Person NameRussell; Joan (1921-1989); Dance educator
EpithetDance educator
ActivityBritish teacher. See the Collection Level Description of the Joan Russell Archive (code JR) for more information.
HistoryJoan Mercedes Russell MBE (1921-1989) was a prominent dance educationalist whose work involved teaching, writing, taking part in conferences, choreographing and producing dance. During 1948-1950, she studied at the Laban Art of Movement Studio under Rudolf Laban and Lisa Ullmann, whose ideas greatly influenced her. Committed to modern dance, creative dance and dance drama, she spread these to children of all ages and levels of dance experience. As a practising Christian, she instigated a number of ventures involving dance with religious worship. She established the dance department at Worcester Training College (later Worcester College of Higher Education). She taught there through 1948-1982, choreographing and producing works for their annual performances. She also taught both children and teachers on numerous short dance courses and lectured in schools, colleges and universities in Britain and abroad. She chaired Worcester Dance Group, the Laban Art of Movement Guild, Dance and the Child International (daCi), and the Modern Educational Dance Section of the Association of Teachers in Colleges and Departments of Education . She wrote three books: 'Modern Dance in Education' (London: MacDonald and Evans, 1958); 'Creative Dance in the Primary School' (London: MacDonald and Evans, 1965); 'Creative Dance in the Secondary School' (London: MacDonald and Evans, 1969).

SourceJoan Russell Archive, NRCD. Taken from Joan Russell Archive collection level description.
AW/B/2048Creative Dance In the Secondary School
JR/RFILMSearly 1970s-1980
BMJ/B/1235Creative Dance in the Secondary School
JR/E/2/3Tanzania, Australia1976
JR/E/2/9Course Notes \ Various Places1971-1975
JR/OOBJECT[20th century]
JR/F/1/8Worcester Training College \ Pickwick Capers1958
JR/F/2/17Worcester Training College \ Trio1966
JR/F/1/14Worcester Training College \ Theme and Variations1959
JR/F/2/18Worcester Training College \ Girls Ahoy!1966
JR/F/2/19Worcester Training College \ Invocation1966
JR/F/1/2Worcester Training College \ A Carole of Christmas1952
JR/F/1/13Worcester Training College \ Scandinavian Wedding1959
JR/F/2/7Worcester Training College \ Man and Automaton1963
JR/F/1/7Worcester Training College \ The Wheel Turn1958
JR/F/1/12Worcester Training College \ Sweet Division1959
JR/F/2/8Worcester Training College \ Masque of the Red Death1963
JR/F/1/17Worcester Training College \ 18121960
JR/F/2/2Worcester Training College \ Dream1960
JR/F/1/15Worcester Training College \ Girls Ahoy!1960
JR/F/1/11Worcester Training College \ The Strike1959
JR/F/6/2Joan Russell1960-1980
JR/F/1/16Worcester Training College \ The Little Matchgirl1960
JR/F/4/4Joan Russell in Tasmania1976
JR/F/1/10Worcester Training College \ Academy Incident1959
JR/F/2/3Worcester Training College \ Dance Suite1960
JR/F/3/6Worcester Training College \ at Pershore Abbey1968
JR/F/2/6Worcester Training College \ Go West, Young Man1963
JR/F/2/11Worcester Training College \ Theme and Variations1963
JR/F/2/10Worcester Training College \ The Fashion Show1963
JR/F/1/4Worcester Training College \ Productions1954
JR/F/2/4Worcester Training College \ The Search1960
JR/F/3/5Worcester Training College \ A Great Light rehearsal1960
JR/F/2/9Worcester Training College \ Pandora's Box1963
JR/F/2/12Worcester Training College \ Productions1963
JR/F/1/3Worcester Training College \ Noah1953
JR/E/7/6Notes on Space Harmony1950-1986
JR/F/2/15Worcester Training College \ The Eagle and the Snake1965
