndated
NM/T/2/7/7French Peasant Dancesc1943
NM/T/1/8/17Harding-Thompson: Dickory's Horse and five other songs1933
NM/H/1/2/12Miss Madge Atkinson and Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall27 March 1923
NM/F/3Unidentified dances/publicity photographs
NM/E/2/7/2Jooss-Leeder Summer School in Dartington1937
NM/E/3Publicity materials1910-c1937
NM/E/3/2/5Programme for "Aren't We All" at The Manchester Social Club, Lower Moseley Street20-23 November 1925
NM/H/2/3/16Programme of Concert, Theosophical Society, Manchester City Lodge, 199, Deansgate, Manchester15 November 1924
NM/H/1/2/19Garden Fete and American Tea at The Deanery, Higher Broughton3 July 1924
NM/H/2/3/15Reception by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Manchester Town Hall23 October 1924
NM/H/1/2/18Demonstration of Natural Movement and Music, Miss Madge Atkinson and Students5, 6 June 1924
NM/H/2/3/44Fourth Grand Charity Opera Festival at The Opera House, Manchester. 7-12 October 1929
NM/H/2/4/604th "All-Star" Dancing Matinee at the London Palladium26 November 1938
NM/H/2/3/11Cotton Garden Party and Fete, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester25 July 1923
NM/T/1/23/13Weston: Educational Series of Russian Music Book 51917
NM/H/2/1/2Mr & Mrs James Grimble Groves at the Albion hotel, Manchester18 January 1910
NM/B/981Dance Education in the West Country
NM/F/4/3/2Greece or ItalyUndated
NM/O/2/13Portrait of Madge AtkinsonUndated
NM/F/1/1Madge Atkinson portraitsc1890-1970
NM/H/2/4/2Daily Dispatch Health & Hygiene Exhibition at the City Hall, Manchester11-21 February 1931
NM/H/2/2/8Dunham Woods, Dunham Massey24 February 1914
NM/H/3/2/3Blackpool Dance Festival at the Empress Ballroom11-16 May 1931
NM/H/1/3/6Dance and music presented by Madge Atkinsonc1931
NM/H/2/3/13Dudley Bank Prize Distribution, Hale13 December 1923
NM/H/2/1/1Beaumont and Fletcher at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester24 December 1909
NM/H/2/2/5The Altrincham and District Nursing Association at The Assembly Rooms, Bowdon, Cheshire13 December 1913
NM/B/984Dance Education in London and Middlesex
NM/H/2/1/3Le Cercle Francais at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester10 February 1910
NM/H/2/1/5Miss Horniman's Company at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester24 December 1910
NM/H/2/2/3Annie Spong and her company in the cloisters29 July 1912
NM/H/2/3/17Refuge Bazaar at the Houldsworth Hall, Manchester12 December 1924
NM/H/1/1/3Performance at the Assembly Rooms, Bowdon, Cheshire14 March 1914
NM/E/3/2/7Hale Literary Society, Session 1926-271926
NM/H/2/2/17Mrs. Shaw's, Beechfield, Woodlands Park, Timperley30 June 1917
NM/H/2/2/10Performance at Culcheth Hall, Bowdon12 March 1915
NM/H/2/2/14Performance at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester12 March 1915
NM/H/2/3/2Women's International League at the Milton Hall18 June 1921
NM/H/1/1/8Concert in aid of Disley Red Cross hospital1916
NM/H/1/1/20Miss Madge Atkinson and Her Pupils at Didsbury Liberal Club1 November 1920
NM/H/1/1/21Programme of Natural Movement at the Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate, Manchester22 November 1920
NM/H/1/1/11Miss Madge Atkinson and her Pupils at St Peter's School, Hale, Cheshirec1918
NM/H/1/3/19Madge Atkinson presents Anita Heyworth and Madge Bateman at the Victoria Hall, Salisbury21 January 1933
NM/H/1/1/7Concert in aid of Disley Red Cross hospital1916
NM/H/1/1/13Miss Madge Atkinson and Her Pupilsc1918
NM/H/1/1/5Miss Madge Atkinson and her Pupils25 March 1916
NM/H/1/1/18Miss Madge Atkinson and her Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate, Manchester14 May 1920
NM/H/1/2/3The Library Association of the United Kingdom at the Manchester Whitworth Institute14 September 1921
NM/H/2/2/23Garden Party at Dalefields, Chelford16 July 1920
NM/S/14De Falla La Vida Brevec1930
NM/H/1/2/2Miss Madge Atkinson and Students at the Houldsworth Hall17 June 1921
NM/H/2/3/6Spong Summer School July 1922
NM/H/2/1/6Performance at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester27 December 1909
NM/H/1/3/23Madge Atkinson and Mollie Suffield at the Garrick Playhouse, Altincham28-29 March 1933
NM/H/1/2/15Programme of Dance and Music by Pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester.1923
NM/B/6Thought Forces
NM/E/2/4Lectures 1922-1975
NM/E/4ScriptsEarly 1900s
NM/F/1/1/3Thomas Longworth-Cooper photographsUndated
NM/E/3/4/5Fees for school coursesUndated
NM/O/1/4Madge Atkinson medals1926-1931
NM/T/2/2/2/11"Bluebottle Imps"Undated
NM/T/2/2/2/8At Mushroom CourtUndated
NM/T/2/2/2/4"The Strand"c1935
NM/T/2/2/2/5"I Saw Three Ships"Undated
