Person NameLaban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist
Epithetmovement theorist
ActivityMovement theorist
Other Forms Of NameLaban; Rudolf Jean-Baptiste Attila von
Laban; Rudolf von
Laban; Rudolf v.
Laban; Rudolph
Dates and PlacesBorn: Bratislava (15 December 1879)
SourceRudolf Laban Archive, NRCD
AW/B/2040Modern Educational Dance
L/E/15/38Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/13/38Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/40/22Rhythm \ Rhythmn.d.
L/E/15/39Choreutics \ Knoten [Knots]n.d.
L/E/7/34Choreology (Effort) \ Notebookn.d.
L/E/45/6Production Scripts \ Effort Control in Educationn.d.
L/E/4/1Choreology (Space) \ Exploration of harmonic relations; RA; Rule of knot; Rule of twistloopn.d.
L/E/12/48Choreutics \ 42-er reine dod. Eckspalten [42-link pure dodecahedron corner crevices]n.d.
L/E/3/53Choreology (Space) \ Skalen [Scales]1925
L/F/7/87Models \ Hanging Structuresn.d.
L/E/26/27Philosophical comments \ Trieb nach Achtung..., Der [Striving for respect]n.d.
L/E/9/13Choreutics \ Forces of twilightn.d.
L/E/11/64Choreutics \ Function of the twelve locks, Then.d.
L/E/13/67Choreutics \ Printn.d.
L/E/51/88Letters \ Letter to Madika14 December 1946
BMJ/B/1210Mastery of Movement, The
L/C/7/110Figures \ Lines1938-1940
L/E/47/49Art of Movement, The \ Appeal for the Creation of the Art of Movement Centres24 June 1957
L/E/15/32Choreutics \ 2 Formen des Dreikantprismas [2 forms of the 3-edged prisma]n.d.
L/E/14/28Choreutics \ Fiveness of plasticity, Then.d.
L/E/19/9Dance in general \ Balletn.d.
L/E/19/18Dance in general \ Movement in relation to social lifen.d.
L/C/3/7Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/E/32/5Lecture notes on various subjects \ Letter to Diana Jordann.d.
L/E/73/24Industrial Rhythm \ American Foundrymen's Association \ Observations1947
L/E/16/56Choreology in general \ Vier dimensional Bestimung einer Form [4 dimensional form]n.d.
L/E/8/85Eukinetics \ Rhythm and Effortn.d.
L/E/23/26Philosophical comments \ Creative forcesn.d.
L/E/23/44Philosophical comments \ Moral statisticn.d.
L/E/47/54Art of Movement, The \ Movement Techniques1957
L/C/8/12-L/C/8/17Rough Structures \ Tetrahedrons and Icosahedronsc.1938-1940
L/E/18/56Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
XZL/B/2018Traces of Dance \ Drawings and Notations of Choreographers
L/E/16/66Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/C/9/85Holiday Drawings \ Lakes 1953 \ Cottage in the Woods1953
L/E/11/30Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/15/16Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/F/7/83Models \ Clay Sculpturen.d.
L/E/26/55Philosophical comments \ Extelligencen.d.
L/E/6/68Choreology (Effort) \ Channel of decisionn.d.
L/E/20/20Dance in general \ Tanzkunde [Study of dance]n.d.
L/E/51/75Letters \ Letter to Alma, Los Angeles31 December 1957
L/C/10/97Relationships in Spacen.d.
L/E/7/1Choreology (Effort) \ Notebookn.d.
L/E/21/76Movement notation \ Motifs and emphasisn.d.
L/E/31/56Lecture notes on various subjects \ Tanz eine männliche Aufgabe... [Dance, a male task]n.d.
L/E/32/53Lecture notes on various subjects \ Miscellaneous notesn.d.
L/E/2/30Choreology (Space) \ Nalo of seven parts; Form of dropsn.d.
L/E/9/32Choreutics \ Frug mich Till... n.d.
L/E/24/51Philosophical comments \ Metamorphosisn.d.
L/E/21/64Movement notation \ Choreographisches Institut Laban [Choreographic Institute Laban]1926
L/E/13/25Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/46/31Man, Matter and Motion \ Control and Fantasyn.d.
L/E/26/59Philosophical comments \ Gesetzlose Gesetz, Das [Lawless law]1938-1939
L/E/16/55Choreology in general \ Analysis of expressionn.d.
L/F/7/3Models \ Exhibitionn.d.
L/E/21/9Movement notation \ Alte und neue Dtance [Old and new stances]n.d.
L/E/53/43Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study and Effortn.d.
L/E/13/26Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/45/69Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Sequences of Effortsc.1946
L/E/51/41Letters \ Correspondence with Ann Hutchinson7 April 1947-24 February 1958
L/E/11/19Choreutics \ Richtung Gegenrichtung [Direction contra-direction]n.d.
L/E/22/19Movement notation \ Foreword on Labanotation1954
L/E/13/24Choreutics \ Foto mit Papierstreifer [Photo with paper-liner]n.d.
L/E/32/11Lecture notes on various subjects \ Implemental movementn.d.
L/F/1/80Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1957
L/E/1/73Choreology (Space) \ Spacen.d.
L/E/20/53Articles about Laban \ Tat, Die \ 'Tanz und die Neue Generation, Der' by Rudolf von Laban1922
L/E/55/41Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Recovery From Strain1953
L/C/9/49Holiday Drawings \ Bergunn.d.
L/F/3/71Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban's Birthday \ Treeplanting at Addlestone1955
L/E/70/53Miscellaneous Notes \ Space Within You, The \ Movement Improvisation in Organised Spacen.d.
L/E/9/21Choreutics \ Entfaltungen und Skalen [Developments and scales]n.d.
L/E/13/31Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/44/34Production Scripts \ Schwünge [Swings]1923-1924
L/E/33/4Lecture notes on various subjects \ Rhythm of action, Then.d.
L/E/1/2Choreology (Space) \ Space Exercisesn.d.
L/E/31/15Lecture notes on various subjects \ Work is a dance...n.d.
L/E/7/5Choreology (Effort) \ Story of the Fallen Angle, Then.d.
L/E/16/22Choreology in general \ Zielstrebung und Drehimpulse [driving tendency and turn impulse]n.d.
L/E/15/47Choreutics \ Drawings concerning structure of modelsn.d.
L/E/42/20Production Scripts \ Movement on the Stagen.d.
L/C/9/115Historical Data \ 6 Stages of a Book1939
L/E/6/77Choreology (Effort) \ Kinetic outlook on the world, An.d.
L/E/32/52Lecture notes on various subjects \ Performance and regulation of instrumental actions, Then.d.
L/E/8/82Eukinetics \ Experiencesn.d.
L/E/5/54Choreology (Effort) \ Attentionn.d.
L/C/9/77Holiday Drawings \ Children's Illustration with Figures and Animalsc.1938-1939
L/E/23/17Philosophical comments \ Zeitistn.d.
L/F/2/26Portraits \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/E/48/18Historical Data \ Biographies of Rudolf Laban1957-1964
L/E/36/9Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Tagebuch - General [Diary - General]n.d.
L/E/26/77Philosophical comments \ Experience and expression of the religious effort-sensation in dancing, Then.d.
L/E/13/79Choreutics \ Totalreihe [Complete sequence]n.d.
L/E/18/16Choreology in general \ Inclinations and their expressionn.d.
L/E/4/37Choreology (Space) \ Icodod [Icosidodecahedron]n.d.
L/E/42/57Production Scripts \ Zusammenfassende Bild [The complete picture]n.d.
L/E/33/28Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notebookn.d.
L/E/7/58Choreology (Effort) \ Lemniscate in hexagonn.d.
L/E/51/13Letters \ Correspondence with Susanne Kabitz1957-1959
L/E/50/71Letters \ Letter from Joan Gregory27 July 1955
L/E/24/30Philosophical comments \ Mastery of movementn.d.
L/E/34/56Lecture notes on various subjects \ Teaching the Art of Movement1954
L/E/37/12Physiological - Scientific \ Spectro-biological Therapy \ Part 4 of 4n.d.
L/E/13/3Choreutics \ Studien zu Totalskala (vom Ico) [Studies of the total scale (from icosahedron)]n.d.
L/E/13/45Choreutics \ Fl. st, sch, Schlange zu O […… snake to O]n.d.
L/E/5/74Choreology (Effort) \ Two waysn.d.
L/E/8/31Eukinetics \ Dancer's space, Then.d.
L/E/4/68Choreology (Space) \ Twelve ringsn.d.
L/E/70/8Miscellaneous Notes \ Child's Sound Emission Effortsn.d.
L/E/25/23Philosophical comments \ Fantasognosis [Fantasies]n.d.
L/E/13/53Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/32/94Lecture notes on various subjects \ Movement and its observationn.d.
L/E/66/2Industrial Rhythm \ Industrial Kinetography (Laban)n.d.
L/C/9/92Holiday Drawings \ New ForestNovember 1954
L/C/8/44Rough Structures \ Triangular Constructions with Symbols (Icosahedron)1938-1940
L/C/9/94Holiday Drawings \ A View of Saundersfoot1951
L/C/10/40Tetrahedrons \ Figure in Tetrahedronn.d.
L/E/51/61Letters \ Correspondence with Donald Bell \ Cambridge Institute of Education1956
L/E/4/33Choreology (Space) \ Consideration of ray and edge; Melos.; Progression in spacen.d.
L/E/6/15Choreology (Effort) \ Why effort study?n.d.
L/E/22/16Movement notation \ Elements of movement notation, including early historical notes, Then.d.
L/E/19/45Dance in general \ Dance as artn.d.
L/E/13/61Choreutics \ 12-er Schlange... [12-link snake]n.d.
L/C/10/99Spatial Forms \ Octahedron and Cuben.d.
L/F/7/8Models \ Turning, Interlocking Structuren.d.
L/E/18/50Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/F/7/36Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/46/2Assessments, Reports, Records \ Examination Assessments and Timetable1952
L/E/4/23Choreology (Space) \ Ketten [Chains]n.d.
L/E/14/8Choreutics \ In each seven-ringn.d.
L/E/44/22Production Scripts \ Erde, Die [Earth, The] \ Szenen [The Earth \ Scenes]c.1937
L/E/35/24Articles about Laban \ 'Rudolf von Laban' by Wilm Burghardt1926
L/E/8/51Eukinetics \ Everybody would agree...n.d.
L/E/1/7Choreology (Space) \ Space operationsn.d.
L/E/1/10Choreology (Space) \ Recreation1950
L/E/12/54Choreutics \ 40-link Drache [40-er kite]n.d.
L/E/21/40Movement notation \ Kinesologic drawingsn.d.
L/E/20/41Dance in general \ Observation and specification of job efforts, Then.d.
L/E/6/49Choreology (Effort) \ Dissolving of an effort element..., Then.d.
L/E/19/32Dance in general \ Extraordinary richness of experiences in dancingn.d.
L/E/25/65Philosophical comments \ Bewusstsein [Awareness]n.d.
L/E/67/6Family Correspondence \ Renee28 August 1951
L/E/5/76Choreology (Effort) \ Real time experience of a happening, Then.d.
L/E/29/24Movement in general \ Dynamik der Form [Dynamics of form]n.d.
L/E/28/38Movement in general \ Periodicityn.d.
L/E/32/3Lecture notes on various subjects \ Modern educational dance \ Teacher's guiden.d.
L/E/1/44Choreology (Space) \ There are rows...n.d.
L/E/26/57Philosophical comments \ Thoughts about the various relations as servant of life1938-1939
L/E/51/86Letters \ Letter to Herr von der Mark16 June 1958
L/E/14/14Choreutics \ Seven-ringsn.d.
L/E/15/21Choreutics \ Choreographie [Choreography]17 November 1925
L/E/21/63Movement notation \ Eukinetics In.d.
L/E/26/69Philosophical comments \ Notesn.d.
L/E/21/26Movement notation \ Miscellaneous kinetogramsn.d.
L/E/29/42Movement in general \ Man agogn.d.
L/E/7/46Choreology (Effort) \ Flow of movement, Then.d.
L/E/21/53Movement notation \ Bewegung [Movement]n.d.
L/E/24/35Philosophical comments \ Maze, Then.d.
L/E/4/57Choreology (Space) \ Notes relating to Dial operationsn.d.
L/E/45/63Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Definitionsc.1946
L/E/1/5Choreology (Space) \ Gamesn.d.
L/E/12/32Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/11/17Choreutics \ Skalenordnung [Scale organisation]n.d.
