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Person NameLaban; Rudolf (1879-1958)
ActivityMovement theorist
Other Forms Of NameLaban; Rudolf Jean-Baptiste Attila von
Laban; Rudolf von
Laban; Rudolf v.
Laban; Rudolph
Dates and PlacesBorn: Bratislava (15 December 1879)
SourceRudolf Laban Archive, NRCD
AW/B/2040Modern Educational Dance
L/B/38Mastery of Movement on the Stage, The
L/F/7/103Models \ Plane (3D) Structuren.d.
L/B/50Danza Educativa Moderna
L/F/7/127Models \ Geometrical Structuresn.d.
L/F/7/116Models \ Geometrical Structuren.d.
L/F/7/37Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/F/7/121Models \ Geometrical Structuren.d.
L/F/7/80Models \ Stella Structuren.d.
L/F/7/62Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/F/7/34Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/F/7/74Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/B/1452Deutsche Tanzfestspiele 1934
XZB/394Principles of Dance and Movement Notation
L/E/15/49Choreutics \ Stein, Pflanze, Tier [Stone, plant, animal]n.d.
L/F/7/26Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/F/7/101Models \ Plane (3D) Structuren.d.
L/F/7/6Models \ Dial, Then.d.
L/F/7/81Models \ Stella Structuren.d.
L/F/7/110Models \ Geometrical Structuren.d.
L/F/7/40Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/10/27Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, notes and symbolsn.d.
XZB/1480Rudolf Laban: An Extraordinary Life
L/F/7/114Models \ Geometrical Structuren.d.
XZB/1458Mastery of Movement, The
L/F/7/41Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
XZB/1504Life for Dance, A \ Rudolf Laban
L/C/4/73Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/F/7/91Models \ Hanging Structuresn.d.
L/C/10/69Cut Outs \ Dodecahedronn.d.
L/F/7/87Models \ Hanging Structuresn.d.
L/E/15/67Choreutics \ Motu proprien.d.
L/C/1/46Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/8/44Rough Structures \ Triangular Constructions with Symbols (Icosahedron)1938-1940
L/F/7/106Models \ Plane (3D) Structuresn.d.
BMJ/B/1210Mastery of Movement, The
L/C/1/19Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatre1938-1940
L/C/1/39Spatial Forms \ Icosidodecahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/26Spatial Forms \ Planes1938-1940
L/C/2/28Spatial Forms \ Icosahedron1938-1940
L/C/1/22Spatial Forms \ Spatial Structure1938-1940
L/E/5/5Choreology (Effort) \ Effort studyn.d.
L/E/15/39Choreutics \ Knoten [Knots]n.d.
L/E/15/32Choreutics \ 2 Formen des Dreikantprismas [2 forms of the 3-edged prisma]n.d.
L/E/10/28Choreutics \ Development; unfolding of space through movementn.d.
L/E/15/36Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/5/8Choreology (Effort) \ Living movement uses gravitation...n.d.
L/E/15/59Choreutics \ Points of orientation in Kinetographic symbols, with inclination and inner attitudes, and a modelled form of peripheral and transverse 3-ringsn.d.
L/C/7/2Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/C/7/3Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/C/4/100Spatial Forms \ Woman in Back Bend1938-1940
L/E/5/22Choreology (Effort) \ Revolt of life..., Then.d.
L/C/5/3Spatial Forms \ Lemniscate Construction1938-1940
L/C/6/54Relationship Between Groups of Figures \ Three Figures1938-1940
L/E/12/39Choreutics \ Metamorphosisn.d.
L/E/4/81Choreology (Space) \ Space Harmony1952-1953
L/E/13/67Choreutics \ Printn.d.
L/E/19/18Dance in general \ Movement in relation to social lifen.d.
L/E/47/39Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movement Studioc.1948
L/E/43/3Production Scripts \ Three Toymakers, Then.d.
L/E/32/56Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notesn.d.
L/C/5/58Spatial Forms \ Cube1938-1940
L/E/70/38Miscellaneous Notes \ Movement Regulations and the Three Hardboiled Ones / Anti-Movement Education, Then.d.
L/E/4/10Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic diagramsn.d.
L/E/46/61Information from Others \ Labanschulen [Laban Course]1928
L/E/25/46Philosophical comments \ Naturbewegung [Natural movement]n.d.
L/E/15/44Choreutics \ Drawings, figure experimentsn.d.
L/E/23/58Philosophical comments \ Notesn.d.
L/E/4/74Choreology (Space) \ Space. If one observes people....n.d.
L/E/2/35Choreology (Space) \ Namen, Schrift [Name, Writing]n.d.
L/E/14/52Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/1/58Choreology (Space) \ Zweites Kapitel [Second Chapter]n.d.
L/E/8/44Eukinetics \ Exercises typical for the observation of aptitude ...n.d.
L/E/14/43Choreutics \ Solo-dance is on one place...n.d.
L/E/14/62Choreutics \ Numbers and symbolsn.d.
L/F/7/77Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/E/77/37Industrial Rhythm \ L.L.I.R. Confidentialn.d.
L/E/33/40Lecture notes on various subjects \ V lecture1939
L/E/32/12Lecture notes on various subjects \ Instructions to teachersn.d.
L/E/19/9Dance in general \ Balletn.d.
L/E/4/35Choreology (Space) \ Zweiaxiges Gebilde [Two axes]n.d.
L/E/9/13Choreutics \ Forces of twilightn.d.
L/F/7/23Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/F/7/50Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/E/8/24Eukinetics \ Comprehensive chart of effort graphsn.d.
L/E/13/49Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and symbolsn.d.
L/E/13/34Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/5/2Choreology (Effort) \ Revanche, La [the revenge]n.d.
L/F/7/82Models \ Clay Sculpturen.d.
L/E/14/15Choreutics \ Drawings and Kinetogramsn.d.
L/E/4/5Choreology (Space) \ Twistloop; Knotsn.d.
L/E/33/15Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notebookn.d.
L/E/6/45Choreology (Effort) \ Motivationn.d.
XZL/B/2018Traces of Dance \ Drawings and Notations of Choreographers
L/F/7/4Models \ Stella Structure and Cube in the Icosahedronn.d.
XZB/2570A Vision of Dynamic Space
L/E/2/47Choreology (Space) \ Augen [Eyes]n.d.
L/F/7/66Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/F/7/89Models \ Hanging Structuresn.d.
L/E/19/25Dance in general \ That we are able to create...n.d.
L/E/48/40Historical Data \ International Conventions and Publications \ Movement Observation in Industry1950
L/E/11/14Choreutics \ Liste der Reihen und Ringe [Lists of rows and rings]n.d.
L/E/4/31Choreology (Space) \ Lemniskaten [Lemniscates]n.d.
L/E/33/20Lecture notes on various subjects \ Elaboration of 16 themesn.d.
L/E/31/29Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notesn.d.
L/E/7/37Choreology (Effort) \ Rhythm of the dawnn.d.
L/E/6/22Choreology (Effort) \ Theory of movementn.d.
L/E/2/59Choreology (Space) \ Musical Scoresn.d.
L/E/11/43Choreutics \ Analytical drawingsn.d.
L/E/18/56Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/F/7/54Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/E/12/56Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings - Icosahedronn.d.
L/F/7/53Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/F/7/72Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/F/7/28Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/8/20Eukinetics \ Recoveryn.d.
L/E/21/3Movement notation \ Rules of kinetography, Then.d.
L/E/26/55Philosophical comments \ Extelligencen.d.
L/E/6/68Choreology (Effort) \ Channel of decisionn.d.
L/F/7/51Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/E/13/59Choreutics \ Harmonie [Harmony]n.d.
L/E/6/40Choreology (Effort) \ Objects, facts and effortn.d.
L/F/7/24Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/19/37Dance in general \ Thinking in terms of movementn.d.
L/E/13/38Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/13/64Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/18/40Choreology in general \ Notes and symbolsn.d.
L/E/28/5Movement in general \ Our hands, the organs of graspingn.d.
L/E/6/46Choreology (Effort) \ Effort rhythmn.d.
L/E/16/64Choreology in general \ Drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/21/52Movement notation \ Nature of movement, Then.d.