NM/T/2/2/2/7London Bridge Undated
NM/O/1/2J Routledge fencing medal June 1857
NM/H/1/2/61Programme of Dance and Music by Students of Miss Madge Atkinson at Central High School25 January 1930
NM/E/3/3/2Natural Movement Classes at the Central High School for girls1932
NM/F/4/1Family photographsc1860-1900s
NM/H/1/2/13Natural Movement, Prestwich30 June 1923
NM/N/1/1Madge Atkinson's retirement 19671967
NM/H/1/2/7Miss Madge Atkinson and Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall19 September 1922
NM/F/3/2/3Anthony photographsc1930s
NM/H/2/3/9History Without Tears, in aid of the Russian Famine Relief1922
NM/H/2/3/19Prize Distribution by Miss Spiegelberg at Dudley Bank, Hale6 February 1925
NM/H/2/3/8Dudley Bank Prize Distribution by the Lady Jane Grey19 December 1922
NM/T/2/2/2/35May Dance Undated
NM/F/2/16/1Thomas Longworth-Cooper photographsc1929
NM/H/2/4/11Review Week at the Royal Manchester College of Music14-18 March 1932
NM/H/1/2/10Christmas Dances by Miss Madge Atkinson and Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall2 January 1923
NM/E/2/5/2Notes by Madge Atkinson 19241924
NM/H/2/3/12Salford Royal Hospital Special Concert at the Royal Technical College, Peel Park, Salford, Manchester14 November 1923
NM/H/1/1/4Performance at The Gorse23 July 1914
NM/H/2/3/27Garden Fête at Belmont, Cheadle17 July 1926
BB/E/5/4Olive Ripman's retirement dinner 1966Summer 1966
NM/T/1/25/4Greek Peasant Dances ManuscriptUndated
NM/O/2/6"When Art Can Further Art"Undated
NM/H/2/3/29Matinee of Dancing at The Opera House, Quay Street, Manchester6 October 1926
NM/E/3/3/5Wilmslow Beacon Guild syllabus for the season 1933-41933
NM/H/3/1/3Final of the "All England" Solo Dancing Competition at the Aldwych Theatre, London 15 April 1924
NM/F/4Personal and family photographsc1860-1967
NM/H/2/3/22Private Performance for Members and Friends, Manchester Amateur Dramatic Society, Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester.4 November 1925
NM/O/3Mr Elf1900s
NM/O/2/12Miss Madge AtkinsonUndated
NM/H/1/2/22A Performance of Song and Dance by Miss Madge Atkinson and Miss Alison King at the Studio, 259 Deansgate, Manchester.18 February 1925
NM/E/2/5/9Notes by Madge Atkinson 19321932
NM/T/1/23/12Weston: Educational Series of Russian Music Book 21917
NM/H/1/2/8Miss Madge Atkinson and Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall22 November 1922
NM/H/3/1/4Programme of the Fifth Annual Pedlars' Fair Unique dancing Competition at the Garden of Grosvenor House, Park Lane.4 July 1925
NM/H/1/3/21Madge Atkinson and Mollie Suffield at the Garrick Playhouse, Altrincham17 February 1933
NM/E/3/2/6Worsley Higher Education Committee course of Lectures in Science and Art for Adults in the Worsley Technical School1925-1926
NM/H/1/2/27Programme of Dance & Music by Students and Pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson.c1925
NM/H/1/2/11Miss Madge Atkinson and Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall8 February 1923
NM/O/2/18Miss Atkinson's signatureUndated
NM/H/1/2/23Programme of Dance and Music by Pupils of Madge Atkinson, Garden Party, Didsbury. 30 June 1925
NM/H/1/3/15Historic dances at Kingsmoor School, Glossop19 November 1932
NM/H/2/3/31An Evening of Mime, Song and Dance by Suzanne Stone assisted by Miss Anita Heyworth and Students of the Madge Atkinson Schoolc1926
NM/F/3/1/1Uncredited photographsEarly 1900s
NM/T/2/1/3/15"The Sea-Shell"c1932
NM/T/1/2/16Bach: Twelve short Preludes and Fugues1913
NM/E/3/2/4Manchester City Lodge of the Theosophical Society, Public Lectures, 199 DeansgateSeptember - December 1925
NM/H/3/1/5The Dancing Times Solo Dancing Competition at the New Scala Theatre, London. 23 October 1925
NM/H/2/3/23Refuge Bazaar in the Houldsworth Hall, Manchester11 December 1925
NM/H/3/2/1Sunshine Dancing Competition solos and duets semi-final at St Marylebone Hall, London20-21 March 1931
NM/E/1/1/4Paperwork regarding the Austin car1955
NM/H/1/2/28Programme of Dance and Music by pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson.c1925
NM/S/16Peer Gyntc1921
NM/H/2/4/5Bergman Osterberg College Dartford25 June 1931
NM/H/2/4/8Cavalleria Rusticana and Boatswain's Mate at the Opera House, Manchester7 & 10 October 1931
NM/H/2/4/16Plays at the Memorial Hall, Albert Square Manchester28 December 1932
NM/H/2/4/10Parent's Day at Ashworth House School11 December 1931
NM/H/2/3/10The Pipes of Pan at The Theatre Royal Cinema, Peter Street, Manchester2-7 July 1923
NM/H/2/4/7Fifth Grand Charity Opera Festival Aida at the Opera House, Manchester5-9 October 1931