L/E/11/38Choreutics \ Example of 1.24 slant transversals and seven-ringsn.d.
L/E/14/56Choreutics \ Personal motor testsn.d.
XZB/393Mastery of Movement, The
L/E/13/50Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, notes and symbolsn.d.
L/F/7/18Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/12/45Choreutics \ 42-er Ico Kantspalten [42-er icosahedron edge fissures]n.d.
L/E/14/83Choreutics \ Rhythmologikn.d.
L/E/5/37Choreology (Effort) \ Background of the Art of Movementn.d.
L/E/4/17Choreology (Space) \ Explanation of chains of different linksn.d.
L/E/15/11Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/47/16Art of Movement, The \ Your Effortn.d.
L/C/4/87Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/1/12Choreology (Space) \ Notes: On inner and outer equator; Sucking in and bulging outn.d.
L/E/31/47Lecture notes on various subjects \ Inhalt [Contents]n.d.
L/E/18/33Choreology in general \ Lemniscate and knotn.d.
L/E/10/18Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/5/56Choreology (Effort) \ Play, The (Analysis)n.d.
L/E/51/82Letters \ Correspondence with Hans Meyer8 January 1941 n.d.
L/E/15/34Choreutics \ Knoten [Knots]n.d.
L/E/9/52Choreutics \ Symmetrical view of life-sling configurationsn.d.
L/E/4/62Choreology (Space) \ Diagrams of spatial lines and forms17 October 1956
BMJ/F/1/1Dartington Hall \ Rudolf Laban and Lisa Ullmann1942
L/E/6/13Choreology (Effort) \ Various notes relating to Effortn.d.
L/E/15/14Choreutics \ Begegnen - trennen [Encounter - separate]n.d.
L/E/10/13Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/28/30Movement in general \ Notes on effort and recoveryn.d.
L/E/70/59Miscellaneous Notes \ Spacemodeln.d.
L/E/6/36Choreology (Effort) \ Eight basic patterns, psuedo effects, basic efforts with flown.d.
L/E/13/14Choreutics \ Würfelkette [Chain of dice]n.d.
L/E/3/43Choreology (Space) \ Die räumlichen Eigenschaften [Spatial characteristics, The]n.d.
L/E/10/44Choreutics \ Kinetographic, musical and mathematical notationn.d.
L/E/48/9Historical Data \ MacDonald and Evans \ Draft Lettern.d.
L/E/35/10Art in General \ Bewegung und Letzer Grund [movement and last stand]n.d.
L/E/13/11Choreutics \ Sechser und Achteringe (Vergleich etc) [Rings of 6 and 8 (comparison etc.)]n.d.
L/E/51/6Letters \ Art of Movement Guild, Then.d.
L/E/50/70Letters \ West Riding Movement Study Group28 July 1955
L/E/10/15Choreutics \ Analytical drawings, notes and symbols on Choreuticsn.d.
L/F/2/16Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1947
L/C/9/57Holiday Drawings \ Monte Verita1954
L/E/8/86Eukinetics \ Sequences of appearances...n.d.
L/E/4/11Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic diagramsn.d.
L/E/11/62Choreutics \ 36-ring, 24-ring of transversalsn.d.
L/E/38/6Harmony \ Harmonyn.d.
L/C/8/43Rough Structures \ Triangular Constructions with Symbols (Icosahedron)1938-1940
L/E/10/42Choreutics \ Notationn.d.
L/E/8/54Eukinetics \ Florizel to Perdita in The Winter's Talen.d.
L/E/32/32Lecture notes on various subjects \ Mr Laban's lecture to studio members6 February 1958
L/F/3/5Portraits \ London \ Easter Course1952
L/E/32/54Lecture notes on various subjects \ Move/Soundn.d.
L/E/5/55Choreology (Effort) \ Mental motionn.d.
L/F/1/3Portraits \ 'Rudi' (Rudolf Laban) and a friend in 18971897
L/E/7/70Choreology (Effort) \ Notes on the inhibition of the will to move and shadow movesn.d.
L/E/11/29Choreutics \ Stenotyp-Kinetografie [Steno-kinetography]n.d.
L/E/29/30Movement in general \ Exploration of the dynamospheren.d.
L/E/32/24Lecture notes on various subjects \ Laban lecture at S.E.A. conference 19571957
L/E/3/14Choreology (Space) \ Writingsn.d.
L/E/2/5Choreology (Space) \ Analytical notes and drawings on choreuticsn.d.
L/E/14/68Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/14/23Choreutics \ Choreutic analytical drawings and symbolsn.d.
L/E/73/20Industrial Rhythm \ American Foundrymen's Association \ List of Jobsn.d.
L/F/7/14Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/51/85Letters \ Correspondence with Vera Maletic, Zagreb30 January 1956-10 February 1956
L/E/65/52Industrial Rhythm \ Recommendations Concerning Industrial Rhythm Centre20-30 March 1944
L/E/13/7Choreutics \ Dimensional und Schrägeverwandschaft [Dimensional and slope relationship]n.d.
L/E/10/40Choreutics \ Symbols, notes and analytical drawingsn.d.
L/E/56/2Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Introductionc.1953
L/E/62/50Industrial Rhythm \ Assessments \ Agenda21 November 1947
L/E/6/50Choreology (Effort) \ In hearing a sound...n.d.
L/E/5/36Choreology (Effort) \ Time-spiral perspective of effort, Then.d.
L/E/16/36Choreology in general \ If a man pushes in one direction...n.d.
L/E/7/55Choreology (Effort) \ Four outer equators, relationships of flat, steep and flowing with motion factorsn.d.
L/E/19/22Dance in general \ Doing and dancing in our timen.d.
L/E/21/20Movement notation \ Series B Spacen.d.
L/E/14/71Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and musical notationn.d.
L/E/14/12Choreutics \ Kind of scale can be established in which the 46 transitions ... become ordered, An.d.
L/E/12/14Choreutics \ Examples of analysing traceformsn.d.
L/E/13/35Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/21/5Movement notation \ Notation symbolsn.d.
L/E/7/63Choreology (Effort) \ Notesn.d.
L/E/6/65Choreology (Effort) \ Thinking is a commodity...n.d.
L/E/12/38Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/32/19Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notes on effort and shapen.d.
L/E/13/30Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/31/72Lecture notes on various subjects \ About trainingn.d.
L/E/16/49Choreology in general \ Speed, Then.d.
L/E/32/43Lecture notes on various subjects \ Illusionn.d.
L/E/47/17Art of Movement, The \ Why Man Dancesn.d.
L/E/73/10Industrial Rhythm \ Manchester Ship Canal Company \ Job Descriptionsn.d.
L/E/1/14Choreology (Space) \ There is an aspect to space which is nothing to do with...n.d.
L/E/23/16Philosophical comments \ Common homeland of mann.d.
L/E/16/62Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/40/8Rhythm \ Rhythm of Nature, Then.d.
L/C/4/63Figures Within Static Form \ Figure c.1938-1940
L/E/24/9Philosophical comments \ Drei Schicksalsgedanken [Three thoughts on fate]n.d.
L/E/17/16Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/38/21Harmony \ Analogy of Space and Music Harmoniesn.d.
L/E/21/21Movement notation \ Introductionn.d.
L/E/42/60Production Scripts \ Sinnliche Vergnügen ..., Das [Sensual pleasure]n.d.
L/E/12/28Choreutics \ Analytical drawings on Choreuticsn.d.
L/E/23/1Philosophical comments \ Broken ring, Then.d.
L/E/16/14Choreology in general \ Rhythmologien.d.
L/E/10/14Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/14/81Choreutics \ Notizen E [Notes E]n.d.
L/E/23/32Philosophical comments \ Natural death...n.d.
L/E/23/67Philosophical comments \ Psychokineticsn.d.
L/E/10/23Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/31/70Lecture notes on various subjects \ How to train a person?n.d.
L/E/21/39Movement notation \ Notationn.d.
L/E/28/71Movement in general \ Tod - absolute Freiheit [Death - absolute freedom]n.d.
L/C/9/99Holiday Drawings \ Beach Scene of Saundersfoot1951
L/E/55/9Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Second Part \ Organisation of Effort, Thec.1953
L/E/17/40Choreology in general \ Regelmässige Formen [Regular forms]n.d.
L/E/70/42Miscellaneous Notes \ Golden Age, The / Dod Primaryn.d.
L/E/14/40Choreutics \ A & B scalesn.d.
L/C/9/47Holiday Drawings \ LakesEaster 1953
L/E/47/43Art of Movement, The \ Survey of the Experience of LMSA in its First Year \ 1956-1957c.1957
L/E/6/72Choreology (Effort) \ Primitive persons assume...n.d.
L/E/14/38Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingn.d.
L/E/9/17Choreutics \ Basic movement shapesn.d.
L/E/27/2History of Dance \ Notesn.d.
L/E/52/55Letters \ Letter from Basil C. Langton27 September 1943
L/E/18/35Choreology in general \ Flow of space situation, Then.d.
L/E/8/10Eukinetics \ Language of movement, The; its script and its vocabularyn.d.
L/E/23/30Philosophical comments \ Vanity of vanitiesn.d.
L/E/29/58Movement in general \ Principles of choral movementn.d.
L/E/23/65Philosophical comments \ Emotional content in the artsn.d.
L/E/76/25Industrial Rhythm \ Effort Study \ Effort-Valuesn.d.
L/E/6/12Choreology (Effort) \ Education of effortn.d.
L/E/6/9Choreology (Effort) \ Tesseract - Reaction15 October 1946
L/E/26/6Philosophical comments \ Denkseiten [Thinking areas]n.d.
L/E/40/7Rhythm \ Personal Movement Patternsn.d.
L/E/1/38Choreology (Space) \ Kreise [circles]n.d.
L/E/1/8Choreology (Space) \ Applicationn.d.
L/E/32/33Lecture notes on various subjects \ Manpower20 November 1942
L/E/18/28Choreology in general \ Notes and drawingsn.d.
L/E/41/10Psychological Implications \ Conflict and Creativity in the Artistc.1955
L/E/32/2Lecture notes on various subjects \ Choral dancingn.d.
L/E/14/66Choreutics \ Plastic spiral around..., Then.d.
L/E/3/17Choreology (Space) \ Writings and drawingsn.d.
L/E/29/34Movement in general \ Effort and recoveryn.d.
L/E/7/4Choreology (Effort) \ Curvaturesn.d.
L/E/31/16Lecture notes on various subjects \ Fear is a phantom...n.d.
L/E/25/37Philosophical comments \ Ethosn.d.
L/E/21/50Movement notation \ Leeder problemen.d.
L/E/9/18Choreutics \ Student's notes on seven lectures by Laban1952
L/E/20/3Dance in general \ Art of dancing, Then.d.
L/E/8/58Eukinetics \ R.A. [right A scale]n.d.
L/E/25/55Philosophical comments \ Form, creativity and techniquen.d.
L/E/32/96Lecture notes on various subjects \ Man's action lifen.d.
L/E/29/2Movement in general \ About movementn.d.
L/E/25/50Philosophical comments \ Fantasie ist die Grundlage des Glaubens, Die [Fantasy is the basis of belief]n.d.
L/E/42/64Production Scripts \ Theatralische Kunstwerk ..., Das [The theatrical opus]n.d.
L/E/17/51Choreology in general \ Polarisation of movement waves, Then.d.
L/E/32/75Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notebook containing notes on music, form saltata and various other topicsn.d.
L/E/8/63Eukinetics \ Rhythmusn.d.
L/E/33/26Lecture notes on various subjects \ Mr Laban's lecture to studio members6 February 1958
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L/E/25/26Philosophical comments \ Gedanken und Begriffe der Menschheit über den bewussten und beabsichtigten Verkehr mit der Gottheit und der Verbindung mit ihr [Thoughts and ideas of humans on awareness and specific relations with God and its connection to God]n.d.
L/E/3/38Choreology (Space) \ Körperstimmungen; Bewegungsfluss; Stabil-labil; Zonen; Zentral-periphar; Raumempfinden [Physical moods; flow of movement; Stable-labile; Zones; Central-peripheral; Space-sensitivity]n.d.
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L/E/8/4Eukinetics \ Es giebt vier Sphären des Lebens [There are four spheres of life]n.d.
L/B/50Danza Educativa Moderna
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L/F/7/109Models \ Geometrical Structuren.d.
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L/E/5/20Choreology (Effort) \ Recovery is the rediscovery...n.d.
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L/E/9/46Choreutics \ Teträederfolge [Tetrahedral sequence]n.d.