JR/F/3/2Worcester Training College \ The Black Umbrella1967
JR/F/3/4Worcester Training College\ Productions1967
JR/E/3/9Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1981-1982
JR/F/3/7Worcester Training College \ Via Crucis1970
JR/E/1/6Worcester Courses \ 1951-19781967-1978
JR/E/5/7Choreographic Texts (2 of 3)c. 1962-1968
JR/E/3/7Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1976-1977
JR/E/8/5Books \ Creative Dance in the Primary School \ Proofsc.1965
JR/E/9/1Books \ Creative Dance in the Secondary School \ Manuscript \ 2nd copy1978
JR/E/8/4Books \ Creative Dance in the Primary School1961-1965
JR/E/8/6Books \ Correspondence with Publishers MacDonald & Evans1966-1983
JR/E/8/7Books \ Creative Dance in the Secondary School \ Draft manuscript1969
JR/E/9/3Books \ Creative Dance in the Secondary School \ Correspondence1966-1984
JR/C/1Portrait of Joan Russell1941
JR/E/6/2Arts Festivals1966-1971
JR/E/1/5Oxfordshire Courses1960-1968
JR/F/1/9Worcester Training College \ Comus1959
JR/F/1/5Worcester Training College \ Productions1955-1956
JR/E/7/1Lecture Notes and Manuscripts1950-1962
JR/E/3/3Course Notes \ Various Places1985-1987
JR/E/9/9History of Dance in England Recital1974
JR/E/9/2Books \ Creative Dance in the Secondary School \ Photograph proofs1969-1978
JR/E/8/8Books \ Creative Dance in the Secondary School \ Manuscript \ 1st copy 1978
JR/F/3/8Worcester Training College productions1952-1970
JR/E/7/8Published Articles \ 1963-19771967-1977
JR/E/3/4Worcestershire Dance Group \ Meetings1955-1964
JR/E/6/10Lecture Notes \ Movement and Educationc.1982
JR/E/6/8Lecture Notes \ Movement and Education1961-1965
JR/E/2/1America and Canada1958-1962
JR/E/6/6Lesson Notes1955-1964
JR/E/5/3Choreographic Notes1968
JR/E/7/2Lecture Notes and Manuscripts1962-1969
JR/E/7/4Lecture Notes and Manuscripts1978-1986
JR/E/10/1Correspondence regarding Talks and Careers1961-1984
JR/E/6/7Lecture Notes \ Movement and education1957-1960
JR/E/5/5Teaching and Choreographic Notes1962-1986
JR/F/4/7Primary school infants taking part in dance classesc. 1964
JR/E/2/2Tanzania, Uganda1972
JR/E/5/6Choreographic Texts (1 of 3)c. 1962-1968
JR/E/5/1Choreographic Notebook1961-1964
JR/E/2/4Boston, America1978
JR/E/3/2Course Notes \ Various Places1982-1984
JR/E/10/8Notes on classes given by Laban and Ullmann1948-1950
JR/E/1/1City Road Senior Girls' School Visit to Chaddersley \ 19441944
JR/E/9/8BBC Correspondence1967-1976
JR/E/4/2Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1985-1986
JR/E/2/8Course Notes \ Various Places1966-1970
JR/E/8/2Course Manuscript for Two Year Teachers' Course \ Part 2 \ Worcester Training College1954
JR/E/3/6Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1974-1975
JR/E/1/3Worcester College Summer Schools1970-1983
JR/E/7/3Lecture Notes and Manuscripts1974-1978
JR/E/5/9Choreographic Activities1966-1986
JR/E/4/3Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1986-1987
JR/E/5/10Choreographic Activities (2 of 2)1966-1986
JR/E/10/7National Dance Material \ India, Spain1958-1959
JR/F/2/5Worcester Training College \ A Great Light1960
JR/E/3/1Course Notes \ Various Places1976-1981
JR/F/1/6Worcester Training College \ Productions1957-1958
JR/E/8/3Books \ Modern Dance in Education1957-1958
JR/E/5/8Miscellaneous Choreographic Notes (3 of 3)c. 1962-1968
JR/E/2/5Dance and the Child Conference, Alberta, Canada1978
JR/F/2/16Worcester Training College \ Productions1965
JR/F/2/14Worcester Training College \ Productions1965
XZB/1266Creative Dance in the Primary School
XZB/2452Dance for Joy
XZB/2590Creative Dance in the Primary School