NM/H/2/4/3Reception by the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress at the Town Hall in Manchester17 April 1931
NM/O/1/7Madge Atkinson plaque1967
NM/H/2/4/9The Magic Flute in the Holy Name Hall, Manchester4-5 December 1931
NM/T/1/2/18Bach: Preludes and Fugues1894
NM/T/1/2/43Beethoven: Sonata Opus 261903
NM/F/1/4Natural Movement students portrait photographsc1937
NM/T/2/1/3/7"Jenny Wren"Undated
NM/E/2/5/12Notes by Madge Atkinson 19341934
NM/H/3/2/2Sunshine Dancing Competition solos, duets, groups and troupes final at the New Scala Theatre, London20-21 March 1931
NM/H/1/2/37Programme of Dance, Mime and Music by Madge Atkinson and her Dancers at the Colne Clef Club (Sixth Meeting)25 January 1928
NM/H/1/3/7Lecture demonstration at the Faculty of Arts Theatre31 January 1932
NM/E/3/3/3Madge Atkinson and Mollie Suffield summer school at Arley Castle1932
NM/H/1/2/31An Evening of Mime and Song June 1927
NM/T/2/2/4/2"A Midsummer Night's Dream"c1927
NM/F/2/20/1Guttenberg Ltd. photographsEarly 1930s
NM/B/5Thoughts are Things
NM/O/4Natural Movement statue and plinthc1930
NM/H/2/3/25The Fortieth Shakespeare Commemoration at The Arts Club, Manchester27 April 1926
NM/E/3/3/10Bolton Froebel Society session timetable1935-1936
NM/E/3/2/3The Burnley Clef Club, Seventh Season24 September 1925
NM/E/3/3/4Madge Atkinson and Mollie Suffield summer school at Arley Castle1933
NM/S/4New World Symphony (Dvorak)c1927
NM/K/3Courthouse School magazine Number 141960
NM/T/1/4/28Debussy: Préludes1910
NM/T/1/2/78Brahms: Two Rhapsodies1939
NM/T/2/2/4/3"The Fairy Gift"Undated
NM/N/1Presentation albums1967-1973
NM/H/2/4/17Stretford Committee for National Savings Reception and Dance at Longford Hall Stretford24 February 1933
NM/F/3/2/1/6Students of the Madge Atkinson School of Natural Movement1924
NM/H/1/2/29Dance through the Ages, Burnley Clef Club, Branch of the British Music Society (7th Season, 11th Meeting)5 March 1926
NM/H/3/2/5Sunshine Dancing Competition Final at The New Scala Theatre8 April 1933
NM/T/1/4/13Debussy: Bergam Suite1905
NM/H/1/3/26A demonstration of Natural Movement at the College of Technology, Manchester22 September 1933
NM/H/1/3/25The Journey of Peter and Ann to the Moon at St Mary's Hall in Chorley6 July 1933
NM/H/2/4/19Dance and sports at Pentre Mawr, Abergele23 June 1933
NM/H/1/3/30Natural Movement programme at the Manchester Association of Engineers Dinner16 December 1933
NM/F/3/1OutdoorEarly 1900s
NM/T/1/3/52Chopin: Preludes Studies & ValsesEarly 1900s
NM/E/3/3/6Music Teachers' Association, Manchester, Salford and District Branch1933
NM/H/1/2/35Programme of Dances by students of the Madge Atkinson School.c1927
NM/H/2/3/32The Opera "The Fairy Queen" at the Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate, Manchester. 31 May-1 June 1927
NM/H/1/2/32A Performance of Dance and Music by Madge Atkinson and Students at the Burnley Clef Club4 March 1927
NM/H/2/3/34The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Annual Dance Festival at the New Scala Theatre, London 23 July 1927
NM/H/3/1/9The Eighth Annual Sunshine Matinee at The Shaftesbury Theatre, London. 21 June 1927
NM/H/2/3/33Demonstration of Dance and Music by the pupils of "Ashfield House Preparatory School" at St. Mary's Hall. 1 July 1927
NM/E/3/1/4Miss Madge Atkinson and Company at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester2 April 1917
NM/H/1/2/34Programme of Dances by pupils of Madge Atkinson.c1927
NM/E/3/2/9Liverpool Dancers' Circle1926-1927
NM/E/2/3Articles and writingsc1920-1975
NM/H/1/2/43Programme of Dance and Music by Pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson at the Welfare Workers Union, Ashburne Hall.21 September 1928
NM/H/1/2/47Programme of Dance and Music by pupils of Madge Atkinson. c1928
NM/H/2/3/37Garden Party at Ingleside, The Haven, And The Priory, Swinton Park Road, Irlams O'TH-Height. 27 June 1928
NM/H/2/3/42A Demonstration of Song, Recitation and Dance, based on Shakespeare's Play "A Midsummer Night's Dream"10 July 1929
NM/H/1/2/44Programme of Dance and Music by Pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson at the Hulme Town Hall "100, 000 Shillings" Bazaar.14-17 November 1928
NM/H/1/2/46A Programme of Dance and Music arranged by Madge Atkinson at the Manchester Town Hall. 4 December 1928
NM/H/1/3/2Students of Madge Atkinson at the Junior Burnley Cleff ClubMarch 1931
NM/B/980Dance Education in Surrey
NM/H/1/2/51Demonstration at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Gartside Street. 11 March 1929
NM/H/1/2/54Dance and Music by Students and Pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson, The Manor House, Mobberley25 July 1929
NM/T/1/7/36Grieg: Peer Gynt, Opus 46. Early 1900s