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L/E/51/70Letters \ Correspondence with Ministry of Aircraft Production / Correspondence with Air Ministry27 October 1943-27 December 1946
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L/E/25/61Philosophical comments \ Über Berufe, Arbeit! [On professions, work!]n.d.
L/E/28/28Movement in general \ Magie und Extase [Magic and ecstasy]n.d.
L/E/28/69Movement in general \ Energieentfaltung [Development of direction and energy]n.d.
L/E/23/18Philosophical comments \ So called inner functionsn.d.
L/E/29/57Movement in general \ Movement gives the possibility of relationship...n.d.
L/C/10/84Cut Outs \ 5 of 10n.d.
L/E/25/68Philosophical comments \ Religionn.d.
L/E/29/12Movement in general \ Blitz und Kristall [Lightning and crystal]n.d.
L/E/9/29Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/17/34Choreology in general \ Bewegung ist formfluss [movement is space flow]n.d.
L/E/40/18Rhythm \ Fields of Application of Effortn.d.
L/E/7/7Choreology (Effort) \ New point which life brings into the picture of existence..., Then.d.
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L/E/23/25Philosophical comments \ Wellen oder Rhythmen der Emporungn.d.
L/E/14/44Choreutics \ Adaptation of body attitudes to space harmonyn.d.
L/E/9/49Choreutics \ Polare [Poles]n.d.
L/E/28/19Movement in general \ Dreaming philosopher, Then.d.
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L/E/13/29Choreutics \ Folge inn. aequ. [Conclusions from within aequ.]n.d.
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L/E/6/4Choreology (Effort) \ Flow of weight, Then.d.
L/E/6/33Choreology (Effort) \ Everted and inverted effort streamsn.d.
L/E/19/17Dance in general \ Dance and social life, Then.d.
L/F/7/59Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/E/31/35Lecture notes on various subjects \ Depersonalisation of the dancer..., Then.d.
L/E/41/27Articles about Laban \ Dancing Times \ 'Sitter Out, The'1954
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L/E/1/41Choreology (Space) \ Sich bewegen heisst... [To move means...]n.d.
L/E/2/10Choreology (Space) \ Analytical notes, drawings, symbols on Choreutics; analogies with musicn.d.
L/C/9/70Holiday Drawings \ Landscape with Rocksn.d.
L/E/14/62Choreutics \ Numbers and symbolsn.d.
L/E/13/34Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/31/50Lecture notes on various subjects \ Quantitäten, Die [Quantities]n.d.
L/E/26/75Philosophical comments \ About stillness and stirn.d.
L/E/25/33Philosophical comments \ Conference Introduction1937
L/E/15/44Choreutics \ Drawings, figure experimentsn.d.
L/E/13/49Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and symbolsn.d.
L/E/19/28Dance in general \ Dancer, Then.d.
L/E/23/51Philosophical comments \ Great oppressors do not appear to teach hate..., Then.d.
L/E/15/66Choreutics \ Showing labile movement within the octahedron creating icosahedron orientationn.d.
L/C/9/19Costume Design \ Stylised Drawing of a Female Figuren.d.
L/E/12/47Choreutics \ 36-er Dod / nicht total / ohne Dim [36-link dodecahedron / not total / without dimension]n.d.
L/E/18/52Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/C/1/93Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
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L/E/13/65Choreutics \ Ketten und Ringe [Chains and rings]n.d.
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L/E/28/27Movement in general \ Space and formn.d.
L/C/9/52Holiday Drawings \ LevantoSeptember 1954
L/E/42/65Production Scripts \ Druck, Zug, Gleit, Schweb ... [Press, pull, glide, float]n.d.
L/C/9/53Holiday Drawings \ LevantoSeptember 1954
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L/E/13/8Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
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L/E/18/62Choreology in general \ Plane penetrations in icosahedron, polar 3-rings and their corresponding transversals, lemniscatic band between themn.d.
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L/E/25/35Philosophical comments \ Cher Monsieur Ducout [Dear Mr Ducout]n.d.
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L/C/10/38Holiday Drawings \ Woman Sunbathing1954
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L/C/5/19Spatial Form1938-1940
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XZM/1603Laban, Rudolf \ Oversize
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L/E/62/45Industrial Rhythm \ Assessments \ Shadow-Move-Battle at the Trocadero13 January 1944
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L/E/8/93Eukinetics \ Apprehension of the movement as a whole, Then.d.
L/E/15/30Choreutics \ Widerstände ? eine Art von Verknotung [resistance results in a form of knotting]n.d.
L/E/6/56Choreology (Effort) \ There is a difference between producing voluntarily the dynamic effort...n.d.
L/F/7/11Models \ Turning, Interlocking Structuren.d.
L/C/3/34Figure Drawings \ Male Figures1938-1940
L/C/7/109Figures \ Head1938-1940
L/E/34/6Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dance1939
L/C/5/37Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/45Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/8/37-L/C/8/42Rough Structures \ Progression of Triangular Construction (Icosahedron)1938-1940
L/C/5/73Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/120Spatial Forms \ Analytical Spatial Structure1938-1940
L/E/3/34Choreology (Space) \ Zerriss; Stabil - labil [Disunity; Stable - labile]n.d.
L/E/60/2Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Korper als Werkzeng, Der \ 5 of 7 [the body as tool]n.d.
L/C/7/99Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/9Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/C/2/75Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/56Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/8Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate Construction1938-1940
L/E/70/31Miscellaneous Notes \ Nervenbaum, Der [The tree of nerves]n.d.
L/E/3/59Choreology (Space) \ Appendix: the relationship of inclinations in the icosahedron1942
L/E/6/61Choreology (Effort) \ Method of drawing effort graphs, Then.d.
L/E/17/1Choreology in general \ Notes and drawingsn.d.
LU/E/15/4Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (1 of 22)1961-1979
NM/B/912Mastery of Movement on the Stage, The
L/E/19/3Dance in general \ Dance in relation to poetry and musicn.d.
AW/B/2039Effort: Economy of Human Movement
L/E/28/4Movement in general \ Proportionality within the flow, Then.d.
XZB/392Modern Educational Dance
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L/E/68/7Photostat and Newspaper Cuttings \ 1931-19361931-1936
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L/E/51/55Letters \ City of Birmingham Education Department23 January 1945-20 March 1945
L/E/52/40Letters \ Letters from Biatrice Pia17 March 1946-11 December 1946
L/E/50/56Letters \ United Restitution Organisation \ Dr O. Bental25 November 1957 13/12/1957
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ED/E/47/10Marketing \ London \ 1982-19831982-1983
L/B/2380Modern Educational Dance
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L/C/5/69Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
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XZL/B/2116Cognitive Structures of Kinesthetic Space: Reevaluating Rudolf Laban's Choreutics in the Context of Spatial Cognition and Motor Control \ Volume 2: Appendices and Reference List
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LU/E/10/29Teaching Commitments Abroad \ Liikuntakasvatus1975
LU/E/15/3Biographical Information \ Biographical Article about Rudolf Laban1955
LU/E/5/28Art of Movement Studio \ Rudolf Laban's note on the Draft Agreement1954
LU/E/15/32Biographical Information \ Laban Gesellschaft, Manheim1978
L/E/20/1Dance in general \ One could argue that music...n.d.
LU/E/11/16Lectures \ Course Programmes and Notes \ 19501950
LU/E/14/2Historical Data \ Details of Laban's Will1958-1972
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LU/E/12/9Lectures \ Masques, London 1957-1958
LU/E/13/1Education \ How Rudolf Laban Teaches the Art of Movment1949
LU/E/15/2Biographical Information \ Biographical Notes about Rudolf Laban1977
LU/E/17/3Work of Former Students \ Ena Curry1957
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LU/E/15/5Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (2 of 22)1972
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LU/E/15/28Biographical Information \ Notes for a Talk on Rudolf Laban (3 of 4)1979
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LU/E/15/16Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (13 of 22)n.d.
LU/E/15/31Biographical Information \ Laban Exhibition1980-1981
LU/E/15/20Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (17 of 22)1965-1979
LU/E/15/15Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (12 of 22)n.d.
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LU/E/15/26Biographical Information \ Notes for a Talk on Rudolf Laban (1 of 4)1962-1963
LU/E/17/12Articles for the Press \ 'Archetypal Ideas in Laban's Space Harmony'1974
LU/E/17/8Work of Former Students \ Harold Roberts-Cox1984
L/E/11/13Choreutics \ Architecture of arts, Then.d.
L/E/49/33Personal Statements \ Welt des Rhythmus …, Die [The world of rhythm]n.d.
L/E/5/47Choreology (Effort) \ Wade or swim outn.d.
XZB/1602Modern Educational Dance
L/C/7/30Spatial Forms \ Geometric Shape1938-1940
L/E/21/55Movement notation \ Spatial analysisn.d.
L/E/8/49Eukinetics \ Introductionn.d.
L/E/8/61Eukinetics \ Arabesque croisén.d.
L/C/9/72Holiday Drawings \ Abstract Seascapen.d.
L/E/11/60Choreutics \ Whole and half step intervals in music and spacen.d.
L/E/16/27Choreology in general \ Fluten in Zeit und Raum, Das [streaming in time and space]n.d.
L/C/3/15Figure Drawings \ Male Figurec.1938-1940
BMJ/B/1234Modern Dance in Education
BMJ/B/1208Principles of Dance and Movement Notation
BMJ/B/1212Mastery of Movement, The
BMJ/B/1207Mastery of Movement on the Stage, The
L/F/7/70Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/F/7/43Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/47/40Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movement Studio \ Organisation of Aimsc.1948
L/E/16/50Choreology in general \ Notesn.d.
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L/E/52/59Letters \ Letter to Emma Lugossy23 December 1946
L/C/5/45Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/F/7/54Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/E/51/68Letters \ Notes from Commerz-und Credit-bank, Stuttgart16 July 1957 21/07/1957
JR/E/6/5Laban Centenary Performance, Coventry1978-1979
L/E/7/28Choreology (Effort) \ Ballung - Conglomeration [Concentration - Conglomeration]n.d.
L/C/7/89Spatial Forms \ Cube1938-1940
L/C/7/88Spatial Forms \ Notes1938-1940
L/E/56/6Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Degenerationc.1953
L/C/2/41Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/49Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/93Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/67Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/33Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/89Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/125Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedronc.1938-1940
L/E/32/61Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notebook 19541954
L/E/20/48Articles about Laban \ Schrifttanz \ 'Vom Sinn der Bewegungschore' by Rudolf von Laban1930
L/C/1/19Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/3/61Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/139Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/92Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/70Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/51Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/46Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/47Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/64Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/42/79Production Scripts \ Blu Wilmn.d.
L/C/2/123Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/7/118Spatial Forms \ Geometric Shape1938-1940
L/C/7/97Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/53Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/77/40Industrial Rhythm \ Job Selection and Effort-Instruction through Observation of Movementn.d.
L/C/7/29Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/42/26Production Scripts \ Two Kinds of Undergroundn.d.
XZL/E/1/3Studies Investigating the Reliability of the Laban System of NotationSpring 1991
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L/E/17/18Choreology in general \ Magic Mirror, The \ Raumballung [space concentration]n.d.
L/E/21/51Movement notation \ Sprache ist Schrift [Thought is writing]n.d.
L/E/7/51Choreology (Effort) \ Psychosomatic relationshipsn.d.
L/F/7/64Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/E/15/53Choreutics \ Bannkreise [Spheres of influence]n.d.
L/E/4/38Choreology (Space) \ Dodecahedronn.d.
L/E/3/11Choreology (Space) \ Wege durch den Raum [Ways through space]n.d.
L/F/2/5Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1955
L/E/8/83Eukinetics \ Elemental Efforts are Dimensionsn.d.
L/E/15/50Choreutics \ Fluent and boundn.d.
L/F/7/100Models \ Plane (3D) Structuren.d.
L/E/31/13Lecture notes on various subjects \ Movement is the life-blood of draman.d.
L/E/16/3Choreology in general \ Zur dynamischen Anatomie [On dynamic anatomy]n.d.
L/E/7/31Choreology (Effort) \ Dynamic values in effort graphsn.d.
L/E/32/77Lecture notes on various subjects \ Icosaidride Bewegungsgestalt des Menschen [Icosahedral form of movement in humans]n.d.
L/E/2/7Choreology (Space) \ Foto [Photo]n.d.
L/E/18/57Choreology in general \ Analytical drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/7/56Choreology (Effort) \ Weight, time, space, and flow continua diagramsn.d.
L/E/4/40Choreology (Space) \ Interlocking rings in continuous chainn.d.