L/E/8/85Eukinetics \ Rhythm and Effortn.d.
L/E/17/55Choreology in general \ Flexible and inflexiblen.d.
L/E/6/7Choreology (Effort) \ Physics are compulsive...n.d.
L/E/31/32Lecture notes on various subjects \ Mastery of movementn.d.
L/E/15/13Choreutics \ 11-Strahlige Tor, Das [the 11-radiating gate]n.d.
L/F/7/97Models \ Plane (3D) Structuren.d.
L/E/21/74Movement notation \ Notes on motivationn.d.
L/E/5/72Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and motion studyn.d.
L/F/6/2Portraits \ Rudolf Laban1955
L/F/3/22Portraits \ Manchester \ Rudolf von Laban speaking to a reporter1950
L/E/8/21Eukinetics \ Playing purposefully with effort occurs in work ...n.d.
L/E/5/77Choreology (Effort) \ Effort Microbe, Then.d.
L/E/10/41Choreutics \ Drawing of human figures with collagen.d.
L/E/17/58Choreology in general \ Movement line graphsn.d.
L/E/28/32Movement in general \ Working actions have...n.d.
L/E/16/16Choreology in general \ Enantiodromien.d.
L/E/28/56Movement in general \ Bewegung [movement]n.d.
L/E/42/16Production Scripts \ Ballett und Tanzspieltitel [Ballet and dance title game]n.d.
L/F/7/47Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/E/18/41Choreology in general \ 6 Fläche (Fünfecke) [6 surface (5 corner)]n.d.
L/E/24/4Philosophical comments \ Urge to dance, Then.d.
L/E/29/56Movement in general \ Morphology and numbern.d.
L/E/19/7Dance in general \ Ballet20 September 1943
L/E/12/42Choreutics \ Kinetography scoren.d.
L/E/70/17Miscellaneous Notes \ Single Cells ..., Then.d.
L/F/7/119Models \ Geometrical Structuren.d.
L/F/2/16Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1947
L/E/25/13Philosophical comments \ We have fourth slangesn.d.
L/E/21/76Movement notation \ Motifs and emphasisn.d.
L/E/7/1Choreology (Effort) \ Notebookn.d.
L/F/1/65Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1954
L/E/10/31Choreutics \ Berechnung der Kettenfolge [Reckoning of the chain sequence]n.d.
L/E/16/66Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/28/23Movement in general \ Schritte [Steps]n.d.
L/E/8/80Eukinetics \ Choreutics; Eukineticsn.d.
L/F/7/49Models \ Assorted Structures and Groupsn.d.
L/E/2/49Choreology (Space) \ Schriftzeichen im Raum [Characters in Space]n.d.
L/F/2/5Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1955
L/F/2/19Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1947
L/E/29/43Movement in general \ World of values, Then.d.
L/E/29/50Movement in general \ Flow of body and mind, Then.d.
L/F/2/29Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1954
L/E/2/30Choreology (Space) \ Nalo of seven parts; Form of dropsn.d.
L/F/3/89Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Labanotationn.d.
L/E/9/32Choreutics \ Frug mich Till... n.d.
L/E/24/51Philosophical comments \ Metamorphosisn.d.
L/E/46/31Man, Matter and Motion \ Control and Fantasyn.d.
L/E/29/26Movement in general \ Fantasognosis [Fantasy]n.d.
L/E/6/6Choreology (Effort) \ Effort present in all manifestations of lifen.d.
L/E/16/61Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/F/1/67Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Dartington Hall1938
L/E/42/60Production Scripts \ Sinnliche Vergnügen ..., Das [Sensual pleasure]n.d.
L/E/21/16Movement notation \ Letter IXn.d.
L/E/12/31Choreutics \ Drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/77/35Industrial Rhythm \ Man Powern.d.
L/F/7/69Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/E/26/1Philosophical comments \ Harmony of the spheres, Then.d.
L/E/21/17Movement notation \ Kinetographyn.d.
L/E/16/55Choreology in general \ Analysis of expressionn.d.
L/E/44/21Production Scripts \ Erde, Die [Earth, The] \ Paris \ 19371937
L/F/2/60Dances \ Summer Course at Moreton Hall \ Rudolf von Laban directing a movement choir1942
L/F/1/84Portraits \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/F/5/1Portraits \ Rudolf Labann.d.
L/E/51/13Letters \ Correspondence with Susanne Kabitz1957-1959
L/E/51/97Letters \ Letter to Mr Wilson, Shropshire4 December 1944
L/F/1/81Portraits \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/E/21/64Movement notation \ Choreographisches Institut Laban [Choreographic Institute Laban]1926
L/E/21/9Movement notation \ Alte und neue Dtance [Old and new stances]n.d.
L/F/1/75Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanOctober 1953
L/E/42/58Production Scripts \ Dance Themesn.d.
L/F/3/29Portraits \ Interlaken Summer Course1947
L/E/53/43Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study and Effortn.d.
L/E/49/4Personal Statements \ Cycle of Movement Investigation, Then.d.
L/E/38/22Harmony \ Mathematical Musicc.1957
L/E/50/71Letters \ Letter from Joan Gregory27 July 1955
L/F/3/5Portraits \ London \ Easter Course1952
L/E/26/68Philosophical comments \ Movement and mindn.d.
L/F/1/96Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1954
L/E/12/44Choreutics \ 48-er Dodecahedron Eckspalten [48-er dodecahedron corner crevices]n.d.
L/E/16/12Choreology in general \ Teilungen [partitions]n.d.
L/C/3/14Figure Drawings \ Male Figures1938-1940
L/E/23/32Philosophical comments \ Natural death...n.d.
L/E/23/33Philosophical comments \ Conception of time as a dimension of space, Then.d.
L/F/5/2Portraits \ Rudolf Labann.d.
L/F/7/21Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/F/1/59Portraits \ Switzerland Interlaken Course1947
L/F/2/4Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1955
L/E/6/70Choreology (Effort) \ Under the glare of powerful electric lamp...n.d.
L/F/1/46Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in Paris 19011901
L/F/2/11Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Summer Vacation Course at Bonar Law Memorial College \ Ashridge1955
L/F/2/50Dances \ Rudolf von Laban and Ruth Loesern.d.
L/E/7/26Choreology (Effort) \ Effort study deals with two aspects of effort lifen.d.
L/F/1/11Portraits \ Rudolf Laban, after the death of his wife Martha1907
L/F/1/91Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Art of movement studio \ End of term partyEaster 1956
JR/F/6/4Bust by Willi Soukop of Rudolf Labann.d.
L/E/33/4Lecture notes on various subjects \ Rhythm of action, Then.d.
L/E/50/54Letters \ Correspondence from the Dartington Period \ Letter to friends offering thanks1940
L/E/19/29Dance in general \ Peasant dancesn.d.
L/E/29/46Movement in general \ Patterns of movement generallyn.d.
L/F/1/3Portraits \ 'Rudi' (Rudolf Laban) and a friend in 18971897
L/F/1/73Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanOctober 1953
L/E/2/33Choreology (Space) \ B.V. - B.V., Die (Berb. d. Frenntbeur, Die)n.d.
L/E/12/1Choreutics \ Shapes delineated by the edges of an icosahedronn.d.
L/E/18/65Choreology in general \ Wisdom of circles: a new aspect of movementn.d.
L/E/50/67Letters \ Letters from Ruth Hassell4 June 1956 26/06/1956
L/F/1/71Models \ Shapes \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/F/3/67Portraits \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?]\Ashridge \ Rudolf von Laban with Lisa Ullmann1955
L/E/45/51Education \ Building up a Dance Theatren.d.
L/F/1/5Portraits \ Rudolf von Labanc.1895
L/E/50/42Letters \ Correspondence from the Dartington Period \ Arts Enquiry, The8 November 1943
L/F/2/56Dances \ Don Juan \ Rudolf von Laban \ Donna Elviva - Dussia Bereska1925
L/E/6/77Choreology (Effort) \ Kinetic outlook on the world, An.d.