NM/H/1/2/49Programme of Dance and Music arranged by Madge Atkinson, Manchester Town Hall. 7 February 1929
NM/H/2/4/48Demonstration at the Bergman Osterberg College, Dartford27 June 1936
NM/T/1/8/40Heller: Study Opus 46 No. 7 "Puck"1897
NM/H/2/3/43Programme of the Annual Conference (The Manchester Association of Teachers of Dancing), 210 Plymouth Grove, Manchester. 13-15 July 1929
NM/T/1/9/14Isaacs: "Play" Morceau (Manuscript)1915
NM/T/1/9/15Isaacs: "Au Bal Masque"Early 1900s
NM/N/4James Atkinson's autograph book and index1888-1914
NM/E/3/2/14Lecture Demonstration on "Natural Movement" by Madge Atkinson at St. George's Cafe, Hall St., Oxford St.29 October c1930
NM/H/2/3/51Private Performance of "Falstaff" at The Royal College of Music, Manchester11 March 1930
NM/T/1/9/6Ifor-Davies: Musical Improvisations, Natural Movement Grades I-V 1st Series1936
NM/T/1/9/5Ifor-Davies: Musical Improvisations, Natural Movement Grades I-IV1932
NM/H/2/3/50The Workers' Travel Association Ltd. Fifth Annual Manchester Reunion in the Assembly Hall, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester. 15 February 1930
NM/H/2/3/48Gigantic Musical Interlude at Kingsway Super Cinema, Levenshulme28-30 November 1929
NM/H/1/2/66A Programme of Dance and Music arranged by Madge Atkinson. c1930
NM/E/2/5/3Notes by Madge Atkinson c1925c1925
NM/E/2/5/6Notes by Madge Atkinson 19291929
NM/T/1/18/31Rosenbloom: Mazurka in F Sharp Opus 3. No. 11926
NM/T/1/18/35Rosenbloom: Berkeley Hills Opus 321936
NM/T/1/10/1Janowitz: Russian Music, 12 Russian Pieces1927
NM/E/3/2/2Demonstration of Natural Movement Gesture and Dance by the Spong School and the Madge Atkinson School (of Manchester) at 66 Adelaide Road, Hampsteadc1922
NM/E/3/2/15Demonstration of Natural Movement, dance and Music at the Whitworth Hall, Manchester University17 November 1930
NM/H/2/3/53Programme of Garden Party held in the grounds of Toc H. Mark IV and Langdale Hall13 September 1930
NM/E/3/1/5A performance of Spong Rhythmic Dancing based on Natural Movement at the Spong School Londonc1920
NM/T/1/8/46Heller: Nuits Blanches (Restless Nights) Opus 82Undated
NM/H/2/4/20Dancing at Bergman Osterberg College, Dartford30 June 1933
NM/H/1/2/25Programme of Dance and Music by Madge Atkinson and Students and Children of the Madge Atkinson School at the Studio21 December 1925
NM/H/1/3/37Dance and Music by pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson in aid of the Children's Ward of the Ancoats Hospital11 December 1934
NM/H/1/3/36Lecture-demonstration at Kingsmoor School, Glossop1 December 1934
NM/H/1/2/70Programme of Dance and Music arranged by Madge Atkinson c1930
NM/H/2/4/50Third "All Star" Dancing Matinee at the London Palladium21 November 1936
NM/E/2/5/8Notes by Madge Atkinson 19311931
NM/E/2/5/7Notes by Madge Atkinson 19301930
NM/E/3/1/7Madge Atkinson and pupils at the Houldsworth Hall, Manchester22 November 1920
NM/H/1/2/67A Programme of Dance and Music by Students of Miss Madge Atkinson. c1930
NM/H/2/3/26Church of St. John the Evangelist, Altrincham, Garden Fete at The Woodlands, Dunham Park5 June 1926
NM/H/3/2/4Sunshine Dancing Competition London semi-final at The Theatre of The Northern Polytechnic11-12 March 1932
NM/H/2/4/41Christmas Fair and Toy Market at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester23-26 November 1935
NM/T/1/2/19Bach: 48 Preludes and Fugues Nos 1-48Undated
NM/G/6Miss Madge Atkinson and Company in Dance Scenes at Crane's Concert Hall, Liverpool14 January 1918
NM/T/1/8/70Hertselt: Cradle Song1938
NM/E/3/2/10Madge Atkinson and her dancers at the Houldsworth Hall in Manchester6 December 1927
NM/T/1/13/47Morrell: Primary Grade musical improvisation, Natural MovementUndated
NM/E/2/5/11Notes by Madge Atkinson 19331933
NM/H/2/3/39Dance and physical exercises at Pentre Mawr, Abergele29 June 1928
NM/H/2/3/36Third Grand Charity Opera Festival at The Opera House, Quay street, Manchester. 10-15 October 1927
NM/E/2/5/15Notes by Madge Atkinson 19371937
NM/T/2/1/4/3The Hoop Dance c1929
NM/F/2/21/1Guttenberg Ltd. photographsEarly 1900s
NM/T/1/23/16Weston: Educational Series of Russian Music Book 4Undated
NM/T/1/8/65Henderson: Masterpieces of Russian piano music1917
NM/E/3/4/1Cafe Chantant Houldsworth HallUndated
NM/H/1/2/39Matinee of Dance and Music by Madge Atkinson and Students at Macclesfield Opera House2 May 1928
NM/E/2/5/13Notes by Madge Atkinson 19351935
NM/H/2/4/46Keep-Fit Display and Pageant of Youth at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester14 March 1936
NM/T/1/13/77Mozart: Sonatas 1906
NM/H/1/2/30Dances of the ages by Madge Atkinson and Students at Nelson Clef Club 12 October 1926