L/F/1/57Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban 1953 \ Rudolf von Laban June 19541950s
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L/E/76/23Industrial Rhythm \ Effort Study \ Action Efforts and Effort Sequencesn.d.
L/E/23/70Philosophical comments \ Chains of adaptive acts of a living organism..., Then.d.
L/E/8/71Eukinetics \ There is a difference between increase and decreasen.d.
L/E/26/10Philosophical comments \ Sprechenden Künste, Die [Talking art]n.d.
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XZL/B/2028Way of the Transformation: The Laban-Malmgren System of Dramatic Character Analysis, The \ Volume 1: Critical Introduction
XZL/B/2027German Tanztheater: Traditions and Contradictions a Choreological Documentation of Tanztheater from its Roots in Ausdruckstanz to the Present
L/E/28/73Movement in general \ Choreosophie - Magie ist die Erkenntnis der Beziehungen [Choreosophy - magic is the recognition of relations]n.d.
L/E/11/57Choreutics \ Music scales and space scalesn.d.
L/E/15/1Choreutics \ Einleitung z. Studium der Raumbildsübungen [Introduction to the study of space-shape exercises]n.d.
L/E/29/45Movement in general \ Great battle of the art of movement, Then.d.
L/E/5/19Choreology (Effort) \ Effort notationn.d.
L/E/31/29Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notesn.d.
L/E/4/10Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic diagramsn.d.
L/E/52/61Letters \ Draft letter to Joan Littlewoodn.d.
L/E/32/98Lecture notes on various subjects \ Choreologic notesn.d.
L/E/14/64Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/18/42Choreology in general \ Stabiloid labiloidn.d.
L/C/8/34-L/C/8/36Rough Structures \ Cubes1938-1940
L/E/16/65Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/F/4/86Models \ Geodesic Structures \ Laban in Ico \ Summer Course \ Ashridge \ England1955
L/E/10/1Choreutics \ Neigungsbeziehungen im IKO & Tet. [Tendency relations in icosahedron and tetrahedron]n.d.
L/E/11/37Choreutics \ Symbols for typewritingn.d.
L/E/26/51Philosophical comments \ Mensch ist friedfertig - das liegt begündet in seinem Körper, Der [Humans are peaceful - this is based on our body]n.d.
L/E/25/60Philosophical comments \ Einsicht - Insichtn.d.
L/E/14/13Choreutics \ 14 Inclinationsn.d.
L/E/19/66Dance in general \ Restless pursuit of external aims..., Then.d.
L/E/21/58Movement notation \ Weite-Breite [Width-breadth]n.d.
L/E/15/45Choreutics \ Kontrast [contrast]n.d.
L/E/58Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Files in Box 58late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/9/7Choreutics \ History of artn.d.
L/E/2/47Choreology (Space) \ Augen [Eyes]n.d.
L/E/50/19Letters \ Letter to Mr Martin re Hungarian Citizenship14 August 1940
L/E/12/53Choreutics \ 51-er [51-link] dodecahedron edge fissuresn.d.
L/E/8/24Eukinetics \ Comprehensive chart of effort graphsn.d.
L/E/16/59Choreology in general \ Notesn.d.
L/E/32/46Lecture notes on various subjects \ Imaginationn.d.
L/E/41/12Psychological Implications \ About the Poetry of Mind and Bodyn.d.
L/F/7/99Models \ Plane (3D) Structuren.d.
L/E/70/9Miscellaneous Notes \ Dance, the Devil's Artn.d.
L/E/19/43Dance in general \ Modern dancen.d.
L/E/29/14Movement in general \ Entwicklung der Greiftieren.d.
L/E/32/40Lecture notes on various subjects \ Intellect/Extellectn.d.
L/E/15/28Choreutics \ Dancer's World, Then.d.
L/E/5/2Choreology (Effort) \ Revanche, La [the revenge]n.d.
L/E/25/6Philosophical comments \ Kraft und Macht [Strength and power]n.d.
L/B/90Modern Dance in Education
L/E/10/25Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/14/51Choreutics \ Drawings and writings on Choreutics and Eukineticsn.d.
L/E/8/60Eukinetics \ Effort and Recoveryn.d.
L/E/23/6Philosophical comments \ Strange poser of the trivial stirring the depth, Then.d.
L/E/14/9Choreutics \ Flat steep floatn.d.
XZE/15/6Rudolf Laban Speaks About Movement and Dance1971
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XZK/C2049/3428Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineOctober 1955
XZK/C2049/2249Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1959
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L/C/5/50Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/65/42Industrial Rhythm \ Rhythm of the Operator, The \ II19-30 July 1943
L/E/27/1History of Dance \ King Man: An introduction to the spiritual history of manc.1942
L/C/8/32Rough Structures \ Stellar Structure1938-1940
L/E/23/31Philosophical comments \ Some notes about the function of our mindn.d.
L/C/5/64Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/73Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/40Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/35Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/83Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate1938-1940
L/C/7/51Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/36Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/113Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/62/49Industrial Rhythm \ Assessments \ Observation of Movement Behaviour12 December 1947
L/C/5/21Spatial Forms \ Spatial Tensions1938-1940
L/C/4/68Spatial Forms \ Cuboctahedron1938-1940
L/E/65/59Industrial Rhythm \ Suggestions \ List of Possible Industrial Rhythm Activities3 October 1944
L/C/2/21Spatial Forms \ Lines1938-1940
L/E/7/3Choreology (Effort) \ Notes, symbols, and drawings about effort1951
L/C/6/67Relationship Between Two Figures \ Two Figures1938-1940
L/E/79/4Industrial Rhythm \ Bags of Sulphide of Copper in Shed to Rear Hold4 March 1946
L/E/9/38Choreutics \ Vierkantprojektion... [4-edged projection]n.d.
L/E/31/65Lecture notes on various subjects \ Task 1 for Betty Meredith-Jones1942
L/F/7/82Models \ Clay Sculpturen.d.
L/E/52/58Letters \ Letter to Felicia Sachs12 May 1941
L/E/73/26Industrial Rhythm \ American Foundrymen's Association \ Motionn.d.
L/E/15/55Choreutics \ Introduction into orientation in spacen.d.
L/E/24/39Philosophical comments \ Experience very scanty, by product of artistic activityn.d.
L/F/1/93Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Moreton Hall1942
L/C/5/44Spatial Forms \ Cube1938-1940
L/E/34/1Lecture notes on various subjects \ III lecture1939
L/E/34/12Lecture notes on various subjects \ It is the science of dance...1939
L/C/7/111Figures \ Lines1938-1940
L/F/2/19Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1947
L/E/45/28Education \ Recreational Dancing of our Days1943
L/E/35/19Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort \ ... Efficient control of human effort ... / Observation of Effort, Then.d.
L/E/16/23Choreology in general \ Dopplungen [doubling]n.d.
L/F/3/23Portraits \ Manchester \ Rudolf von Laban speaking to a reporter1950
L/E/76/12Industrial Rhythm \ Data Concerning Job-Characteristics (Job-Rhythms)25 October 1944
L/E/45/13Education \ Modern Dance Movement in Education4 March 1943
L/E/56/14Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Fluid Power, Then.d.
L/C/1/118Spatial Forms \ Analytical Spatial Structure1938-1940
L/E/51/59Letters \ Letters to Mrs Bettington30 June 1945-29 August 1945
L/E/24/40Philosophical comments \ Suggested definitions of Modern Dance, submitted at Christmas Holiday Course, January 19421942
L/E/71/8Industrial Rhythm \ Dartington Hall 1942 \ Skilled Hands1942
L/C/4/20Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedronc.1938-1940
L/C/7/78Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/47/28Art of Movement, The \ Technique and Choreographyc.1952
L/E/33/49Industrial Rhythm \ Laban Lawrence Method of Effort Assessment, Selection and Effort Training11 February 1946
L/C/5/34Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/53Spatial Patterns \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/91Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/C/7/100Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/2/29Choreology (Space) \ Eleven paper cuttings with symbols and drawingsn.d.
L/E/45/31Education \ Remarks to the Question of Introducing Dancing in Recreational Activities1943
L/C/5/7Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate Construction1938-1940
L/C/7/59Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/65Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/50/54Letters \ Correspondence from the Dartington Period \ Letter to friends offering thanks1940
L/F/3/31Portraits \ Chichester1947
L/C/3/91Relationship Between Two Figures \ Two Figuresc.1938-1940
L/F/1/96Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1954
L/C/2/73Spatial Forms \ Icosidodehedron1938-1940
L/C/2/61Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/2/108Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/22Spatial Forms \ Spatial Structure1938-1940
L/C/6/84Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Two Figures1938-1940
L/C/5/131Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/113Figures \ Head1938-1940
L/E/16/21Choreology in general \ Harmoniefunktion in Strahl - Rollfluch und Ringlinien.d.
L/E/13/57Choreutics \ Drawings and notesn.d.
L/C/4/56Figures Within Static Form \ Figurec.1938-1940
JR/J/1038Laban Centenary Celebrations; Curriculum and Organisation \ The Changes in the Secondary School in the Past 10 Years; Secondary School Lessonlate 1970s
L/E/56/5Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Effort and Recoveryc.1953
L/C/5/30Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/52/22Letters \ Letter from Kenneth Waugh12 July 1946
L/C/4/97Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/26Knotted Forms1938-1940
L/C/3/3Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/7/50Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/52Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/9Spatial Forms \ Geometric Formc.1938-1940
L/C/7/63Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/55/2Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Second Part \ Epiloguec.1953
L/C/7/54Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/45/62Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Dancing in Schoolsc.1946
L/E/34/15Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dance1939
L/F/1/52Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in his workshop at Dartington Hall1938-1939
L/C/4/19Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedronc.1938-1940
L/C/7/33Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/128Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/82Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/50Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Lines1938-1940
L/E/34/19Lecture notes on various subjects \ Dance as craft or frenzy1939
L/E/45/30Education \ Argument against Teaching Old-fashioned Dances, An1943
L/E/33/38Lecture notes on various subjects \ II lecture1939
L/E/34/4Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dance1939
L/E/42/1Production Scripts \ Rudolf Laban's Film Script6 August 1947
L/E/34/25Lecture notes on various subjects \ Primitive dance1939
L/C/7/74Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/143Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/F/2/4Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1955
L/C/5/59Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/56/8Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Notes to Recoveryc.1953
L/C/7/46Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/92Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/E/50/77Letters \ Letters from Max Ermers13 February 1944-16 December 1945
L/C/5/60Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/76/7Industrial Rhythm \ Manchester Association of Engineers \ M.A.E. Lecture22 July 1946
L/C/4/21Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedronc.1938-1940
L/C/9/102Holiday Drawings \ Coastline South of England1954
L/C/7/44Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/96Figures and Shapes \ Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/2/62Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/91Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/85Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/C/3/89Spatial Patterns \ Petal Design1938-1940
L/C/1/86Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/E/1/66Choreology (Space) \ Present introduction into some basic features of Crystalline Movement, The1943
L/C/9/51Holiday Drawings \ Seated Woman in a Field1951
L/E/18/23Choreology in general \ Split, The1954
XZB/2561Espace Dynamique: Textes inedits: Choreutique: Vision de l espace dynamique
L/E/51/78Letters \ Letter from Margaret H. Armitage2 May 1944
L/C/8/1Moving Figures1938-1940
L/E/51/36Letters \ Letter to Magda Grueneberg28 January 1956
L/C/7/58Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/33/40Lecture notes on various subjects \ V lecture1939
L/C/4/95Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/40/23Observation \ Correspondence Course in Movement Observation \ Basic Instruction Letter, Replies and Re-replies1952
L/C/7/108Figures \ Heads1938-1940
L/C/2/151Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/117Spatial Forms \ Geometric Shape1938-1940
L/C/2/136Spatial Forms \ Lines1938-1940
L/C/3/59Spatial Patterns \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/62Figures Within Static Form \ Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/2/81Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/34/20Lecture notes on various subjects \ VI lecture extracts1939
L/C/5/43Spatial Forms \ Cube1938-1940
L/C/1/103Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/C/2/85Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/68Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/87Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/3Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate Construction1938-1940
L/C/4/53Figures Within Static Form \ Two Figures c.1938-1940
L/C/2/142Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/3/1Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/C/4/75Spatial Forms \ Four Rings1938-1940
L/E/34/28Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dance philosophy, The1939
L/C/7/25Spatial Forms \ Stellar Planes1938-1940
L/C/7/1Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/C/2/71Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/9Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/34/30Lecture notes on various subjects \ Values of dance, The1939
L/E/22/3Movement notation \ Laban-Lawrence industrial notation1943
L/C/7/64Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/45/34Education \ Art of Movement and Human Welfare9 November 1950-29 December 1950
L/C/5/23Spatial Forms \ Spatial Tensions1938-1940
L/C/7/32Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/64Figures Within Static Form \ Geometric Shapec.1938-1940
L/C/7/31Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/66Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/24/6Philosophical comments \ What interests the dancern.d.