L/F/3/73Models \ Rudolf von Laban \ The Dial1957
L/F/1/92Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Beatrice Loeb1954
L/F/2/26Portraits \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/E/26/77Philosophical comments \ Experience and expression of the religious effort-sensation in dancing, Then.d.
L/E/36/9Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Tagebuch - General [Diary - General]n.d.
L/E/47/11Art of Movement, The \ Inter-stress of Elementsn.d.
L/E/8/87Eukinetics \ Choreutic Drawingsn.d.
L/E/51/59Letters \ Letters to Mrs Bettington30 June 1945-29 August 1945
L/E/8/6Eukinetics \ Es gibt vier verschiedene Kontraste [There are four different contrasts]n.d.
L/E/5/69Choreology (Effort) \ We are used to think that a painter is moved...n.d.
L/E/76/20Industrial Rhythm \ Effort Study \ ... Effects of an action ...n.d.
L/E/32/91Lecture notes on various subjects \ Effort and recoveryn.d.
L/E/10/34Choreutics \ Comments, notes and drawingsn.d.
L/F/1/93Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Moreton Hall1942
L/F/2/25Portraits \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/E/33/17Lecture notes on various subjects \ Vision, Thec.1953
L/F/3/43Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana JordanEarly 1950s
L/E/42/57Production Scripts \ Zusammenfassende Bild [The complete picture]n.d.
L/E/50/85Letters \ Letter from Erica Furth25 January 1943
L/F/1/61Portraits \ Switzerland \ Rudolf von Laban and Lisa UllmannAugust 1947
L/F/2/32Portraits \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/E/23/28Philosophical comments \ Tides of transiency in life, Then.d.
L/F/1/94Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Moreton Hall1942
L/E/33/28Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notebookn.d.
L/E/32/50Lecture notes on various subjects \ Educational aimsn.d.
L/F/1/90Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Art of movement studio \ End of term partyEaster 1956
L/F/2/7Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Joan Goodrich1955
L/E/32/31Lecture notes on various subjects \ Art of movement teacher as consultant, Then.d.
L/F/3/71Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban's Birthday \ Treeplanting at Addlestone1955
L/F/2/13Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ at 8 Nelson Avenue Manchester 201940s
L/F/2/6Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanJanuary 1955
L/E/24/30Philosophical comments \ Mastery of movementn.d.
L/E/11/56Choreutics \ Ruhe und Tätigkeit, Bewegung und Tätigkeit [Rest and activity, motion and activity]n.d.
L/E/32/55Lecture notes on various subjects \ Expressible in Space-Time-Weightn.d.
L/E/8/26Eukinetics \ In effort training...n.d.
L/E/13/45Choreutics \ Fl. st, sch, Schlange zu O […… snake to O]n.d.
L/E/65/59Industrial Rhythm \ Suggestions \ List of Possible Industrial Rhythm Activities3 October 1944
L/E/76/17Industrial Rhythm \ First Experiments with Industrial Rhythmn.d.
L/E/76/31Industrial Rhythm \ ... Recording of the motions ...n.d.
L/E/33/6Lecture notes on various subjects \ Diagrammatic notes on spatial rhythmsn.d.
L/F/1/77Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Dr RubinsteinAutumn 1953
L/E/11/63Choreutics \ 36-ring, Then.d.
L/F/7/11Models \ Turning, Interlocking Structuren.d.
L/E/6/48Choreology (Effort) \ Movement observation shows...n.d.
L/E/32/11Lecture notes on various subjects \ Implemental movementn.d.
L/E/38/19Harmony \ Einleitung zur Harmonie der Raumformen [Introduction to harmony and space forms]n.d.
L/E/32/59Lecture notes on various subjects \ Enharmonic changesn.d.
L/E/31/69Lecture notes on various subjects \ L and Gn.d.
L/F/1/43Portraits \ Laban visiting the Laban School of Dorothea Daanin, Antwerpen \ December 19381938
L/E/5/7Choreology (Effort) \ Effortn.d.
L/F/1/100Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanJanuary 1950
L/E/26/16Philosophical comments \ Bewegungsamt [Movement authority]n.d.
L/E/47/20Art of Movement, The \ What is Meant by Modern Dancen.d.
L/F/3/58Portraits \ Open Day \ Rudolf von Laban1955
L/F/3/88Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in Manheim1928
L/E/12/36Choreutics \ 12-er Lemnis im Ico [12-link lemniscate in the icosahedron]n.d.
L/E/31/24Lecture notes on various subjects \ Form and harmonyn.d.
L/E/33/11Lecture notes on various subjects \ Exploration of symbols for effort writingn.d.
L/E/39/36Observation \ Therapy Treatment Progress Sheetn.d.
L/E/70/8Miscellaneous Notes \ Child's Sound Emission Effortsn.d.
L/E/25/23Philosophical comments \ Fantasognosis [Fantasies]n.d.
L/E/5/80Choreology (Effort) \ Kinship between movement elementsn.d.
L/E/17/7Choreology in general \ It is often maintained...n.d.
L/E/23/74Philosophical comments \ Rationalism and realismn.d.
L/E/41/14Psychological Implications \ New School of Thought, A1956
L/E/53/9Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study \ First Chaptern.d.
L/F/1/62Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1954
L/E/28/24Movement in general \ Description of patterns of behaviour in terms of movement, An.d.
L/F/1/9Portraits \ Rudolf Laban in Parisc.1902
L/E/4/8Choreology (Space) \ Diagramsn.d.
L/C/1/59Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Theatrec.1954
L/E/24/11Philosophical comments \ Psychische Perspektive [Psychic perspective]n.d.
L/E/15/47Choreutics \ Drawings concerning structure of modelsn.d.
L/E/4/68Choreology (Space) \ Twelve ringsn.d.
L/F/1/57Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban 1953 \ Rudolf von Laban June 19541950s
L/F/2/85Portraits \ E. Loeb, Dr Binswanger, Lisa Ullmann, Rudolf von Laban1955
L/E/33/13Lecture notes on various subjects \ Development of the art of movement, Then.d.
L/E/22/16Movement notation \ Elements of movement notation, including early historical notes, Then.d.
L/E/4/76Choreology (Space) \ Notebook. Relationship between 7-rings and musical scalesn.d.
L/E/6/15Choreology (Effort) \ Why effort study?n.d.
L/E/19/52Dance in general \ Dance contentsn.d.
L/E/7/72Choreology (Effort) \ Effort as an orientation in timen.d.
L/F/7/29Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/F/7/8Models \ Turning, Interlocking Structuren.d.
L/F/2/27Portraits \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/E/32/36Lecture notes on various subjects \ Movement exercise for factory workersn.d.
L/E/32/53Lecture notes on various subjects \ Miscellaneous notesn.d.
L/E/32/97Lecture notes on various subjects \ Psychologic roots of 16 themesn.d.
L/F/7/56Models \ Structures Using Tensegrityn.d.
L/F/1/99Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanJanuary 1950
L/F/7/18Models \ Paper Structure/Sculpturen.d.
L/E/2/46Choreology (Space) \ Der lebendige Raum [Living Space]n.d.
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L/E/21/11Movement notation \ Letter Vn.d.
L/E/23/24Philosophical comments \ Bible owes..., Then.d.
L/E/6/2Choreology (Effort) \ Report on history of Kinetographyn.d.
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L/E/1/1Choreology (Space) \ Space Harmonyn.d.
L/E/12/55Choreutics \ 36-er Flachenspaltung Ico [36-link icosahedron surface division]n.d.
L/E/4/23Choreology (Space) \ Ketten [Chains]n.d.
L/F/2/38Dances \ Rudolf von Labanc. 1920
L/E/24/24Philosophical comments \ Taskn.d.
L/E/35/27Historical Data \ \Gruppe fur neuen Bühnentanz Rudolf von Laban [Group for new stage dance]1925
L/E/14/8Choreutics \ In each seven-ringn.d.
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L/E/20/2Dance in general \ Three frustrations, Then.d.
L/E/5/44Choreology (Effort) \ Any speed has a durationn.d.
L/E/5/82Choreology (Effort) \ Flow is grip-releasen.d.
L/E/39/13Observation \ Observationsn.d.