NM/E/3/3/1Grand Opera Festival5-10 October 1931
NM/H/1/3/35Madge Atkinson and Elsie Thurston in an evening of opera, ballet and mime at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester26 June 1934
NM/T/1/13/50Morris: National Dance Music, National Character Dances Book I Undated
NM/H/1/3/34Demonstration of Natural Movement and music at the Municipal College of Technology, Manchester12 June 1934
NM/H/1/3/38Dance, mime and music by students of Miss Madge Atkinson in aid of the Blind Aid Society17 December 1934
NM/E/3/3/8Natural Movement Classes under the direction of Miss Madge Atkinson1934
NM/H/1/3/41An evening of Dance and Song presented by The Madge Atkinson Dancers at The Curtain Theatre, Rochdale29 October 1935
NM/H/2/4/35Great Counties Bazaar for the Golden Age of Childhood at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester2-6 April 1935
NM/H/2/4/15Students' Open Practice at the Royal Manchester College of Music6 December 1932
NM/E/3/4/2Madge Atkinson School of Natural Movement direction cardsUndated
NM/F/2/26/1J Ingham & Sons photographsUndated
NM/G/12Recitals of Dance, Music and Mime by Madge Atkinson students and pupils at the Lesser Free Trade Hall Manchester9-10 January 1931
NM/H/2/3/52Programme of a Garden Party at the University Athletic Ground, The Firs, Fallowfield24 May 1930
NM/T/1/23/11Weston: Educational Series of Russian Music Book 6 1992
NM/H/2/4/40Library Association Manchester Conference reception at the Central Library featuring A Florentine Irony10 September 1935
NM/H/2/4/34Dancing Display by the Pupils of Westleigh School30 March 1935
NM/E/3/3/7Natural Movement and Music, Madge Atkinson method, classes at the Women's Institute Annexe1934
NM/H/2/4/18Elocution, Gesture and Natural Movement Evening at the Royal Manchester College of Music31 March 1933
NM/E/1/2/15Madge Atkinson Honorary Diploma c1920
NM/E/3/4/6The Madge Atkinson School of Natural MovementUndated
NM/T/2/3/2/14Mortals Undated
NM/E/3/3/16Lecture-Demonstration of Natural Movement at the Morris Hall, Bellstone, Shrewsbury20 February 1937
NM/H/1/3/40Dance and Music by pupils of Miss Madge Atkinson 3 July 1935
NM/H/2/4/33"All-Star" Dancing Matinee at The London Palladium23 March 1935
NM/T/2/2/2/41Bourrée from "Water Music" Undated
NM/H/2/4/36Teachers' week-end conference at Old Jordans Hostel31 May - 3 June 1935
NM/H/2/4/44Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing programme for the Technical School held during the Congress 19351935
NM/H/2/4/43Concert for the benefit of Mr Ernest Hall18 December 1935
NM/T/1/23/14Weston: Educational Series of Russian Music Book 31917
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NM/H/2/3/1Mr. H. Palmer at Bowdon Assembly Rooms18 January 1921
NM/H/1/3/48Studio Children's performance, Deansgate, Manchester 24 July 1936
NM/H/3/2/7Sunshine Dancing Competition Final at The Scala Theatre, London31 March 1939
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NM/F/3/2/1/8Madge Atkinsonc1930s
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NM/H/2/2/13Performance at unknown venue6 December 1915
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NM/H/2/4/51Bridge House School in The Duke of Christmas Daisies9 December 1936
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NM/H/1/3/47Dance and music at the Rudolf Steiner Hall16 July 1936
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NM/B/937Sacred Dance, The \ A study in comparative folklore
NM/H/2/4/39The Royal Manchester College of Music presents Hansel and Gretel in the Lesser Free Trade Hall28 June - 2 July 1935
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NM/H/2/4/57Women's Institute annual exhibition of work12 March 1938
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NM/H/1/3/53Natural Movement at the Technical SchoolJuly 1937
NM/H/3/2/6Sunshine Dancing Competition Final at The Scala Theatre, London8-9 April 1938
NM/H/1/3/55Madge Atkinson presents Dance, Mime and Music at the Rudolf Steiner Hall8-9 July 1938
NM/H/1/4/4Dance, mime, music and song, presented by Madge AtkinsonUndated
NM/H/2/2/9Performance at Ansdell College12 December 1914
NM/B/982Dance Education in the Midlands
NM/H/2/4/65Teachers' Conference at Old Jordans Hostel, near Beaconsfield8-12 June 1939
NM/H/1/3/22Madge Atkinson at Milton Hall20 March 1933
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NM/T/1/12/72Linley: 50 Nursery Songs and Rhymes Undated
NM/E/3/4/3The Madge Atkinson School of DancingUndated
NM/H/2/3/40Altrincham and District Kiddies Summer Camp Fundc1928
