Person NameShawn; Ted (1891-1972)
ActivityUS dancer, teacher and choreographer. First public appearance as a dancer in Denver in 1911; opened a dance school in Los Angeles and appeared in one of the very first dance films, Dance of the Ages; toured with a small company in New York in 1914 and met and married Ruth St Denis; 1915 founded Denishawn with Ruth St Denis; the company toured widely until it was disbanded in 1931 after his separation from St Denis; formed his won Company of Male Dancers in 1933 and bought a farm in Massachusetts called Jacob's Pillow which he turned into a dance studio; after disbanding his company in 1940 he became the director of the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and summer school; a prolific choreographer he created around 190 works for Denishawn and over 50 works for his own male company.
RelationshipsWife Ruth St Denis
Dates and Placesb. Kansas Vity, 21 Oct. 1891, d. Orlando, Florida, 9 Jan. 1972
Published WorksRuth St Denis: Pioneer and Prophet (1920); Gods Who Dance (1929); Every Little Movement (1954); One Thousand and One Night Stands, (with Gary Poole, 1960)
SourceCraine, D and Mackrell, J. Oxford Dictionary of Dance, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000
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