L/E/1/7Choreology (Space) \ Space operationsn.d.
L/E/15/62Choreutics \ Relationship of scalesn.d.
L/E/32/48Lecture notes on various subjects \ To managerial rhythmn.d.
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L/E/45/29Education \ Dancing as a Recreative Activity for Adults1943
L/E/2/65Choreology (Space) \ Complication of the plastical feeling in movement, Then.d.
L/E/8/29Eukinetics \ Effort notation notebookn.d.
L/E/8/36Eukinetics \ Kinetograms of 12 mixed seven-ringsn.d.
L/E/8/27Eukinetics \ Human, i.e. organic movement...n.d.
L/E/32/63Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notizen uber den...n.d.
L/E/12/52Choreutics \ 50-er dod. Kantspalten [50-link dodecahedron edge fissures]n.d.
L/E/8/92Eukinetics \ Effects of motion, Then.d.
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L/E/9/17Choreutics \ Basic movement shapesn.d.
L/E/29/25Movement in general \ Diagram of expressive modesn.d.
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L/E/14/34Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notesn.d.
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L/E/45/45Education \ Aspects of Movementn.d.
L/F/7/98Models \ Plane (3D) Structuren.d.
L/E/5/50Choreology (Effort) \ Effort in Time and Spacen.d.
L/E/51/31Letters \ Letter of thanks from Lord Horder to Joan Goodrich30 October 1946
L/E/52/15Letters \ Letter from Dr Curjel \ Theater- und Tournee-Genossenschaft1 October 1947
L/F/1/80Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1957
L/E/73/18Industrial Rhythm \ American Foundrymen's Association \ Preliminary Discussionsn.d.
L/E/21/40Movement notation \ Kinesologic drawingsn.d.
L/E/26/14Philosophical comments \ Umbau [Rebuilding]n.d.
L/E/8/81Eukinetics \ Choreutic drawings, notes, symbols and effort graphn.d.
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L/E/33/36Lecture notes on various subjects \ Seventh lecture1939
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L/E/2/66Choreology (Space) \ From space to time: research about plasticitiesn.d.
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L/E/12/18Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and symbolsn.d.
L/E/12/54Choreutics \ 40-link Drache [40-er kite]n.d.
L/E/14/27Choreutics \ (Triangle)-ring scales over all transversalsn.d.
L/E/35/2Art in General \ Rules of Self-observationn.d.
L/E/19/32Dance in general \ Extraordinary richness of experiences in dancingn.d.
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L/E/13/46Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/7/67Choreology (Effort) \ Sea of time, Then.d.
L/E/45/36Education \ Movement as applied in education ...n.d.
L/E/2/18Choreology (Space) \ Rhythmus [Rhythm]n.d.
L/F/3/32Portraits \ Chichester1947
L/E/26/40Philosophical comments \ Alles Sein stammt aus organischen Leben… [Being comes from organic life …]n.d.
L/E/3/26Choreology (Space) \ Lange und Lagen [Length and positions]n.d.
L/E/21/60Movement notation \ Eukinetisches-choreutisches [Eukinetics-Choreutics]n.d.
L/E/33/2Lecture notes on various subjects \ Drawing of mechanical device for the moving seven ringn.d.
L/E/29/52Movement in general \ Movement for workn.d.
L/E/42/8Production Scripts \ Festival of Dionyses, Then.d.
L/E/7/58Choreology (Effort) \ Lemniscate in hexagonn.d.
L/E/19/65Dance in general \ M. R. de Laban will hold a cycle of eight lectures during the Spring term on: History of dance from a choreological point of viewn.d.
L/E/9/2Choreutics \ Schöpfen und Streuen [Scooping and scattering]n.d.
L/E/29/24Movement in general \ Dynamik der Form [Dynamics of form]n.d.
L/E/51/103Letters \ Letter from Somerset Youth Service re vacation course at Taunton School31 March 1943
L/F/1/52Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in his workshop at Dartington Hall1938-1939
L/E/19/8Dance in general \ Ballet1944
L/E/56/32Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Bewegung [Motion]n.d.
L/E/32/69Lecture notes on various subjects \ Various notesc.1942
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L/E/4/67Choreology (Space) \ Seven ringsn.d.
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L/E/51/52Letters \ List of Educational Contacts1942
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L/E/47/62Art of Movement, The \ Laban Art of Movement Centre \ Cybernium or Flow-gauge, Then.d.
L/E/18/29Choreology in general \ Graphs, drawings, and diagrams relating to regular and irregular circuitsn.d.
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L/E/41/7Psychological Implications \ Phraseology of Movement, Then.d.
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L/C/10/5Holiday Drawings \ Seated Figuren.d.
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L/E/42/22Production Scripts \ Effort and Stagecraftn.d.
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L/E/47/18Art of Movement, The \ Modern Dance \ New Way of Orientation, An.d.
L/E/11/17Choreutics \ Skalenordnung [Scale organisation]n.d.
L/E/1/70Choreology (Space) \ Hauptbewegung, Nebenbewegung, Kristeil, Durchstrahlen [Main movement, secondary movement, circle section, to radiate through]n.d.
L/E/11/38Choreutics \ Example of 1.24 slant transversals and seven-ringsn.d.
L/E/4/57Choreology (Space) \ Notes relating to Dial operationsn.d.
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L/F/3/46Dances \ M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?] Moreton Hall Rudolf von Laban directing movement choir rehearsalSummer 1942
L/E/5/9Choreology (Effort) \ Effort, in switching on, living movement uses gravitation...n.d.
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L/F/7/2Models - Theatre Model 1938-1939
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L/E/29/42Movement in general \ Man agogn.d.
L/E/15/11Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/47/16Art of Movement, The \ Your Effortn.d.
L/E/76/9Industrial Rhythm \ What is an Effort?n.d.
L/E/1/42Choreology (Space) \ Stellen Sie sich eine Kugel rund um ihren Körper vor... [Imagine there is a sphere around your body...]n.d.
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L/E/29/40Movement in general \ Body and mind as reciprocal instruments for one anothern.d.
L/E/45/9Education \ Observation and Description of Movement, Then.d.
L/E/34/12Lecture notes on various subjects \ It is the science of dance...1939
L/E/42/76Production Scripts \ Erde, Die [Earth, The]n.d.
L/E/49/5Personal Statements \ Choral Art Formsn.d.
L/E/33/24Lecture notes on various subjects \ Theme for lecture about dance and dancersn.d.
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L/E/16/37Choreology in general \ Self motion of man, The1945
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L/E/50/21Letters \ Mission Inn, The \ California6 October 1936
L/F/2/87Portraits \ Addlestone \ Rudolf von Laban with his daughter JuanaAugust 1953
L/E/47/66Art of Movement, The \ Methods for Training or Treatmentn.d.
L/E/5/52Choreology (Effort) \ Flow of movementn.d.
L/E/15/14Choreutics \ Begegnen - trennen [Encounter - separate]n.d.
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L/E/70/59Miscellaneous Notes \ Spacemodeln.d.
L/E/6/1Choreology (Effort) \ In our complex civilisationn.d.
L/F/1/63Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban1954
L/E/7/62Choreology (Effort) \ Crystalline shapes arising from combinations of two factors, and investigation of tensions within prime and fifth progressions, including drivesn.d.
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L/E/47/7Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movement, The12 October 1949 30/01/1958
L/E/41/6Psychological Implications \ Motivation for Movement, Then.d.
L/E/35/10Art in General \ Bewegung und Letzer Grund [movement and last stand]n.d.
L/E/51/78Letters \ Letter from Margaret H. Armitage2 May 1944
L/F/4/86Models \ Geodesic Structures \ Laban in Ico \ Summer Course \ Ashridge \ England1955
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L/E/51/6Letters \ Art of Movement Guild, Then.d.
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L/E/46/8Assessments, Reports, Records \ Letter to F C Lawrence re Y.A.B. (Youth Advice Bureau)c.1956
L/E/49/26Personal Statements \ Experience of a Neck Operation1957
L/E/50/7Investigation into Movement Responses \ Functions of Volitionn.d.