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NM/E/3/2/12Second Summer School of Madge Atkinson and Mollie Suffield at Arley Castle26-31 August 1929
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NM/E/3/4/8Natural Movement Madge Atkinson MethodUndated
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NM/B/2Bridge of San Luis Ray, The
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NM/H/2/2/19The Children's Concerts Society Season 1918-19 at the Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester25 January 1919
NM/T/2/1/3/20"A Pastorale Dance"Undated
NM/T/2/1/1/9"Farewell to the Fairies"Undated
NM/H/1/1/10Miss Madge Atkinson and Company at the Crane Hall, Hanover St, Liverpool14-19 January 1918
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NM/T/2/6/7Sarabande (Corelli)c1913
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NM/T/2/1/6/2Sequences Undated
NM/C/2Natural Movement logoUndated
NM/F/4/1/7Older photographs of Atkinson's familypre 1860
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NM/T/2/1/3/10"The Sea-Gull"Undated
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NM/T/2/1/1/1Apple Blossom Undated
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NM/T/2/1/1/13"The Dandelion Clock"Undated
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NM/E/2/12The Natural Movement Dancing Fellowship1958, 1963
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NM/T/2/3/3/2Twenty Little ConversationsUndated
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NM/T/2/1/5/7"And when she was bad, she was horrid!"c1937
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NM/T/2/7/13Austrian Polka Undated
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NM/T/2/7/23Russian DanceUndated
NM/T/2/7/21Polish TrojakUndated
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NM/T/2/7/19Landler (A Solo) Undated
NM/T/2/7/10Kalvelis (Lithuanian)Undated
NM/T/2/3/3/4"Little Lady"Undated
NM/E/1/2/16Madge Atkinson Honorary Fellow of The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing3 May 1967
NM/T/2/7/24Hungarian Solo. Ritka BuzaUndated
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NM/T/2/3/3/15Peter and the Flower Fairies Undated
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NM/T/2/3/2/6The Pierrot of the MinuteUndated
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NM/T/2/3/3/14Dance Little MaidenUndated
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NM/T/2/3/3/20Mime Dances Undated
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NM/B/11Dancetype: A simple method of dance notation
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NM/F/4/1/6Older photographs of Atkinson's familypre 1860
NM/T/1/8/88Hulme: National Character DancesUndated
NM/T/1/8/89Hulme: National Character Dances Second bookUndated
NM/E/2/1/4Administration for performance at Rudolf Steiner Hall1938
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NM/F/4/3/1South Africa1938
NM/C/9The Depths of The Sea printUndated
NM/T/2/1/1/14The FisherboyUndated
NM/B/975Spirit and the Flesh, The
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NM/F/6/7Madge Atkinson by a statueUndated
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NM/H/2/3/55Soiree at the Salon Club17 October 1930
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NM/E/1/2/5Anita Heyworth, ISTD Membership24th July 1927
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NM/E/4/6The Satire of The Three Estates August 1948
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NM/B/8 Etwas von den Wurzelkindern
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NM/B/891Historical Dances for the Theatre
NM/G/2Cricket on the Hearth at the Queen's Theatre Manchester17 July 1905
XZJ/201Study of Dance Conference 1983 \ Natural Movement Lecture Demonstration and Performance1984
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XZA/22Past Perspectives and New Horizons \ Natural Movement Association Conference \ Francine Watson Coleman in Conversation with Jean Bloomer, Peggy Hawkins and Margaret Hopkins15 March 1992
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NM/H/2/2/12Performance at The Assembly Rooms, Bowdon, Cheshire30 November 1915
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NM/H/1/2/6Miss Madge Atkinson and Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall26 May 1922
NM/H/2/3/5Midsummer Fete in aid of X ray fund at Manchester Babies' Hospital17 June 1922
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NM/F/1/1/2J Ingham & Sons photographsEarly 1900s
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NM/H/1/2/17Madge Atkinson and Pupils at the Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate19 February 1924