L/C/1/27Spatial Forms \ Planes1938-1940
L/C/5/5Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate Construction1938-1940
L/E/34/5Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dance1939
L/C/7/20Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/F/7/65Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/C/2/27Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/52/5Letters \ Correspondence with Joan Goodrichc.1946
L/C/3/86Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/106Figures \ Heads1938-1940
L/E/45/29Education \ Dancing as a Recreative Activity for Adults1943
L/C/3/72Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/102Spatial Forms \ Woman in Back Bend1938-1940
L/E/34/49Lecture notes on various subjects \ Forums of movement1939
L/C/2/14Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/121Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/95Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/C/5/29Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/80Spatial Forms \ Four Rings1938-1940
L/E/22/22Movement notation \ Introduction to choreutics and the role of notationn.d.
L/C/7/42Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/23Spatial Forms \ Geometric Shape1938-1940
L/C/3/71Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/40Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/10/63Sketches \ Cobweb, Face, Figuresn.d.
L/E/33/36Lecture notes on various subjects \ Seventh lecture1939
L/E/18/12Choreology in general \ Notes for talk to old students on the symbolic representation of movement patterns1956
L/E/4/18Choreology (Space) \ Icosahedron - Dodecahedronn.d.
L/E/40/14Rhythm \ About Sports and Gamesn.d.
L/E/56/4Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Effort and Recoveryc.1953
L/E/41/2Psychological Implications \ Movementc.1943
L/C/1/49Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Lines1938-1940
L/C/7/85Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/40Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/69Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/47/30Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movement on the Stage and in Schools, The24 November 1947
L/C/2/88Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/71/13Industrial Rhythm \ Dartington Hall 1942 \ No movement without effect ...1942
L/E/33/39Lecture notes on various subjects \ IV lecture1939
L/C/5/25Spatial Forms \ Spatial Tensions1938-1940
L/C/7/114Figures \ Head1938-1940
L/C/7/72Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/55Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/7/94Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/43Figure Drawings \ Figure Within Energy Linesc.1938-1940
L/E/19/44Dance in general \ Essay on dancen.d.
L/E/32/37Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notes on meeting of the Research Board for the Correlation of Medical Science and Physical Education29 November 1944
XZL/B/1955Body - Space - Expression \ Development of Rudolf Laban's Movement and Dance Concepts, The
L/C/7/126Figures \ Six Figures1938-1940
L/C/2/138Spatial Forms \ Lines1938-1940
L/C/10/94Spatial Forms \ Graph 6 \ Heads, Medians and Tails of Transversal Inclination-Wavesn.d.
L/C/4/50Figures Within Static Form \ H.P.H. Icon1938-1940
L/C/10/27Holiday Drawings \ Mountain Villagen.d.
L/C/3/95Figures \ Male Figure in Design1938-1940
L/C/2/6Spatial Forms \ Crystalline Structures1938-1940
L/C/4/94Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/27Spatial Forms \ Planes1938-1940
L/E/2/23Choreology (Space) \ Flachtop [Flat top]n.d.
L/C/8/51-L/C/8/53Rough Structures \ Notes Relating to Drawings1938-1940
L/E/47/75Art of Movement, The \ Laban Art of Movement Centre \ Organisation of the Centre, Thec.1958
L/E/45/65Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Notesc.1946
L/C/2/65Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/7/49Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/38/24Harmony \ Harmonilehre und Schrift des Tanzes ... [Theory of Harmony and Notation of Dances ...]c.1959
L/E/55/38Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Individual Effort1953
L/C/4/52Figures Within Static Form \ Two Figures c.1938-1940
L/E/51/64Letters \ Postcard from Louise van Veen2 October 1944
L/C/7/112Figures \ Eyes1938-1940
L/E/58/12Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Körper als Instrument \ II. Teil \ Cover page [the body as instrument]n.d.
L/C/7/19Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/65Figures Within Static Form \ Geometric Shapec.1938-1940
L/E/45/61Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Introductionc.1946
L/C/7/84Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/48Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/47/39Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movement Studioc.1948
L/C/3/57Spatial Patterns \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/34Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/96Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/82Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate1938-1940
L/E/34/11Lecture notes on various subjects \ Definitions of dance1939
L/E/52/57Letters \ Letter to Friends re Industrial Workc.1944
L/C/4/66Figures Within Static Form \ Geometric Shapec.1938-1940
L/C/7/96Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/41Spatial Forms \ Cube1938-1940
L/C/6/54Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/E/51/65Letters \ Letter from Ediz Weber Elekes15 December 1938
L/E/23/38Philosophical comments \ Space matter illusion, Then.d.
L/E/49/25Personal Statements \ Notes1930
L/E/19/57Dance in general \ Vortrag des Herr von Laban in der Berliner Universität am 16. April 1928 [Lecture by Mr von Laban at Berlin University]16 April 1928
L/C/5/62Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/8Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/E/65/39Industrial Rhythm \ Industrial Rhythm \ I23 July 1943
L/E/45/64Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Art of Movement, Thec.1946
L/C/1/117Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate1938-1940
L/E/32/15Lecture notes on various subjects \ M.A.E. lecture22 July 1946
L/C/5/96Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure1938-1940
L/C/3/33Figure Drawings \ Male Figurec.1938-1940
L/C/3/46Figure Drawings \ Figure Within Energy Linesc.1938-1940
L/C/1/99Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/C/7/102Figures \ Two Figures1938-1940
L/C/2/141Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/5/49Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/81Spatial Forms \ Geometric Shape1938-1940
L/C/2/104Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/68/31Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Newsletter of the Dance Notation Bureau \ Biography of Rudolf Laban1955
JR/E/4/5Worcester Training College \ Theatre Programmes1951-1979
L/E/13/81Choreutics \ Choreological signs in typewritingn.d.
L/C/9/40Holiday Drawings \ New ForestNovember 1954
L/E/51/81Letters \ Letter to Felicia and Hans Sachs, Boston1941
L/E/74/11Industrial Rhythm \ Henry Simon & Co. Ltd. \ Notes and correspondence12 January 1945-16 February 1945
L/E/49/14Personal Statements \ Journey to USA 1926 \ Chinesisches Theatern.d.
L/E/22/26Movement notation \ Birthday greetings from Dance Notation Bureau to Laban1949-1960
L/E/8/48Eukinetics \ Stoss ist ein durch eine kurze..., Ein [a push is...]n.d.
L/E/55/39Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Flow of Effort and Recovery, The1953
L/F/2/56Dances \ Don Juan \ Rudolf von Laban \ Donna Elviva - Dussia Bereska1925
L/E/50/33Letters \ Ivo Bolton9 August 1955 15/08/1955
L/E/1/75Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/45/42Education \ Loss or Distortion of Personal Rhythm, Then.d.
L/E/17/47Choreology in general \ Notebook In.d.
L/C/1/53Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/E/19/20Dance in general \ Movement choirsn.d.
L/E/15/25Choreutics \ 23 Formationen [23 Formations]n.d.
L/E/15/23Choreutics \ Drafts about choreutics and harmonyn.d.
L/E/19/55Dance in general \ Bewegung am Theater, Die [Movement in theatre]n.d.
L/E/42/87Production Scripts \ Gloserve Welt, Dien.d.
L/E/51/101Letters \ Letter from Gertrude Friedberg Snell, Israel14 March 1957
L/E/1/46Choreology (Space) \ Wie die vierte Dimension in der dreidimensionalen Bewegung sichtbar wird [How the fourth dimension can be seen in three-dimensional movement]n.d.
L/E/4/75Choreology (Space) \ Space. The space around us and within usn.d.
L/E/18/15Choreology in general \ Explanation of flow-energy implications of space patternsn.d.
L/E/9/50Choreutics \ Notebook with miscellaneous notes, choreutic notes and drawingsn.d.
L/E/57/27Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Bahn der Bewegung, Die [the route of motion]n.d.
XZL/B/1933Beyond Dance: Laban's Legacy of Movement Analysis
L/E/59/17Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Leben als Spiel, Das [life as a game]n.d.
L/E/8/36Eukinetics \ Kinetograms of 12 mixed seven-ringsn.d.
L/E/18/54Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/53/1Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort - Book One \ Printer's Copyc.1947
L/E/18/26Choreology in general \ Analytical drawings covering the continuan.d.
AW/E/5/11Lilian Baylis School: Themes, Sequences, Conferences and Courses1947-1964
L/E/36/13Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Bist due springst (der Lautlose Schrei) [Until you jump (the soundless scream)]n.d.
L/E/8/27Eukinetics \ Human, i.e. organic movement...n.d.
XZL/B/2454Movement and Making Decisions: The Body-Mind Connection in the Workplace
L/E/42/9Production Scripts \ Amor im Käfig [Love in a cage]n.d.
L/F/1/68Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in his workshop \ Dartington Hall1939
L/E/32/63Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notizen uber den...n.d.
L/E/13/37Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/F/1/24Dances \ Rudolf Laban and Ruth Loeser vom programm Choreographische Abende1924
L/E/26/34Philosophical comments \ Naturwissenschaft..., Die [Natural science]n.d.
L/E/4/60Choreology (Space) \ Notes on the relationship of inclinationsn.d.
L/E/35Art in General \ Files in Box 35late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/40Rhythm \ Files in Box 40late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/23Philosophical Comments \ Files in Box 23late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/75Industrial Rhythm1940s-1950s
L/F/1/69Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban and Kurt Jooss \ Dartington Hall1939
L/E/78Industrial Rhythm; Music Manuscripts; Production Scripts; Choreography; Newspaper Cuttings; Rudolf Laban's pupils; Biographical Information; Family Correspondence1940s-1950s
L/E/4/29Choreology (Space) \ Pentagramm, Fortschreitung [Pentagram, progress]n.d.
L/E/9/15Choreutics \ General principlesn.d.
L/E/18/13Choreology in general \ Symbolic representation of movement patterns, Then.d.
L/E/76Industrial Rhythm1940s-1950s
L/E/25/36Philosophical comments \ Materie, Mass u. Zustand Funktion [Matter, measure and existence, function]n.d.
L/E/31/40Lecture notes on various subjects \ Educational and recreational dancen.d.
L/C/3/36Figure Drawings \ Male Figures1938-1940
L/E/1/23Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/29/19Movement in general \ Menschliche Bewegung, Die [Human movement]n.d.
L/E/50/84Letters \ Letters from E. Weber Elekes10 September 1936-11 December 1939
L/E/19/41Dance in general \ Only means of expression a dancer has..., Then.d.
L/E/19/5Dance in general \ Balletn.d.
L/E/36Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Files in Boxes 36late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/4/27Choreology (Space) \ Explanatory Diagrams \ Ico aus Fantasia [Icosahedron from fantasia]n.d.
L/C/4/99Spatial Forms \ Woman in Back Bend1938-1940
L/F/7/9Models \ Turning, Interlocking Structuren.d.
L/E/12Choreutics \ Files in Box 12late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/57Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Files in Box 57late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/17Choreology in general \ Files in Box 17late 1930s-late 1950s
L/C/1/11Architectural Theatre Buildings \ 5 Structures1938-1940
L/E/15/68Choreutics \ Peripheral 10-rings forming crown, snake, cross, screw, and their relationship to S.W.F.T. [space, weight, flow, time]n.d.
L/E/44/27Production Scripts \ Nacht in Venedig, Eine [A Night in Venice]11 July 1936
L/E/28/2Movement in general \ Touch and reaction between individualsn.d.
L/E/1/64Choreology (Space) \ Spiral-bound notebook with choreological and choreutic notes and drawingsn.d.
L/E/54/13Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ First Part \ Chapter IV \ Puppet Masters, Tyrants and their Acolytes \ Duplicates with some alterationsc.1953
L/F/1/48Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban and Kurt Jooss \ Aino Jooss \ Anna Jooss and Lisa Ullmann1938
L/E/5Choreology (Effort) \ Files in Box 5late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/77Industrial Rhythm and Articles about Laban1940s-1950s
L/C/2/57Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/34Lecture Notes on Various Subjects \ Files in Box 34late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/44/28Production Scripts \ Nacht in Venedig, Eine \ Music manuscripts [A Night in Venice]c.1936
L/E/43/23Historical Data \ Letters of Congratulations to Laban on his 60th Birthday8-16 December 1939
L/F/3/43Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana JordanEarly 1950s
L/E/48/19Historical Data \ Letter from Albrecht Knust3 December 1932
L/C/5/108Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/68/35Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Biographical Note1959
L/E/29/29Movement in general \ Hierarchy of efforts, Then.d.