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L/E/19/19Dance in general \ Dance as a social activityn.d.
L/E/12/2Choreutics \ Order of directions and inclinations related to corner point numbersn.d.
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L/E/8/54Eukinetics \ Florizel to Perdita in The Winter's Talen.d.
L/E/48/5Historical Data \ Experiments with Form and Rhythm1939
L/E/45/5Production Scripts \ Fields of Application of Effort Controln.d.
L/E/18/38Choreology in general \ Conceptual and perceptual view of nature, Then.d.
L/E/33/31Lecture notes on various subjects \ Second lecture1939
L/E/10/10Choreutics \ Great double crownn.d.
L/E/7/24Choreology (Effort) \ Effort is the display of man's power to react to impressionsn.d.
L/F/2/21Portraits \ Self portrait of Rudolf von Labanc.1902
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L/E/45/55Education \ Some General Aspects of Effort Function in Diseasen.d.
L/E/40/10Rhythm \ What is L.L.I.R.?n.d.
L/E/47/68Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movementn.d.
L/E/7/70Choreology (Effort) \ Notes on the inhibition of the will to move and shadow movesn.d.
L/E/48/44Historical Data \ International Conventions and Publications \ Spiegel, Der \ Vom Geist des Tanzen1925
L/E/11/29Choreutics \ Stenotyp-Kinetografie [Steno-kinetography]n.d.
L/E/49/27Personal Statements \ Report about the Reorganisation of the Archives Laban1945
L/E/47/30Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movement on the Stage and in Schools, The24 November 1947
L/E/4/19Choreology (Space) \ Halbschraege [Semi-slopes]n.d.
L/E/35/11Art in General \ Freie Entfaltung, Die [free development]n.d.
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L/E/47/55Art of Movement, The \ Works of the Art of Movement1957
L/E/49/25Personal Statements \ Notes1930
L/E/22/29Movement notation \ Correspondence regarding thanks for 70th birthday greetings1950
L/E/4/6Choreology (Space) \ Exploration of the relationship between the inclinations within the 4 axesn.d.
L/E/11/59Choreutics \ Closed circuit (lemniscates) and open curve (octaves)n.d.
L/E/37/13Physiological - Scientific \ Affe war die geignetse Naturentfaltung, Dern.d.
L/E/51/23Letters \ Letter to Albrecht Knust14 December 1945
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L/E/5/14Choreology (Effort) \ Nervous organs and their functionsn.d.
L/E/51/91Letters \ Draft Letter to Mr Smith re Meetingn.d.
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L/E/32/1Lecture notes on various subjects \ Technique of expression for dancersn.d.
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L/E/51/34Letters \ Letter from Martin Gleisner10 December 1939
L/F/3/66Portraits \ Hereford Drama CourseJuly 1955
L/E/50/43Letters \ Correspondence from the Dartington Period \ Industrial Rhythm26 July 1943
L/E/34/56Lecture notes on various subjects \ Teaching the Art of Movement1954
L/E/34/47Lecture notes on various subjects \ Social Purposes and Qualities of Dance, The1939
L/E/19/1Dance in general \ Dance teaching - a creative activityn.d.
L/E/25/16Philosophical comments \ De l'intention à l'action [from intention to action]n.d.
L/E/42/41Production Scripts \ Wedding, An.d.
L/E/42/34Production Scripts \ Pipe of Peace, The \ Part 1 of 21946
L/E/9/14Choreutics \ Observation of crystalline rules of visible happenings; Introduction to crystalline movement; Insertions to examples1943
L/E/50/94Letters \ Reference for Suzanne Ivers-Sonner30 December 1946
L/E/49/3Personal Statements \ Mann.d.
L/E/47/57Art of Movement, The \ Dance Composition21 May 1957
L/E/15/3Choreutics \ Anmerkung zu Raumbild-übungssammlung [Observations concerning the collection of space-shape exercises]n.d.
L/E/5/36Choreology (Effort) \ Time-spiral perspective of effort, Then.d.
L/E/39/26Observation \ Discovery of the Movement-Portrait, The4 June 1954
L/E/42/1Production Scripts \ Rudolf Laban's Film Script6 August 1947
L/E/39/32Observation \ Association of Three Motion Factors \ Chapter 4n.d.
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L/E/11/48Choreutics \ Symbols and analytical drawingsn.d.
L/E/16/33Choreology in general \ Choreosophyn.d.
L/C/9/104Holiday Drawings \ Abstract Seascapen.d.
L/E/4/11Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic diagramsn.d.
L/E/37/14Physiological - Scientific \ Some Rules of Organic Crystallisationn.d.
L/E/19/22Dance in general \ Doing and dancing in our timen.d.
L/E/19/36Dance in general \ Principles of choral movementn.d.
L/E/6/9Choreology (Effort) \ Tesseract - Reaction15 October 1946
L/E/29/48Movement in general \ Movement and reality1954
L/E/28/38Movement in general \ Periodicityn.d.
L/E/31/47Lecture notes on various subjects \ Inhalt [Contents]n.d.
L/E/6/21Choreology (Effort) \ Motion study on the stagen.d.
L/E/10/44Choreutics \ Kinetographic, musical and mathematical notationn.d.
L/E/32/33Lecture notes on various subjects \ Manpower20 November 1942
L/E/5/55Choreology (Effort) \ Mental motionn.d.
L/E/29/30Movement in general \ Exploration of the dynamospheren.d.
L/E/18/61Choreology in general \ Dodecahedron with its tilted cubesn.d.
L/E/33/38Lecture notes on various subjects \ II lecture1939
L/E/3/29Choreology (Space) \ Die planische Raumvorstellung [Concept of space on planes, The]n.d.
L/E/6/50Choreology (Effort) \ In hearing a sound...n.d.
L/E/21/7Movement notation \ In effort notation ...n.d.
L/E/15/16Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/10/48Choreutics \ Transversale [Transversals]n.d.
L/E/16/40Choreology in general \ Efforts become visible to us...n.d.
L/E/13/26Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/12/32Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/16/76Choreology in general \ Masse [measurement]n.d.
L/E/13/8Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/29/16Movement in general \ Form - ihre Aufführung [Form - its execution]n.d.
L/E/18/25Choreology in general \ Notes on the two basic continua, energy/flow and space/timen.d.
L/E/14/4Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingn.d.
L/E/13/27Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/2/60Choreology (Space) \ Man can construct closed bands and hollows of two kindsn.d.
L/E/13/54Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/14/38Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingn.d.
L/E/37/15Physiological - Scientific \ Inanimate Matter, Plants and Animalsn.d.
L/E/8/32Eukinetics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/5/63Choreology (Effort) \ Observations concerning the difference between central and peripheral movementsn.d.
L/E/13/43Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/14/71Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and musical notationn.d.
L/E/17/1Choreology in general \ Notes and drawingsn.d.
L/E/21/39Movement notation \ Notationn.d.
L/E/11/30Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/40/22Rhythm \ Rhythmn.d.
L/E/13/42Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/14/68Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/20/37Dance in general \ Extract from an allocution held by Rudolf Laban on a meeting for community dance in 19361936
L/E/11/51Choreutics \ Über die Anwendung von Wegzeichen bei Armführungen [Concerning the use of pointers in arm directions]n.d.
L/E/25/33Philosophical comments \ Conference Introduction1937
L/E/31/30Lecture notes on various subjects \ Hunter and the dancing grid, Then.d.
L/E/7/53Choreology (Effort) \ Inner attitudes, outer attitudesn.d.
L/E/29/60Movement in general \ Miscellaneous notesn.d.
L/E/12/14Choreutics \ Examples of analysing traceformsn.d.
L/E/19/45Dance in general \ Dance as artn.d.
L/E/32/20Lecture notes on various subjects \ Lecture on the art of movement10 October 1951
L/E/19/14Dance in general \ Dance for the laymann.d.
L/E/5/41Choreology (Effort) \ Degreesn.d.
L/E/13/47Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/13/25Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/13/17Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/16/11Choreology in general \ Osirisn.d.
L/E/6/74Choreology (Effort) \ Recreationn.d.
