Person NameWethered; Audrey G (1903-2001); British movement therapist
ForenamesAudrey G
EpithetBritish movement therapist
ActivityAudrey Wethered (1903-2001) initially studied at the Royal Academy of Music where she was awarded an LRAM, but then went on to train as a private pupil with Rudolf Laban, whom she met in 1953, at the Art of Movement Studio. She also studied with Lisa Ullmann, Warren Lamb and Marion North. Drawing on the work of Laban, Wethered's work focused on the use of movement principles in therapy with a range of client groups: psychiatric patients, people with learning disabilities, patients undergoing psychotherapy and depth analysis, and psychotic and maladjusted children.

She and Chloe Gardner sometimes worked together as professional therapists and as lecturers in movement therapy training. One major area of their work together was with three Sesame projects: working with schizophrenics at the Goodmayes Hospital, Ilford (1970), disturbed adults at the Leavesden Hospital, Hertfordshire (1972), and with autistic children at the Smith Hospital, Henley (1974). Although neither was trained in Sesame teaching methods, the studies were run and documented as Sesame projects. In another major joint project, Wethered and Gardner were visiting tutors at Cleveland University Summer School (USA) in 1987, where they gave lectures, classes and demonstrations on the use of movement principles in therapy. In 1973 Wethered published 'Drama and Movement in Therapy' (London: MacDonald & Evans); the second edition of which, entitled 'Movement and Drama in Therapy' (London: Jessica Kingsley, 1993), had a foreword by Chloƫ Gardner. They co-authored a chapter in 'Therapy Through Movement' (Lorraine Burr ed., Nottingham Rehab Limited, 1986).
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