L/E/18/17Choreology in general \ Quanta motionn.d.
L/C/2/37Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/24Spatial Forms \ Spatial Tensions1938-1940
L/E/57/28Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Fragen [questions]n.d.
L/C/5/14Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/31Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/72Tetrahedrons \ Figure in Tetrahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/58Spatial Patterns \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/114Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/24Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/102Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/46Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/E/5/13Choreology (Effort) \ Symbolic expression of structural and functional shapesc.1950
L/C/5/15Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/11Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/58Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/107Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/22Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/43Information from Others \ Files in Boxes 431926-1980
L/E/66/34Industrial Rhythm \ Correspondence with Black Star Publishing Company Limited3 February 1942-1 July 1942
BMJ/B/1238Modern Dance: The Jooss-Leeder Method
L/E/32/56Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notesn.d.
UNIS/B/1732Choreutic Theory of Rudolf Laban: Form and Transformation, The
DH/B/2494Body - Space - Expression \ Development of Rudolf Laban's Movement and Dance Concepts, The
NM/B/913Modern Educational Dance
L/E/50/98Letters \ South-West London School of Drama2 November 1942-30 August 1943
L/E/52/31Letters \ Correspondence with Alvin Johnson \ New School for Social Research13 January 1940-9 December 1940
L/E/54/21Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ First Part \ Chapter VIII \ Commander in Action, The \ Preliminary Draftsc.1953
L/E/61Rudolf Laban's Pupils \ Files in Boxes 611927-1982
L/E/9/25Choreutics \ Shape sketchesn.d.
L/E/69/15Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Movement Education \ Rudolf Laban4 January 1978 18/01/1978
L/F/7/104Models \ Plane (3D) Structuren.d.
L/E/8/8Eukinetics \ Four activities of life, Then.d.
LG/O/5Head of Rudolf Laban sculpted by Willi Soukopc.1956
L/C/1/89Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
NM/B/877Influences of Rudolf Laban, The
L/E/1/40Choreology (Space) \ Dynamische Morphologie [Dynamic Morphology]n.d.
L/C/7/37Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
XZB/2935The Harmonic Structure of Movement, Music, and Dance According to Rudolf Laban: An Examination of His Unpublished Writings and Drawings
L/C/1/105Figures and Shapes \ Notesc.1938-1940
L/F/1/105Dances - Albrecht Knust1925
UNIS/B/2608Three Oranges: Decision, Grace and Authority; Meyerhold's Biomechanics in Relation to Contemporary Dance Culture
L/C/2/99Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/9/39Choreutics \ Vierkant und Dreikantwachter [Four- and three-sided]n.d.
L/E/44/1Production Scripts \ Saltabilec.1931
L/E/46/62Information from Others \ Verband der Laban-schulen \ Rundschreiben7 July 1928-1 December 1928
L/C/9/103Holiday Drawings \ Boating Sketchn.d.
L/E/48/48Historical Data \ Laban's family ceritficates \ Beglaubigte Übersetzung aus dem Ungarischen [Authorised translation from Hungarian]1931-1935
L/E/14/74Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and notes related to the development of Kinetographyn.d.
L/E/25/41Philosophical comments \ Bemerkungen zu Bergs S.99-100 [Notes on Berg's S.99-100]n.d.
L/E/75/24Industrial Rhythm \ Hijmans' Report \ Letter from E. Hijmans to F.C. Lawrence27 April 1940-20 June 1944
L/E/7Choreology (Effort) \ Files in Box 7late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/54/1Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Title page / Contents / Acknowledgementsc.1953
L/E/1/60Choreology (Space) \ Spiral-bound notebook of choreutic drawings, writings and notesn.d.
L/E/1/1Choreology (Space) \ Space Harmonyn.d.
L/C/8/48-L/C/8/50Industrial Rhythm \ Logo for the Laban-Lawrence Industrial Rhythm1938-1940
L/C/5/120Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/46/61Information from Others \ Labanschulen [Laban Course]1928
L/E/24/2Philosophical comments \ Liturgy of dancen.d.
L/F/1/90Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Art of movement studio \ End of term partyEaster 1956
L/E/32/69Lecture notes on various subjects \ Various notesc.1942
L/E/49/8Personal Statements \ Journey to USA 1926 \ Wahre Don Juan, Der [The real Don Juan]n.d.
L/E/8/65Eukinetics \ Körperl. Persp. [Physical perspectives]n.d.
L/C/4/79Spatial Forms \ Four Rings1938-1940
L/C/3/44Figure Drawings \ Figure Within Energy Linesc.1938-1940
L/C/3/104Figures \ Male Figure in Designc.1938-1940
L/C/1/41Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Lines1938-1940
L/C/1/90Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/C/3/103Figures \ Figure in Lemniscatec.1938-1940
L/E/16Choreology in general \ Files in Box 16late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/49Personal Statements \ Files in Box 491926-late 1950s
L/E/18Choreology in general \ Files in Box 18late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/50/34Letters \ Faber and Faber20-23 June 1939
L/E/50/87Letters \ Rhea Glus Schule fur Gymnastik und Kunsterlischen Tanz16 January 1957-23 June 1957
L/C/2/132Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/119Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/47Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/6/94Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/C/6/22Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure1938-1940
L/C/6/76Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/C/1/3Architectural Theatre Buildings \ 2 Theatres1938-1940
L/C/1/26Spatial Forms \ Planes1938-1940
L/C/1/98Figures and Shapes \ Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/1/102Figures and Shapes \ Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/1/100Figures and Shapes \ Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/6/8Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure showing Polar Counter-Tension1938-1940
L/C/2/100Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/105Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/88Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/78Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/38Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Icosahedron1938-1940
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L/E/18/49Choreology in general \ Vier Kreisschlinge [4 circles]n.d.
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L/E/77/53Articles about Laban \ Translation of Article Written by Mary Wigman Commemorating Mr Laban's 50th Birthdayn.d.
L/E/59/35Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Wandlungen der Bewegungsformen, Die [changes in movement forms]n.d.
L/E/32/34Lecture notes on various subjects \ Control of performancen.d.
L/E/4/45Choreology (Space) \ The forces of time, space, force explored within Ico structure, including Lemniscatic forms; The transformation of Icosahedron unit into P.Z.R.K.n.d.
L/E/11/12Choreutics \ Stellungen [Positions]n.d.
L/C/10/3Holiday Drawings \ Cornwalln.d.
L/E/11/6Choreutics \ Beziehungen der peripherischen [Relationships between peripheral swings]n.d.
L/C/10/25Holiday Drawings \ Woman in a Green Headscarf Picking Flowersn.d.
L/E/46/59Information from Others \ Rundschreiben1929
L/C/10/26Holiday Drawings \ Waterfalln.d.
L/E/32/7Lecture notes on various subjects \ Research department of Art of Movement Studion.d.
L/E/17/12Choreology in general \ Outstanding technical features of modern research are..., Then.d.
L/E/41/40Articles about Laban \ Journal of Physical Education \ 'Work of the Art of Movement Studio, The' by Rudolf Laban1954
L/F/2/14Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Sylvia Bodmer at Dartington Hall in the late 1940's1940s
L/E/11/52Choreutics \ Bezeichnungen von KT Vergrösserungen [Descriptions of KT enlargements]n.d.
L/E/24/16Philosophical comments \ Nothing, Then.d.
L/E/18/47Choreology in general \ Keile-Gegenkeile [wedge counter-wedge]n.d.
L/E/14/60Choreutics \ Seven impressionsn.d.
L/E/31/73Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notes for the trainer in modern dance body trainingn.d.
L/E/31/71Lecture notes on various subjects \ Space (flow)n.d.
L/F/7/46Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/E/12/51Choreutics \ 36-Flachenspaltung Ico [36-link icosahedron surface division]n.d.
L/E/2/19Choreology (Space) \ Einfache Schlange Volute und Spitze, Die [Simple line / snake volute and tip, The]n.d.
L/E/20/6Dance in general \ Dancingn.d.
HB/E/16/1School of Russian Ballet \ Correspondence \ 1949-19501949-1950
HB/E/16/5School of Russian Ballet \ Correspondence \ 1954-19551954-1955
L/E/28/58Movement in general \ \ Jedes Ding, jedes Lebewesen ist im Raum ausgebreitet… [Each thing, each living creature is spread out in space …]n.d.
L/C/10/98aTribute to Lisa1939
L/E/51/34Letters \ Letter from Martin Gleisner10 December 1939
L/E/28/72Movement in general \ Choreosophie - Magie ist die Erkenntnis der Beziehungen [Choreosophy - magic is the recognition of relations]n.d.
L/E/4/77Choreology (Space) \ Investigation of 7-rings (peripheral and mixed) as to rhythmical structure of inclinationsn.d.
L/E/12/11Choreutics \ Analytical drawings, notes and symbols on Choreuticsn.d.
L/E/32/86Lecture notes on various subjects \ Complexity of movement, Then.d.
L/E/5/26Choreology (Effort) \ Visible and invisible bodily movement functionsn.d.
L/E/6/37Choreology (Effort) \ Letter from Mr A. Proctor Burman to Laban on efforts of animals, with a related newspaper cutting3 July 1950
L/E/63/9Industrial Rhythm \ Assessments \ Broadhead & Graves Ltd.30 May 1952
L/E/53/19Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study \ Conclusion to the Fourth Chaptern.d.
L/C/9/62Holiday Drawings \ Waterfall1948
L/E/23/57Philosophical comments \ Notesn.d.
L/E/47/61Art of Movement, The \ Laban Art of Movement Centre \ Plans for Activitiesn.d.
L/E/51/12Letters \ Correspondence with Albrecht Knust15 November 1955-26 February 1958
L/E/52/10Letters \ Correspondence with Worcestershire County Council Education Committee2 March 1944-19 May 1944
L/E/55/45Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Some Fundamental Notions About the Study of Effort Functions1953
L/E/51/58Letters \ Letters to John Trevelyan / British Families Education Service in Germany1946-1947
L/C/7/101Spatial Forms \ Geometric Shapec.1938-1940
L/C/7/45Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/67/29Photostat and Newspaper Cuttings \ Tanzphilosoph, Ein15 December 1979
L/E/53/28Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study \ Changes of Effortn.d.
NCPE/4/32Walzer \ nach motiven aus dem III reigen des 'Titan'n.d.
L/E/79/7Photostat and Newspaper Cuttings \ Erneuerung Durch den Totalen Tanz15 December 1979
L/E/51/40Letters \ Correspondence with J. English \ Highbury Little Theatre, Birmingham13 May 1943-11 August 1943
L/E/1/34Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Volutenfolge, Eukin. Dim. Kräfte.....n.d.
L/C/5/110Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/6/91Choreology (Effort) \ Report by Raadgevend Efficiency Board1952
L/E/66/5Industrial Rhythm \ Correspondence re Permission to Enter Factories20 September 1941-7 May 1943
L/E/50/26Letters \ Faber and Faber \ New Motion Study, The7 December 1945
L/E/50/61Letters \ Juvenile Dance Festival Committee22 December 1945-1 July 1946
ED/E/25/9Education \ Christmas Workshop Laban 1984-19851984-1985
L/E/68/2Photostat and Newspaper Cuttings \ Publicity \ 1923-19291923-1929
LU/E/5/24Art of Movement Studio \ Structure of Movement Institution1953
LU/E/8/23Art of Movement Studio \ Rudolf Laban's Theories1957
LU/E/9/16Art of Movement Studio \ Information for Prospectus1958-1962
LU/E/12/7Lectures \ Drama Courses \ 1943-19491943-1949
LU/E/12/8Lectures \ Drama Courses \ 1951-19551951-1955
XZB/2901Laban for all
LU/E/15/8Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (5 of 22)1954-1965
LU/E/15/11Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (8 of 22)n.d.
LU/E/15/12Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (9 of 22)n.d.
LU/E/15/9Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (6 of 22)1962-1979
LU/E/15/10Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (7 of 22)1964
LU/E/15/13Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (10 of 22)1965
LU/E/15/14Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (11 of 22)1965
LU/E/15/17Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (14 of 22)1965
LU/E/15/18Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (15 of 22)1966
LU/E/15/19Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (16 of 22)1961-1965
LU/E/15/21Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (18 of 22)1966
LU/E/15/29Biographical Information \ Notes for a Talk on Rudolf Laban (4 of 4)1976-1984
LU/E/15/22Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (19 of 22)1970
LU/E/15/23Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (20 of 22)1947
LU/E/15/24Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (21 of 22)1947-1948
LU/E/15/30Biographical Information \ International Laban Centenary Symposium, London1979
LU/E/15/25Biographical Information \ Correspondence about Rudolf Laban's Work (22 of 22)1955-1961
LU/E/17/17Articles for the Press \ Lisa Ullmann1956-1961
L/B/43Leben fur den Tanz, Ein
L/E/15/36Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/25/62Philosophical comments \ Idee, feeling and moven.d.