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NM/H/1/2/1Madge Atkinson And Her Company including Mollie Suffield in a series of Historical and Poetical Dances at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester7-12 March 1921
NM/F/3/2/9Uncredited photographsc1920s-1930s
NM/H/2/3/30Prize Distribution by W.H. Barker (Manchester University) at Dudley Bank, Hale, Cheshire15 December 1926
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NM/H/2/4/31Annual Christmas Concert at Kent House School, Sale15 December 1934
NM/H/2/4/12Bergman Osterberg College, Dartford9 June 1932
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NM/F/2/4/1Thomas Longworth-Cooper photographs1930s
NM/H/1/2/52An Evening of Dance, Ballet & Mime at The Festival Hall, Alderley Edge2 May 1929
NM/H/1/2/38Programme of Dance, Mime and Music by Madge Atkinson and her Dancers at the Nelson Clef Club (Sixth Meeting)1 February 1928
NM/H/1/3/44Dancing Display by the pupils of Westleigh School in the Church Hall, Stockton heath23 May 1936
NM/H/1/2/40Programme of Dance and Music by Pupils of Madge Atkinson23 May 1928
NM/S/2Fingals Cavec1925
NM/H/1/2/53A Matinee of Dance, Ballet & Mime at The Ardwick Empire11 May 1929
NM/T/1/9/11Ifor-Davies: "Mother Earth"1954
NM/N/6Anita Heyworth signature book1950-1975
NM/H/2/3/28An Evening Performance devoted to Ballroom, Character, Exhibition, National and Operatic Dancing at the New Scala Theatre, London. 22 July 1926
NM/H/1/2/50Programme of Dance and Music arranged by Madge Atkinson at the Studio9 March 1929
NM/H/1/3/45Demonstration of Natural Movement and music at the Municipal College of Technology, Manchester16 June 1936
NM/H/1/3/33Dance, Ballet and Mime at the Prince's Theatre4 June 1934
NM/H/1/2/24Programme of Dance and Music by Pupils of Miss Anita Heyworth and students of the Madge Atkinson School24 July 1925
NM/H/1/3/5Anita Heyworth and Madge Bateman at the Victoria Hall, Salisbury7 December 1931
NM/H/2/4/53Cramer Concert at Conway Hall30 January 1937
NM/H/1/3/49Garden Party at Barrowmore Tuberculosis Colony, near Chester19 September 1936
NM/H/1/3/46Dance, Ballet and Mime at the Prince's Theatre, Manchester22 June 1936
NM/H/2/3/24Great Counties Bazaar for the Golden Age of Childhood, Free Trade Hall, Manchester20-24 April 1926
NM/N/2Costume designEarly 1900s
NM/H/1/3/56Lecture Demonstration by Madge Atkinson with City of Capetown Municipal Orchestra10 September 1938
NM/H/2/4/52Bal de Beauté at Grosvenor House, London22 January 1937
NM/E/2/5/16Notes by Madge Atkinson 19381938
NM/H/2/3/3Manchester Beecham Operatic Chorus in the Grand Opera Festival at The Opera House, Quay Street, Manchester17-22 October 1921
NM/H/2/2/22Grand Spring Fete and Bazaar at The Banqueting Hall, Midland theatre28 April - 1 May 1920
NM/H/1/3/1Madge Atkinson students and pupils at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester9-10 January 1931
NM/H/1/2/33Programme of Dance, Mime and Music by Madge Atkinson and her Dancers and a Demonstration of Ballroom Dancing at the Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate. 6 December 1927
NM/H/2/3/46The Chartered Society of Massage and Medical Gymnastics Members' Congress15-19 October 1929
NM/H/1/2/58The "Madge Atkinson" Method of Natural Movement and Dancing (based on Greek Ideals)c1929
NM/H/1/2/62Demonstration of Natural Movement at Lymefield School, Offerton1 April 1930
NM/H/1/2/63A Demonstration of Natural Movement, Dance and Music at Whitworth Hall, Manchester University28 June 1930
NM/H/1/2/64A Programme of Dance, Mime and Music by Madge Atkinson at the Rudolf Steiner Hall, London24 July 1930
NM/H/2/3/21Second Grand Charity Opera Festival at The Opera House, Quay Street, Manchester. 12-17 October 1925
NM/H/1/1/6Miss Madge Atkinson's Matinee's of Dancing at The Gaiety Theatre, Manchester31 October 1916 - 2 November 1916
NM/T/2/6/18Contre Danse c1913
NM/T/2/1/1/4"A Fairy Boat" c1934
NM/T/2/1/3/8"Robin Goodfellow"Undated
NM/T/2/2/2/30Rhythmic StudiesUndated
NM/T/2/1/3/12"The Sowers"c1925
NM/T/2/2/3/5"Passepied" Scene du Bal c1914
NM/E/1/1/1Letters of congratulations and appreciation to Madge Atkinson1916-1925
NM/T/2/1/5/1"A Leprachaun Steals a Crock of Gold"c1934
NM/T/2/2/3/3"The Cocklegatherers" c1930
NM/T/2/6/12Canaries c1914
NM/T/2/6/23Historical Dances at Ling 19461946
NM/T/2/3/2/15Raag Deepakc1916
NM/T/1/2/127Boughton: The Moon Maiden 1926
NM/T/2/2/1/1"Mother Earth" c1933
NM/E/2/3/3Unpublished articles written on the Madge Atkinson methodc1920-1962
NM/T/2/1/1/5"The Butterfly Catcher" Undated
NM/M/7London College News Cuttings 1946-1965May 1946 - December 1965