BMJ/B/1237Creative Dance in the Primary School
BMJ/B/1234Modern Dance in Education
BMJ/B/1236Creative Dance in the Secondary School
JR/E/6/5Laban Centenary Performance, Coventry1978-1979
XZB/1510Modern Dance in Education
JR/F/2/13Worcester Training College \ Productions1964
L/B/90Modern Dance in Education
JR/E/6/4CTVC Training Course1974
JR/E/2/7Course Notes \ Various Places1962-1965
JR/E/4/1Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1983-1984
JR/E/6/11Lecture Notes \ Movement and Educationc.1982
JR/E/4/9Choreographic Notebook1957-1960
JR/E/1/2Summer Schools1950-1965
JR/E/3/5Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1964-1973
XZK/C2049/3428Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineOctober 1955
JR/E/4/7Choreographic Notebook1952-1954
JR/E/1/4Berkshire Courses1960-1968
JR/E/8/1Course Manuscript for Two Year Teachers' Course \ Part 1 \ Worcester Training CollegeJuly 1950
JR/E/5/2Choreographic Notebook1967
JR/E/5/4Choreographic Notebook1970-1977
JR/E/4/8Choreographic Notebook1955-1956
JR/E/3/8Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1978-1980
JR/E/10/3Biographical Material1975-1981
LG/E/4/4Correspondence \ Joan Russell1969-1973
JR/J/1038Laban Centenary Celebrations; Curriculum and Organisation \ The Changes in the Secondary School in the Past 10 Years; Secondary School Lessonlate 1970s
XZB/1264Creative Dance in the Secondary School
XZB/1509Modern Dance in Education
JR/E/9/6Associations \ ATCDE Modern Educational Dance Section1963-1979
JR/E/4/5Worcester Training College \ Theatre Programmes1951-1979
JR/N/2Log book \ Lanrhaiadr Project1947
JR/N/1Scrapbook of 'The Light'1960
L/B/6Creative Dance in the Primary School
JR/E/6/3Kaleidoscopia Viva1970
JR/E/4/6Worcester Training College \ Newspaper cuttings and correspondence1957-1976
JR/F/3/3Worcester Training College \ Trio1967
JR/E/6/9Lecture Notes \ Movement and Education1966-1970
JR/G/1244Worcester College of Education, Pershore Abbey, A Great Light12-13 December 1961
JR/F/6/3Joan Russell with students1979-1982
JR/E/7/7Dance and the Child International Lectures1982-1988
JR/E/9/4Records for Dance1961-1977
JR/E/4/4Worcestershire Dance Group \ Choreographic Notes1987-1988
JR/F/3/9Dance classes with Henwick Grove School \ Work with teaching studentsc.1954
JR/J/1034Henwick Infants \ November 1980November 1980
XZK/C2049/3433Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMarch 1958
XZK/C2049/3431Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMarch 1957
XZK/C2049/2256Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMay 1963
XZK/C2049/3419Laban Art of Movement Guild News SheetOctober 1950
JR/D/2Joan Russell Teaching Primary School Children2006
JR/J/1036Second Year Dance in Pershore; Henwick Grove Junior Dance; Worcester College of Higher Education Summer School1972-1981
L/B/89Creative Dance in the Secondary School
L/E/69/19Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Laban Art of Movement Centre, The \ Rudolf Laban Memorial Fund, Then.d.
DC/K/C8879/6221Joan Russell Memorial Journal1991
JR/F/4/2Rehearsal for Kaleidoscopia Viva1970
JR/E/7/5Lecture Notes and Manuscriptsn.d [20th century]
LG/E/1/3Council Meeting Minutes \ 1970-19791970-1979
JR/E/10/6Creative Dance in the Primary School \ Syllabusn.d [20th century]
JR/O/3Laban Guild pendant and chain given to Joan Russell upon her retirement as chairman of the Guildn.d. [20th century]
JR/E/10/5Creative Dance Prepared Lessonsn.d [20th century]
DC/E/4/1Executive Committee, Advisory Board \ Meetings \ 1979-19841979-1984
DC/E/4/2Executive Committee, Advisory Board \ Meetings \ 1985-19911985-1991
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