L/E/5/56Choreology (Effort) \ Play, The (Analysis)n.d.
L/E/12/35Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/1/65Choreology (Space) \ Analytical drawingsn.d.
L/E/13/39Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/32/83Lecture notes on various subjects \ Pattern of the changing now, Then.d.
L/E/14/23Choreutics \ Choreutic analytical drawings and symbolsn.d.
L/E/31/31Lecture notes on various subjects \ Modern dancers who choose the easiest way of self-expression...n.d.
L/E/32/95Lecture notes on various subjects \ Desire of autonom function..., Then.d.
L/E/13/31Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/12/24Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/14/46Choreutics \ Drawings of seven-ringsn.d.
L/E/18/50Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/10/18Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/8/33Eukinetics \ Basketn.d.
L/E/19/20Dance in general \ Movement choirsn.d.
L/E/38/20Harmony \ Natürliche Ausdrucksbewegung, Die [Movement of natural expressions]n.d.
L/E/51/105Letters \ Correspondence with Rudolf Sonner, Germany19 April 1947-19 June 1947
L/E/31/22Lecture notes on various subjects \ Mimen.d.
L/E/22/14Movement notation \ Notation symbolsn.d.
L/E/52/28Letters \ Auf der Reise ...n.d.
L/E/18/5Choreology in general \ Kinetic sense and harmonyn.d.
L/E/32/54Lecture notes on various subjects \ Move/Soundn.d.
L/E/8/45Eukinetics \ Movementn.d.
L/E/13/35Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/1/8Choreology (Space) \ Applicationn.d.
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L/E/51/83Letters \ Letter to A. Meyersberg31 March 1941
L/E/49/21Personal Statements \ Analysis of my Businessn.d.
L/E/51/8Letters \ Letter from J.A. Meisenbach13 September 1951
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L/E/1/2Choreology (Space) \ Space Exercisesn.d.
L/E/9/10Choreutics \ Regular polygonal bodies, Then.d.
L/E/21/20Movement notation \ Series B Spacen.d.
L/E/24/49Philosophical comments \ Perspektive des Motivganges [Perspectives of motivation]n.d.
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L/E/3/35Choreology (Space) \ Kristallanalyse [Analysis of crystal]n.d.
L/E/21/25Movement notation \ Notebook with kinetogramsn.d.
L/E/2/67Choreology (Space) \ Eversion - Inversionn.d.
L/E/15/34Choreutics \ Knoten [Knots]n.d.
L/E/18/2Choreology in general \ Inner stir, Then.d.
L/E/2/69Choreology (Space) \ Drawings and symbolsn.d.
L/E/25/19Philosophical comments \ Selten-Oft [Seldom - often]n.d.
L/E/16/72Choreology in general \ Spiel der Bewegungen [game of movements]n.d.
L/E/42/85Production Scripts \ Sport / Theatern.d.
L/E/32/67Lecture notes on various subjects \ Registern.d.
L/E/20/41Dance in general \ Observation and specification of job efforts, Then.d.
L/E/24/8Philosophical comments \ Urgen.d.
L/E/42/17Production Scripts \ List of Names of Music Composersn.d.
L/E/8/31Eukinetics \ Dancer's space, Then.d.
L/E/10/29Choreutics \ Drawings of human figure in crystalsn.d.
L/E/10/45Choreutics \ Names of zones in spacen.d.
L/E/73/20Industrial Rhythm \ American Foundrymen's Association \ List of Jobsn.d.
L/E/9/16Choreutics \ Floor patterns and groupingsn.d.
L/E/9/36Choreutics \ Drawings, notes and symbolsn.d.
L/E/16/36Choreology in general \ If a man pushes in one direction...n.d.
L/E/5/6Choreology (Effort) \ Effortn.d.
L/E/40/2Rhythm \ Rhythmn.d.
L/E/23/64Philosophical comments \ World of values, Then.d.
L/E/28/26Movement in general \ Irgend [Any]n.d.
L/E/6/65Choreology (Effort) \ Thinking is a commodity...n.d.
L/E/9/38Choreutics \ Vierkantprojektion... [4-edged projection]n.d.
L/E/25/65Philosophical comments \ Bewusstsein [Awareness]n.d.
L/E/26/11Philosophical comments \ Trachten, Das [Aspiration]n.d.
L/E/5/11Choreology (Effort) \ Effort which I am making..., Then.d.
L/E/12/57Choreutics \ 42-er Transformationen [48-link transformations]n.d.
L/E/1/44Choreology (Space) \ There are rows...n.d.
L/E/6/47Choreology (Effort) \ Irritation evokes an effort!n.d.
L/E/23/20Philosophical comments \ Notes on creative imaginationn.d.
L/E/6/30Choreology (Effort) \ States, attitudes, drives, their buildup and relationshipsn.d.
L/E/5/15Choreology (Effort) \ Real caress avoids carefully..., Then.d.
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L/E/51/21Letters \ Letter from Rudolf Kastner21 March 1946
L/E/9/52Choreutics \ Symmetrical view of life-sling configurationsn.d.
L/E/32/71Lecture notes on various subjects \ Individual tests assessmentsn.d.
L/E/29/44Movement in general \ Shadow movesn.d.
L/E/21/12Movement notation \ Besides the accentuation...n.d.
L/E/19/26Dance in general \ Doing and dancingn.d.
L/E/7/61Choreology (Effort) \ Space, time, weight, and flow lines related to one anothern.d.
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L/E/28/35Movement in general \ Logic of play, Then.d.
L/E/7/27Choreology (Effort) \ Notes and drawings on continua, and the balance of weight/flow and the space/time continua17 June 1956
L/E/7/19Choreology (Effort) \ Observation and notation IIIn.d.
L/E/32/65Lecture notes on various subjects \ Miscellaneous notesn.d.
L/E/42/43Production Scripts \ Meeting of the Anti-love Clubn.d.
L/E/29/36Movement in general \ About the unity of effort and recoveryn.d.
L/E/8/52Eukinetics \ Dancer creates a decisive..., Then.d.
L/E/64/70Industrial Rhythm \ Rhythmical and Mechanical Motionn.d.
L/E/14/18Choreutics \ Seven-ringsn.d.
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L/E/14/40Choreutics \ A & B scalesn.d.
L/E/47/42Art of Movement, The \ Organisationn.d.
L/E/42/80Production Scripts \ Ich habe wie viel von Einzelprogramme ...n.d.
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L/E/32/10Lecture notes on various subjects \ Assessment of inner attitudes, Then.d.
L/E/3/2Choreology (Space) \ When belief is disappearing.....n.d.
L/E/16/67Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/31/33Lecture notes on various subjects \ Sympathy between people of various age groupsn.d.
L/E/40/12Rhythm \ Powerstation of Rhythmical Energy, Then.d.
L/E/50/18Letters \ Draft for a letter to Herr von Keudell1936
L/E/31/72Lecture notes on various subjects \ About trainingn.d.
L/E/37/2Physiological - Scientific \ Structural and Functional Shapesn.d.
L/E/31/10Lecture notes on various subjects \ Poetry of movementn.d.
L/E/6/39Choreology (Effort) \ Examples in which effort would be advisable in industry, in education, and in community lifen.d.
L/E/73/25Industrial Rhythm \ American Foundrymen's Association \ Effort Assessmentsn.d.
L/E/19/10Dance in general \ Movement as an artn.d.
L/E/20/23Dance in general \ Allerlei [general (mixed bag)]n.d.
L/E/31/20Lecture notes on various subjects \ 'Inferno' is impossible without..., Then.d.
L/E/35/5Art in General \ Ritual and Artn.d.
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L/E/47/17Art of Movement, The \ Why Man Dancesn.d.
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L/E/19/60Dance in general \ Educational and therapeutic value of dance, Then.d.
L/E/45/60Education \ Dramatic Saltatan.d.
L/E/49/24Personal Statements \ Development of a Movement Conscience, The1957
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L/E/19/31Dance in general \ What is dance?n.d.