NM/E/2/7/3/17Rough Notes, solosUndated
NM/E/1/2/1Madge Atkinson, British Red Cross Society certificate of recognition, WW1. 1914-1919
NM/T/2/5/32"Landler Impressions"Undated
NM/E/2/7/3/8Historical dance notesUndated
NM/T/2/7/3Russian Folk Dances Undated
NM/E/2/7/3/11Atkinson, Holt and Voysey dance notesUndated
NM/E/2/7/3/3Atkinson, Frank and Voysey historical dance notes. c1920
NM/T/2/6/28Breton Platter Dance Undated
NM/T/2/7/26Forlana c1914
NM/T/2/2/5/1Children's Expressive work for the Grade Examinations. Undated
NM/T/2/3/3/21Mime Studies for BabiesJuly 1947
NM/F/2/29/5Allied Newspapers photographs Natural Movement steps1930s
NM/E/2/7/3/19Madge Atkinson Dance notes Undated
NM/E/2/7/3/14The Art of Dancing demonstrated by characters and Figures Undated
NM/E/2/6/1/2/2Committee Meetings and Congress days1961-1975
NM/T/2/5/33Blumenfeld Preludes July 1939
NM/E/2/1/2Teachers' course administration1937-1952
NM/E/2/6/1/1/11925-1949 Greek Branch (Natural Movement Section) Committee meeting minutes: Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) 1925-1949
NM/E/2/4/1Lectures by Madge Atkinson1922-1950
NM/E/2/8/3Teaching in schools 1936-19391936-1939
NM/E/2/8/2Teaching in schools 1934-19351934-1935
NM/E/2/1/3Summer Schools1928-1934
NM/S/9Moth Dressc1919
NM/E/2/10/1National Resource Centre for Dance and Conference papers1982-1991
NM/E/2/1/5Publicity for schoolc1918-1939
NM/E/4/4Peter and Ann's Journey to the Moon c1932
NM/E/2/3/6Published articles about Atkinson or Heyworth1968-1979
NM/H/1/2/42An evening of mime, dance and song by Madge Atkinson and her staff and students10-11 July 1928
NM/E/2/1/6School music records and accessories Undated
NM/M/2Madge Atkinson 1911-19251911-1925
NM/E/2/3/4Copies of Dance Journal articlesUndated
NM/N/5Madge Atkinson's visit to South Africa1938
NM/B/983Dance Education in Lancashire and Cheshire
NM/E/2/7/3/7Notes upon Dancing Historical and Practical by C. BlasisUndated
NM/T/2/6/13Minuet du Bourgeois Gentilhomme Undated
NM/E/2/6/1/2/1Folder of Committee Meeting papers1935-1987
NM/E/2/7/4Spong Summer School1919-1920
NM/E/2/2/4Programmes 1947-1964
NM/E/2/3/1Dancing based on Natural MovementUndated
NM/E/2/1/1/2Performances by pupils of the Madge Atkinson School of Natural Movement1923-1935
NM/H/2/2/4Annie Spong and her company at Knightsbridge Hall1912
NM/F/4/4Outdoor photographsc1920s
NM/F/4/4/1Dancing outdoors albumc1920s
NM/H/2/4/45Cramer Concert programme of educational music at the Conway Hall, London25 January 1936 - 15 February 1936
NM/B/3Dance Education and Training in Britain
NM/E/2/10/5Card index to Madge Atkinson's dances1980s
NM/R/2Natural Movement lecture-demonstration at the Study of Dance Conference1987
NM/F/3/2/1/2Madge Atkinson and childrenc1920
NM/F/3/2/1/1Madge Atkinson studioEarly 1930s
NM/F/3/2/1/11Madge Atkinsonc1930s
NM/F/3/2/5E Hulton & Co. Ltd. photographs1920
NM/F/4/2/2Howard Shaw photograph of Frances Hertslet and Sydney Rosenbloom1939
NM/F/4/2/5Cecil Hallam photograph of Christine StandringUndated
NM/E/2/10/4Answers to questions about Madge Atkinson1980s
NM/F/2/29/3Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 31930s
NM/F/2/29/4Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 41930s
NM/F/6/1Studies from the Russian Balletc1913
NM/F/1/3/2Uncredited photographsc1911
NM/F/4/1/1Family photographs - young Madge Atkinson in Chesterc1892-1904
NM/F/4/1/2Family photographs - Woodlands in Ruthin, Walesc1892-1915
NM/K/2/1Dance journal Christmas supplementDecember 1936
NM/G/1Marie Taglioni at the Theatre Royal, Manchester23 October 1845
NM/E/2/7/1Visit to Germany 19301930
NM/F/4/2/7Photographs from Nancy Watson-Morris in Cape Townc1947
NM/M/1James H Atkinsonc1902-1913
NM/M/14/2Natural Movement1916-1936
NM/TNotation scoresc1800s-1900s
NM/HTheatre Programmes1909-1981
NM/E/1/1/6Cards to Madge Atkinson1930, 1964
NM/M/15Loose news cuttings c1953-1976
NM/E/2/1/1/1Performances of Natural Movement1949-1962
NM/F/2/29/2Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 21930s
NM/F/2/29/1Thomas Longworth-Cooper studio photographs 11930s
NM/E/4/1Sander's Secret1909
NMNatural Movement Archivec1860-1994
NM/M/4Madge Atkinson's work in Cape Town under the direction of Nancy Watson-Morris1937-1938
NM/F/3/2/2N S Kay photographsUndated
NM/MNewspaper cuttings1905-1965
NM/F/4/4/2Dancing at the beach in Combe Martin and Woody Bay1920 - August 1925
NM/F/5/4Dartford College photographs1939
NM/M/5Anita Heyworth 1917-1927November 1917 - December 1927
NM/M/6Anita Heyworth 1928-1959January 1928 - October 1959
NM/M/3Madge Atkinson 1925-19701925-1970
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