L/E/29/9Movement in general \ Sprache der Bewegung, Die [The language of movement]n.d.
L/F/7/62Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/E/22/1Movement notation \ Körperausdruck [Bodily expression]n.d.
L/E/7/15Choreology (Effort) \ Tesseractn.d.
L/E/31/38Lecture notes on various subjects \ Dance in educationn.d.
L/E/26/44Philosophical comments \ Strahlkraft der Gestalten, Die [Radiation of figures]n.d.
L/E/3/36Choreology (Space) \ Choreosophie; Magie ist die Erkenntnis der Beziehungen [Choreosophy; Magic of the recognition of relationships; Fluid power]n.d.
L/F/7/49Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/F/7/51Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/F/7/57Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/E/10Choreutics \ Files in Box 10late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/11Choreutics \ Files in Box 11late 1930s-late 1950s
L/C/4/76Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/55Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/92Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/37Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/E/56/28Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Bewegung [Motion] \ 2 of 2n.d.
L/F/1/42Portraits \ Laban with Rikuhei Umemoto Japanese Dancer and teacher 19371937
L/C/6/70Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1937
XZL/B/1959Rudolf von Laban und die Entstehung des Modernen Tanzdramas
L/E/51/96Letters \ Correspondence with Walter Sorell re 'The Dance Has Many Faces'9 February 1948-14 March 1948
L/E/51/99Letters \ Letter from Frances Collingwood Selby \ Cornwall Committee for Music and Drama15 December 1948
DS/B/704Welt des Tanzers, Die
L/E/55/34Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Letter to MacDonald and Evans Ltd.1953
L/E/42/92Production Scripts \ Inception of The Swinging Cathedral, The1952
L/C/10/92Spatial Forms \ Graph 4 \ Dimensional and Diagonaln.d.
L/E/39Observation \ Files in Box 39late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/33Lecture Notes on Various Subjects \ Files in Box 33late 1930s-late 1950s
XZK/C2049/3433Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMarch 1958
XZK/C2049/2254Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMay 1962
XZK/C2049/3431Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMarch 1957
XZK/C2049/3422Laban Art of Movement Guild News SheetMarch 1952
XZK/C2049/2252Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineMay 1961
XZK/C2049/3432Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineNovember 1957
L/E/54/2Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Definitions of Termsc.1953
L/C/7/124Figures \ Woman1938-1940
L/C/3/5Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/E/42/7Production Scripts \ Broken Jug, The1950
L/C/5/46Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/31/43Lecture notes on various subjects \ Art of movement as recreation, The1956
L/C/5/75Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/71Tetrahedrons \ Figure in Tetrahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/52Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Spatial Structures1938-1940
L/C/3/65Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/2Figures Within Static Form \ Embrionic Forms1938-1940
L/C/1/58Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/5/63Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/11Spatial Forms \ Geometric Formc.1938-1940
L/C/2/146Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/91Spatial Forms \ Cube1938-1940
L/C/4/101Spatial Forms \ Woman in Back Bend1938-1940
L/E/50/22Letters \ Schweiz. Berufsband fur Tanz und Gymnastik26 March 1947
L/C/7/86Spatial Forms \ Notes1938-1940
L/E/7/27Choreology (Effort) \ Notes and drawings on continua, and the balance of weight/flow and the space/time continua17 June 1956
L/C/2/137Spatial Forms \ Lines1938-1940
L/E/33/17Lecture notes on various subjects \ Vision, Thec.1953
L/C/2/17Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/5/98Sketch of a Man1938-1940
L/C/8/2Moving Figures1938-1940
L/C/3/10Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/C/3/55Spatial Forms \ Tetrahedron1938-1940
L/E/52/26Letters \ Letters from Beryl de Zoete6 November 1942
L/C/2/66Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/6/71Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Six Figures1938-1940
L/C/2/135Spatial Forms \ Lines1938-1940
L/C/8/23-L/C/8/31Rough Structures \ Progressive 3-D Structures (Icosahedron)1938-1940
L/C/5/32Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/93Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/85Spatial Forms \ Four Rings1938-1940
L/E/34/16Lecture notes on various subjects \ Dance and education1939
L/C/7/26Spatial Forms \ Planes1938-1940
L/C/4/69Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/39Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/74Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/35Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/98Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/F/2/60Dances \ Summer Course at Moreton Hall \ Rudolf von Laban directing a movement choir1942
L/E/34/26Lecture notes on various subjects \ Introduction to lecture1939
L/C/2/47Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/1Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate Construction1938-1940
L/C/7/70Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/97Figures \ Figure in Lemniscate1938-1940
L/C/5/52Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/70Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/119Spatial Forms \ Analytical Spatial Structures1938-1940
L/C/5/68Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/78Spatial Forms \ Four Rings1938-1940
L/C/2/8Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/7/123Figures \ Woman1938-1940
L/C/6/15Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure1938-1940
L/C/4/46Figures Within Static Form \ Dodecahedrons1938-1940
L/C/2/124Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/127Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/100Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/6Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/C/7/105Figures \ Heads1938-1940
L/C/1/39Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/75Tetrahedrons \ Figures in Tetrahedrons1938-1940
L/C/1/73Tetrahedrons \ Figure in Tetrahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/38Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/116Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/45Figures Within Static Form \ Dodecahedrons1938-1940
L/C/5/139Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in an Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/27Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/93Figures \ Three Figures and Planes1938-1940
L/E/48/39Historical Data \ International Conventions and Publications \ Proposal for Courses of Introduction into the General Aesthetics, A1939
L/C/2/87Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/3Figures Within Static Form \ Embrionic Forms1938-1940
L/C/7/69Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/33Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/61Figures Within Static Form \ Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/7/57Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/65Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/40Spatial Forms \ Cube1938-1940
L/C/7/68Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/106Figures \ Figure in Lemniscate1938-1940
L/C/4/32Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/39Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/34/33Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dancing, The1939
L/E/34/27Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of the science of dance, The1939
L/E/34/42Lecture notes on various subjects \ Basque Sword Dance, The1939
L/E/34/29Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of the union of body and mind1939
L/C/4/71Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/104Figures \ Head1938-1940
L/F/2/85Portraits \ E. Loeb, Dr Binswanger, Lisa Ullmann, Rudolf von Laban1955
L/C/5/72Spatial Forms \ Tetrahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/129Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/29Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/28Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/111Spatial Forms \ Knot in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/141Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/109Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/150Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/6/11Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in an Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/6Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatres1938-1940
L/C/2/98Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/83Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in an Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/69/38Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Letter to Laban from Irmgard Brussau [?]4 December 1949
L/E/42/27Production Scripts \ Effort Filmn.d.
L/C/2/24Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/44/8Production Scripts \ Sorge, Die [sorrow]15 December 1936
L/C/4/90Spatial Forms \ Octahedron and Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/103Figures \ Head1938-1940
L/C/1/101Figures and Shapes \ Shapesc.1938-1940
L/C/2/10Spatial Forms \ Geometric Formc.1938-1940
L/E/20/19Dance in general \ Möglichkeiten des Gruppenausdrucks [Possibilities for group expression]n.d.
L/C/5/54Spatial Forms \ Tetrahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/1Spatial Forms \ Dimensional Crown; Dimensional Snake1938-1940
L/C/7/6Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Four Figures1938-1940
L/E/37Physiological - Scientific \ Files in Box 37late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/56Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Files in Box 56late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/53Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Files in Box 53late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/48/11Historical Data \ Laban Notizen [Notes] 1914-1915 \ Gesetze der Bewegungskunst \ Rhythmik [Laws of movement and rhythmic]1914-1915
L/E/31Lecture Notes on Various Subjects \ Files in Box 31late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/66Industrial Rhythm \ Files in Box 661940s-1950s
L/E/41Psychological Implications \ Files in Box 41late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/22Movement Notation \ Files in Box 22late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/62Industrial Rhythm \ Files in Box 621940s-1950s
L/C/1/65Tetrahedrons \ 6 Tetrahedrons1938-1940
L/C/2/96Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron and Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/24Philosophical Comments \ Files in Box 24late 1930s-1974
L/E/60Rudolf Laban's Pupils \ Files in Box 601923-1984
L/E/59Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Files in Box 59late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/45Education \ Files in Box 45late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/71/2Industrial Rhythm \ Tyresoles Ltd. \ Manchester - Wembley \ January 1941 - March 19421941-1947
L/E/71Industrial Rhythm1941-1947
L/E/38Harmony \ Files in Box 38late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/28Movement in General \ Files in Box 28late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/68/13Photostat and Newspaper Cuttings \ Dance Observer \ Rudolf von Laban; Tribute to Rudolf Laban1940-1949
L/E/48/21Historical Data \ Deuxieme Congres International d'Esthetique et de Science de l'Art [Second International Congress of Aesthetics and the Science of Art] \ Invitations to Receptions8 August 1937
L/E/9Choreutics \ Files in Box 9late 1930s-late 1950s
L/C/4/77Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/44/29Production Scripts \ Nacht in Venedig, Eine \ Notiz Aufzeichnungen [A Night in Venice \ notes and comments]c.1936
L/F/7/34Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/C/3/37Figure Drawings \ Male Figuresc.1938-1940
L/C/1/88Figures and Shapes \ Figuresc.1938
L/C/3/29Figure Drawings \ Male Figurec.1938-1940
L/C/3/81Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedronc.1938-1940
L/C/3/82Spatial Patterns \ Dodecahedronc.1938-1940
L/C/3/30Figure Drawings \ Male Figurec.1938-1940
L/E/15Choreutics \ Files in Box 151925-late 1950s
L/E/2Choreology (Space) \ Files in Box 2late 1930s-late 1950s
L/C/6/96Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/E/48/17Historical Data \ Royal Hungarian Legation \ Rudolf Laban's Nationality6 August 1940
L/E/29Movement in General \ Files in Box 29late 1930s-late 1950s
L/C/1/23Spatial Forms \ Spatial Structure1938-1940
L/C/1/43Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/36Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate1938-1940
L/C/2/4Spatial Forms \ Crystalline Structures1938-1940
L/C/5/104Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in a Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/80Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure1938-1940
L/C/1/80Tetrahedrons \ Figures in Tetrahedral Shapes1938-1940
L/C/4/37Figures Within Static Form \ Six Little Pierrots1938-1940
L/C/2/29Spatial Forms \ Cube, Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/12Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/14Choreutics \ Files in Box 14late 1930s-late 1950s
L/C/5/112Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/E/4Choreology (Space) \ Files in Boxes 4late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/65Industrial Rhythm \ Files in Box 651940s-1950s
L/E/26/52Philosophical comments \ Druck - Nachdruck [Pressure - Emphasis]n.d.
L/C/2/80Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/22Spatial Forms \ Geometric Shape1938-1940
L/E/46/52Information from Others \ Rudolf von Labans Lehre vom Tanz [Rudolf von Laban's Teachings on Dance]1921
L/E/51/39Letters \ Northern Childrens Theatre Ltd. \ Letter, Publicity, Programme and Constitution1952
L/E/16/30Choreology in general \ Innersschau, Die [interior aspect, the]n.d.
L/E/9/48Choreutics \ Notebook with choreutic drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/3/30Choreology (Space) \ Schwingende und strahlende Raum, Der [Swinging and radiant space, The]n.d.
L/E/77/18Industrial Rhythm \ Effort-graphn.d.
L/E/6/55Choreology (Effort) \ Actions, manners and passionsn.d.
L/F/1/92Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Beatrice Loeb1954
XZB/1480Rudolf Laban: An Extraordinary Life
AW/B/2041The Mastery of Movement
L/E/64/72Industrial Rhythm \ Plasticity of the Productive Mindn.d.
XZL/B/2115Cognitive Structures of Kinesthetic Space: Reevaluating Rudolf Laban's Choreutics in the Context of Spatial Cognition and Motor Control \ Volume 1: Text
XZB/2666Margaret Morris: A Prophet Without Honour
L/E/41/14Psychological Implications \ New School of Thought, A1956
L/E/77/59Articles about Laban \ Rudolf von Laban und die Entstehung des modernen Tanzdramas by Fritz Bohme1949
L/F/3/32Portraits \ Chichester1947
L/E/8/35Eukinetics \ In scale directionn.d.