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L/E/44/23Production Scripts \ Erde, Die [Earth, The] \ Motifsc.1937
L/E/48/43Historical Data \ International Conventions and Publications \ Tanztheater und Bewegungschor [Dance theatre and movement choir]1928
L/E/15/21Choreutics \ Choreographie [Choreography]17 November 1925
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L/E/5/67Choreology (Effort) \ Tectonic implications of the four movement media, Then.d.
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L/E/41/1Psychological Implications \ Four Effectsn.d.
L/E/64/65Industrial Rhythm \ Regeneration of Industry, Then.d.
L/E/49/30Personal Statements \ Sinn (Bedeutung) [Meaning]n.d.
L/E/75/19Industrial Rhythm \ Questionsn.d.
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L/E/5/10Choreology (Effort) \ Effort control arising from effort study...n.d.
L/E/17/57Choreology in general \ Rhythm and shapen.d.
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L/E/12/5Choreutics \ What is the aim of Choreutics?n.d.
L/E/9/41Choreutics \ It is a very important aim of choreuticsn.d.
L/E/7/60Choreology (Effort) \ Diagrams of the inner attitudes in terms of the Icosahedronn.d.
L/E/23/1Philosophical comments \ Broken ring, Then.d.
L/E/16/62Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/38/21Harmony \ Analogy of Space and Music Harmoniesn.d.
L/E/23/16Philosophical comments \ Common homeland of mann.d.
L/E/22/19Movement notation \ Foreword on Labanotation1954
L/E/24/9Philosophical comments \ Drei Schicksalsgedanken [Three thoughts on fate]n.d.
L/E/64/76Industrial Rhythm \ Outline for the Observern.d.
L/E/35/12Art in General \ Architektur [architecture]n.d.
L/E/42/23Production Scripts \ Gesture and Soundn.d.
L/E/70/23Miscellaneous Notes \ Atomic Spirits Investigate Mankindn.d.
L/C/8/54Dartington Hall Exhibition \ Octahedron1938-1940
L/E/49/36Personal Statements \ Energy, recovery, exertion ...n.d.
L/E/45/54Education \ Zu Aufsatz Stabil [Essay, steadiness]n.d.
L/E/8/22Eukinetics \ Drawings: from plant forms to effort symbols and icosahedronn.d.
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L/E/28/6Movement in general \ Identification and connection of movementsn.d.
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L/E/42/2Production Scripts \ Structural Function and Mimen.d.
L/E/37/16Physiological - Scientific \ Raumzeitbewegung ... [Motion of space time]n.d.
L/E/42/90Production Scripts \ Movement Theatre1950
L/E/35/1Art in General \ Art of Movement on the Stage and in Schools, The1947
L/E/11/18Choreutics \ Harmonisch verwandt ist... [Harmonically related is...]n.d.
L/E/33/39Lecture notes on various subjects \ IV lecture1939
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L/E/28/71Movement in general \ Tod - absolute Freiheit [Death - absolute freedom]n.d.
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L/E/23/23Philosophical comments \ Taskn.d.
L/E/51/100Letters \ Macbeth (For Children)27 April 1950
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L/E/16/39Choreology in general \ Six patterns of movement in flown.d.
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L/E/49/6Personal Statements \ Wordsn.d.
L/E/54/4Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Introduction \ Version 1 \ Draft 2c.1953
L/E/50/56Letters \ United Restitution Organisation \ Dr O. Bental25 November 1957 13/12/1957
L/E/6/26Choreology (Effort) \ Umriss Illusion [Outline illusion]n.d.
L/E/64/79Industrial Rhythm \ Wasten.d.
L/E/21/13Movement notation \ Elemental stepsn.d.
L/E/51/106Letters \ Letter from the Swiss Legation in Great Britain15 December 1944
L/E/46/60Information from Others \ Osterkurz [Easter Course] \ 19291929
L/E/23/13Philosophical comments \ How to look upon movementn.d.
L/E/7/32Choreology (Effort) \ Guide for the building up and the use of effort graphsn.d.
L/E/39/2Observation \ Analysis of Actionn.d.
L/E/45/47Education \ Motion study in the hands of the educator ...n.d.
L/E/6/72Choreology (Effort) \ Primitive persons assume...n.d.
L/E/7/50Choreology (Effort) \ Life of shapes in space, Then.d.
L/E/8/12Eukinetics \ Dynamospheric expression ... (its composition and chemistry), Then.d.
L/E/50/83Letters \ Letter from 'Ernest'30 December 1945
L/E/18/64Choreology in general \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/16/22Choreology in general \ Zielstrebung und Drehimpulse [driving tendency and turn impulse]n.d.
L/E/42/86Production Scripts \ Erkenntniss / Charakter [Recognition/ character]n.d.
L/E/19/4Dance in general \ Balletn.d.
L/E/6/88Choreology (Effort) \ Polarities and modalitiesn.d.
L/E/16/13Choreology in general \ Verachtung [contempt]n.d.
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L/E/8/35Eukinetics \ In scale directionn.d.
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L/E/51/44Letters \ Letter from Herr Vater18 March 1958
L/E/37/18Physiological - Scientific \ Y-factor in the Art of Movement, Then.d.
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L/E/1/69Choreology (Space) \ Entfaltung [Unfolding]n.d.
L/E/17/44Choreology in general \ Tangential touches of inclinationsn.d.
L/E/24/32Philosophical comments \ Versuche [Experiments]n.d.
L/E/27/2History of Dance \ Notesn.d.
L/E/28/18Movement in general \ Any movement of a human being is the outcome of life...n.d.
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L/E/8/10Eukinetics \ Language of movement, The; its script and its vocabularyn.d.
L/E/7/41Choreology (Effort) \ Formative reckoningn.d.
L/E/4/41Choreology (Space) \ Bewegung - Neigung [Movement - tendency]n.d.
L/E/50/63Letters \ New Year Card sent by Colette Decockn.d.
L/E/28/7Movement in general \ Man's shape and rhythmsn.d.
L/E/70/35Miscellaneous Notes \ Zustand und Dauer [Condition and duration]n.d.
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L/E/45/26Education \ Dynamism in Educationn.d.
L/E/41/8Psychological Implications \ Definitions and Types of Actionn.d.
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L/E/28/74Movement in general \ Harmonie sehr sparen, Die [Be very economical with harmony]n.d.
L/E/20/28Dance in general \ National dancing and the art of movementn.d.
L/E/23/30Philosophical comments \ Vanity of vanitiesn.d.
L/E/18/35Choreology in general \ Flow of space situation, Then.d.
L/E/23/65Philosophical comments \ Emotional content in the artsn.d.
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L/E/70/33Miscellaneous Notes \ Kinetoskop, ein Projektionsapparat, Das [Kinetoscope, a projector]n.d.
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L/E/13/3Choreutics \ Studien zu Totalskala (vom Ico) [Studies of the total scale (from icosahedron)]n.d.
L/E/7/35Choreology (Effort) \ Effort's weight - time - space - flow continuan.d.
L/E/7/23Choreology (Effort) \ Flow of materials, Then.d.
L/E/16/71Choreology in general \ Weg (Bahn) [route]n.d.
L/E/6/12Choreology (Effort) \ Education of effortn.d.
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L/E/1/4Choreology (Space) \ Introduction to Exercises Series C & Dn.d.
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L/E/23/9Philosophical comments \ Collegium Delphicumn.d.
L/E/26/47Philosophical comments \ Umwege zu 1 [Detour to 1]n.d.
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L/E/25/17Philosophical comments \ Flux eternelle, La [the eternal flux]n.d.
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L/E/57/9Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Im Text, bei der ersten Zusammerfassungn.d.
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L/E/50/97Letters \ Correspondence with Gertrude Janner21 December 1947 23/01/1948
L/E/50/86Letters \ Correspondence with Herta Feist7 June 1958-15 April 1959
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L/E/76/28Industrial Rhythm \ Shadow Moves in Industryn.d.
L/E/75/33Industrial Rhythm \ Pilkington's Tiles Ltd \ Casting Job Effort Graphsn.d.