L/E/68/55Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Letter to Dr. J.S. Kestenberg from Lisa Ullmann14 March 1972
L/E/1/70Choreology (Space) \ Hauptbewegung, Nebenbewegung, Kristeil, Durchstrahlen [Main movement, secondary movement, circle section, to radiate through]n.d.
L/E/14/26Choreutics \ To be found through knot combination...n.d.
L/E/56/10Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Topological Explanations, Qualitative Aspectsc.1953
L/E/17/35Choreology in general \ Stimmung [mood]n.d.
L/F/2/11Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Summer Vacation Course at Bonar Law Memorial College \ Ashridge1955
L/E/54/7Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Introduction \ Version 2c.1953
L/E/32/62Lecture notes on various subjects \ Thoughts on human valuesn.d.
L/E/59/20Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Wie weit dabei mit der Zeit ...n.d.
L/F/7/2Models - Theatre Model 1938-1939
L/F/1/72Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanOctober 1953
L/F/1/73Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanOctober 1953
L/E/53/50Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Notes on Effortn.d.
L/E/74/7Industrial Rhythm \ W.C. Holmes & Co. Ltd. \ Effort Assessments and Bonus Scheme \ 1 of 217 October 1942-11 December 1942
L/E/67/4Family Correspondence \ Arpad von Laban11 December 1949-2 June 1957
L/C/9/97Holiday Drawings \ Beach View of Saundersfoot1951
L/E/22/38Articles about Laban \ Berliner Palette \ 'Tanzschopfer am Werk'11 June 1948
L/E/14/87Choreutics \ Harmonische Einfalle per Vierringe [Harmonic incidences by 4-rings]n.d.
L/E/52/20Letters \ Letters from A.B. Clegg \ County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Education Department21 December 1945-1 March 1948
L/E/49/27Personal Statements \ Report about the Reorganisation of the Archives Laban1945
L/E/51/98Letters \ Correspondence with Geoffrey Bemrose \ City of Stoke-on-Trent Museums and Art Gallery9 August 1943-26 November 1943
L/E/68/39Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Anekdoten von Rudolf von Laban18 November 1983
L/E/1/54Choreology (Space) \ Ausprall-und Anschmiege Kräfte die Formen gestalten..., Die [Shattering and welding forces which form shapes..., The]n.d.
L/C/10/39Holiday Drawings \ Landscape with Hills and Rivers1949
L/E/77/13Industrial Rhythm \ Categories of Jobsn.d.
L/C/9/3Holiday Drawings \ Capel Curign.d.
L/C/6/69Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Six Figures1938-1940
L/F/3/67Portraits \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?]\Ashridge \ Rudolf von Laban with Lisa Ullmann1955
L/F/3/10Portraits \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?] Dartington Hall \ Lisa Ullmann teaching \ Laban sitting at side1952
L/E/80/2Industrial Rhythm \ Assessments \ Shadow-Move-Battle at the Trocadero13 January 1944
L/F/3/69Portraits \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?]\ Ashridge \ Rudolf von Laban with Ursula Beaver and Lorn Primrose1955
L/F/3/51Portraits \ Newtown, Mont. \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana Jordan and Lisa Ullmann \ Rudolf von Laban and Lisa Ullmann first meeting with Diana Jordan and Joan Goodrich when the M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?] were invited1941
L/E/66/23Industrial Rhythm \ Correspondence between Laban and F.C. Lawrence \ 19423 January 1942-9 September 1942
L/F/3/46Dances \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?] Moreton Hall Rudolf von Laban directing movement choir rehearsalSummer 1942
L/E/36/37Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Re Bill Carpenter's Manuscript \ Comments on Manuscript5 November 1955
L/F/5/1Portraits \ Rudolf Labann.d.
L/C/9/11Holiday Drawings \ Landscape with Mountains and Treesn.d.
L/C/3/94Figures \ Figure in Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/122Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/31Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/60Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/29Spatial Forms \ Planes1938-1940
L/C/4/82Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/83Modern Educational Dance \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/91Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/13Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/4/86Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/69Tetrahedrons \ Figure in Tetrahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/76Tetrahedrons \ Figures in Tetrahedrons1938-1940
L/C/5/2Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate Construction1938-1940
L/C/1/109Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/7/43Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/3/35Figure Drawings \ Male Figures1938-1940
L/C/1/10Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/6/17Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in an Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/6/13Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/44Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate1938-1940
L/C/6/10Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure showing Polar Counter-Tension1938-1940
L/C/1/15Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/6/34Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure in an Icosahedron1938-1940
L/E/31/1Lecture notes on various subjects \ Proposal for courses of introduction into the general aesthetics, A1939
L/C/2/23Spatial Forms \ Solid Form1938-1940
L/C/5/57Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/5/67Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/7Spatial Forms \ Crystalline Structures1938-1940
L/C/6/80Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/C/2/25Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/20Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/5/81Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure1938-1940
L/C/6/106Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/C/6/6Single and Double Figures in Spatial Forms \ A Figure showing Polar Counter-Tension1938-1940
L/C/2/55Spatial Forms \ Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/35Spatial Forms \ 7-er Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/4/39Figures Within Static Form \ Figure in Dodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/12Spatial Forms \ Geometric Form1938-1940
L/C/2/145Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/2/140Spatial Forms \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/B/52Modern Educational Dance
L/B/96Rudolf Laban speaks about Movement and Dance
L/B/56Laban's Principles of Dance and Movement Notation
L/B/100Modern Dance: The Jooss-Leeder Method
L/B/54Modern Educational Dance
L/B/2382Modern Educational Dance
L/B/2379Principles of Dance and Movement Notation
L/B/39Mastery of Movement, The
L/B/55Principles of Dance and Movement Notation
L/B/1453Schrifttanz \ 1 \ Methodik Orthographie Erlauterungen
L/B/42Life for Dance, A
L/B/2381Modern Educational Dance
L/B/51Dominio do Movimento
L/B/1452Deutsche Tanzfestspiele 1934
L/B/38Mastery of Movement on the Stage, The
L/B/53Modern Educational Dance
L/B/40Mastery of Movement, The
L/B/41Mastery of Movement, The
L/E/6/11Choreology (Effort) \ What is measuring an effortn.d.
L/E/11/20Choreutics \ Kantkrafte [Edge forces]n.d.
L/E/13/48Choreutics \ Askala dim. 1, 3, 5 [A scale dimensions 1, 3, 5]n.d.
L/E/17/14Choreology in general \ Energy and Spacen.d.
L/E/2/45Choreology (Space) \ Kraftzeitraum 1-7 [Strength's span of time]n.d.
L/E/22/17Movement notation \ Art of movement, Then.d.
L/E/32/14Lecture notes on various subjects \ Essence of dancing, Then.d.
L/E/15/49Choreutics \ Stein, Pflanze, Tier [Stone, plant, animal]n.d.
L/E/6/90Choreology (Effort) \ What we know about the psychological components of movementn.d.
L/E/9/28Choreutics \ Notes, symbols, drawings and scalesn.d.
L/E/10/39Choreutics \ Vierring und Dreiring [4-ring and 3-ring]n.d.
L/E/29/23Movement in general \ Raum, Rhythmus, Inhalt [Space, rhythm, content]n.d.
L/E/10/27Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, notes and symbolsn.d.
L/E/12/26Choreutics \ Drawings and notes related to Choreuticsn.d.
L/E/12/16Choreutics \ Impulslehre [Impulse teaching]n.d.
L/E/23/61Philosophical comments \ Translation of sense perception..., Then.d.
L/C/10/79Spatial Forms \ Icosahedronn.d.
L/E/1/39Choreology (Space) \ Drehmitte ist flucht [Turning centre is flight]n.d.
L/E/32/9Lecture notes on various subjects \ Contribution of movement study to educational problemsn.d.
L/E/3/10Choreology (Space) \ Form und Klang [Form and sound]n.d.
L/E/15/37Choreutics \ Geschlossene und ungeschlossene Lemnis [Closed and unclosed lemniscates]n.d.
L/E/4/65Choreology (Space) \ Graphic representation of the fixed linen.d.
L/E/35/9Art in General \ Musik, Tanz, Architektur und Poesie [music, dance, architecture and poetry]n.d.
L/C/10/69Cut Outs \ Dodecahedronn.d.
L/E/26/70Philosophical comments \ Movement and mindn.d.
L/E/11/21Choreutics \ In der Richtung von den Schrägen... [In the direction of the slopes...]n.d.
L/F/7/113Models \ Geometrical Structuren.d.
L/E/1/9Choreology (Space) \ Light - Darknessn.d.
L/E/26/28Philosophical comments \ Religion des wie (Tanz) [The religion of how (dance)]n.d.
L/E/24/15Philosophical comments \ Concerning observationn.d.
L/E/10/8Choreutics \ Schlangenlagen [Position of snakes]n.d.
L/E/25/18Philosophical comments \ Wie ich tanzen lernte und es nacher anderen gezeigt habe [How I learned to dance and then showed others]n.d.
L/E/5/5Choreology (Effort) \ Effort studyn.d.
L/E/36/8Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Nacht und Tagn.d.
L/E/10/28Choreutics \ Development; unfolding of space through movementn.d.
L/E/5/8Choreology (Effort) \ Living movement uses gravitation...n.d.
L/E/47/31Art of Movement, The \ Modern Educational Dancen.d.
L/E/24/67Philosophical comments \ Über Modelle und Zeichnungen von Bewegungsformen - Beweggungschrift [On models and drawings for movement forms - written movement]n.d.
L/E/45/56Education \ Treating Stress and Illness through Movementn.d.
L/E/11/15Choreutics \ Band in 12-er mit gleichen Konturfüllungen [Volume in 12-link with equal contour fillings]n.d.
L/E/15/59Choreutics \ Points of orientation in Kinetographic symbols, with inclination and inner attitudes, and a modelled form of peripheral and transverse 3-ringsn.d.
L/E/44/11Production Scripts \ Rienzi-Tänze [Rienzi dances]n.d.
L/E/5/22Choreology (Effort) \ Revolt of life..., Then.d.
L/E/29/55Movement in general \ Metamorphosisn.d.
L/E/29/8Movement in general \ Über den Bewegungsstil [On the style of movement]n.d.
L/E/57/30Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Kap. XI \ Trainingn.d.
L/E/21/65Movement notation \ Kurzschrift [Short script]n.d.
L/E/40/17Rhythm \ Motion Study and Effort Controln.d.
L/E/43/3Production Scripts \ Three Toymakers, Then.d.
L/E/25/49Philosophical comments \ Further thoughts on readings about the new physicsn.d.
L/E/3/24Choreology (Space) \ Das dynamische Raumbild und die neue Tektonik [The dynamic image of space and the new techtonic]n.d.
L/E/45/46Education \ Movement and Spacen.d.
L/E/70/38Miscellaneous Notes \ Movement Regulations and the Three Hardboiled Ones / Anti-Movement Education, Then.d.
L/E/7/9Choreology (Effort) \ Successive appearance of effort-media, Then.d.
L/E/57/6Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Choreographie 1n.d.
L/E/53/5Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Comprehensive Chart of Effort Graphsn.d.
L/E/8/57Eukinetics \ Free Dance; Effort Scalesn.d.
L/E/4/74Choreology (Space) \ Space. If one observes people....n.d.
L/E/58/9Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Man's Magic Mirror \ 6 of 8n.d.
L/E/16/53Choreology in general \ Spiel des Pierrot, Das [Game of Pierrot, The]n.d.
L/E/2/35Choreology (Space) \ Namen, Schrift [Name, Writing]n.d.
L/E/16/19Choreology in general \ Umgehung Durchstrahlung [diversion, radiating through]n.d.
L/E/14/52Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/76/11Industrial Rhythm \ Industrial Rhythmn.d.
L/E/8/44Eukinetics \ Exercises typical for the observation of aptitude ...n.d.
L/E/23/5Philosophical comments \ Idee des Leibes und seiner Bewegungsintegralen, Die [The idea of the body and its lines of movement]n.d.
L/E/14/43Choreutics \ Solo-dance is on one place...n.d.
L/E/23/73Philosophical comments \ Einige Sätze zum Formationen Denken [a few sentences on formative thinking]n.d.
L/E/53/12Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study \ Conclusions of Chapter Onen.d.
L/E/4/79Choreology (Space) \ Introduction into the Theory and Practice of Movement Harmonyn.d.
L/E/53/40Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Part III \ Act of Recovery, Then.d.
L/E/70/55Miscellaneous Notes \ Dial Guide to Movement, A \ Improvisation in Organised Space \ Space-Organumn.d.
L/E/7/39Choreology (Effort) \ Ideas and emotions connected with them...n.d.