L/E/51/20Letters \ Letter from Douglas Kennedy30 March 1943
L/E/51/64Letters \ Postcard from Louise van Veen2 October 1944
L/E/8/4Eukinetics \ Es giebt vier Sphären des Lebens [There are four spheres of life]n.d.
L/E/52/59Letters \ Letter to Emma Lugossy23 December 1946
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L/E/66/3Industrial Rhythm \ Work Observationn.d.
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L/E/51/75Letters \ Letter to Alma, Los Angeles31 December 1957
L/E/51/62Letters \ Correspondence with Hilde Brumof25 May 1957-5 July 1957
L/E/51/65Letters \ Letter from Ediz Weber Elekes15 December 1938
L/E/16/7Choreology in general \ Flächen [surfaces]n.d.
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L/E/8/93Eukinetics \ Apprehension of the movement as a whole, Then.d.
L/E/19/11Dance in general \ Entertainment: modern stage dancingn.d.
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L/E/17/11Choreology in general \ Four dimensions, Then.d.
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L/E/4/33Choreology (Space) \ Consideration of ray and edge; Melos.; Progression in spacen.d.
L/E/7/54Choreology (Effort) \ Odd and even interval harmonies, effort developmentn.d.
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L/E/32/2Lecture notes on various subjects \ Choral dancingn.d.
L/E/31/26Lecture notes on various subjects \ Languagen.d.
L/E/8/17Eukinetics \ Notes, drawings and symbols concerning the links of the dynamosphere and kinesphere and othersn.d.
L/E/13/61Choreutics \ 12-er Schlange... [12-link snake]n.d.
L/E/33/5Lecture notes on various subjects \ One does everything ...n.d.
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L/E/6/76Choreology (Effort) \ Toilful and even painful taking into consideration..., Then.d.
L/E/7/33Choreology (Effort) \ New dial serving for the assessment of human effort, An.d.
L/E/23/53Philosophical comments \ Charge against beauty, goodness, and truthn.d.
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L/E/10/43Choreutics \ Symbols, comments and drawingsn.d.
L/E/23/46Philosophical comments \ Sense of touch, Then.d.
L/E/21/69Movement notation \ Tanzschrift [Dance script/writing]n.d.
L/C/10/6Holiday Drawings \ Landscape with Treesn.d.
L/E/15/25Choreutics \ 23 Formationen [23 Formations]n.d.
L/E/31/40Lecture notes on various subjects \ Educational and recreational dancen.d.
L/E/7/47Choreology (Effort) \ Fundamental worry of man..., Then.d.
L/E/3/22Choreology (Space) \ Beobachtungen - Tanz u. Bew. [Observations - space and movement]n.d.
L/E/7/14Choreology (Effort) \ Raumzeitkraftformen [Shapes of space]n.d.
L/E/29/19Movement in general \ Menschliche Bewegung, Die [Human movement]n.d.
L/E/69/29Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Rudolf von Labann.d.
L/E/40/4Rhythm \ Analysis of Effort, Then.d.
L/E/55/16Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ IV \ Madame X, the Sleep Walker \ Lisa Ullmann's copyc.1953
L/E/9/11Choreutics \ Shapen.d.
L/E/68/32Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Biography Read to Guild1963
L/E/19/41Dance in general \ Only means of expression a dancer has..., Then.d.
L/E/19/5Dance in general \ Balletn.d.
L/E/28/14Movement in general \ Number of word pictures, Then.d.
L/E/23/40Philosophical comments \ There are surely very few people...n.d.
L/F/2/86Portraits \ Rudolf Laban with F C Lawrence, Spring 1955; The Studio1955
L/E/2/11Choreology (Space) \ Gnothi Seauthon [Other form of the twenty-four line]n.d.
L/E/6/63Choreology (Effort) \ Miscellaneous notes and drawings on effortn.d.
L/E/13/6Choreutics \ Strahl-Dreheffect [Radiating-turn effect]n.d.
JR/J/1038Laban Centenary Celebrations; Curriculum and Organisation \ The Changes in the Secondary School in the Past 10 Years; Secondary School Lessonlate 1970s
L/E/33/26Lecture notes on various subjects \ Mr Laban's lecture to studio members6 February 1958
L/E/25/58Philosophical comments \ Comments on life, love, hatred etc.n.d.
L/E/25/71Philosophical comments \ Powermaschine [power machine] n.d.
L/E/13/84Choreutics \ 42 Total ringn.d.
L/E/7/20Choreology (Effort) \ Incomplete efforts...n.d.
L/E/6/49Choreology (Effort) \ Dissolving of an effort element..., Then.d.
L/E/1/64Choreology (Space) \ Spiral-bound notebook with choreological and choreutic notes and drawingsn.d.
L/E/5/81Choreology (Effort) \ Dancen.d.
L/E/4/62Choreology (Space) \ Diagrams of spatial lines and forms17 October 1956
L/E/4/43Choreology (Space) \ Schräge und Spiralreihe [Slope and spiral sequence]n.d.
L/E/65/51Industrial Rhythm \ Rhythm20 March 1944
L/E/14/32Choreutics \ Drawings and Kinetograms of ringsn.d.
L/E/15/69Choreutics \ Inner attitudes and drivesn.d.
L/E/18/51Choreology in general \ Vierring zum Dod. geführt [4 rings in dodecahedron]n.d.
L/E/25/68Philosophical comments \ Religionn.d.
L/E/15/17Choreutics \ Ziele der analytischen Choreutik [Aim of analytical Choreutics, The]n.d.
L/E/18/24Choreology in general \ Additional opinions on continuan.d.
L/E/20/1Dance in general \ One could argue that music...n.d.
L/E/31/64Lecture notes on various subjects \ Inhaltsverzeichnis [List of contents]n.d.
L/E/5/59Choreology (Effort) \ Lecture notes on impetus studiesn.d.
L/E/32/40Lecture notes on various subjects \ Intellect/Extellectn.d.
L/E/28/53Movement in general \ Grosse Bewegtheit, Die [Major movement]n.d.
L/E/40/18Rhythm \ Fields of Application of Effortn.d.
L/E/5/76Choreology (Effort) \ Real time experience of a happening, Then.d.
L/F/1/72Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanOctober 1953
L/E/7/7Choreology (Effort) \ New point which life brings into the picture of existence..., Then.d.
XZA/697/3In Tune \ Rudolf Laban21 July 1998
L/F/3/15Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban \ Dartington Hall \ Lisa Ullmann1952
L/E/68/52Biographical Information \ Rudolf Laban \ Akademie der Kunste \ Einladung1979
L/E/8/47Eukinetics \ Liberation and control of all dancing...n.d.
L/E/28/42Movement in general \ Broken timen.d.
L/E/5/74Choreology (Effort) \ Two waysn.d.
L/E/5/25Choreology (Effort) \ Basic chords of feelingsn.d.
L/E/42/42Production Scripts \ Women on the Marketn.d.
L/E/15/15Choreutics \ Natur träumt, Die [Nature dreams]n.d.
L/E/39/20Observation \ Movement and its Observation and Descriptionn.d.
L/E/14/14Choreutics \ Seven-ringsn.d.
L/E/21/63Movement notation \ Eukinetics In.d.
L/E/3/13Choreology (Space) \ Spationom...n.d.
L/E/4/21Choreology (Space) \ Harmonic relations \ Crownn.d.
L/E/6/23Choreology (Effort) \ Movement elementsn.d.
L/E/8/51Eukinetics \ Everybody would agree...n.d.
L/E/14/72Choreutics \ World of shapes, Then.d.
L/E/64/67Industrial Rhythm \ About Wagesn.d.
L/E/21/26Movement notation \ Miscellaneous kinetogramsn.d.
L/E/20/11Dance in general \ Tanzgestalt [Dance form]n.d.
L/E/3/42Choreology (Space) \ Gebilde [Images]n.d.
L/C/9/78Holiday Drawings \ Landscapen.d.
L/E/7/46Choreology (Effort) \ Flow of movement, Then.d.
L/E/32/72Lecture notes on various subjects \ Space is shapen.d.
L/E/4/71Choreology (Space) \ Spacen.d.
L/E/70/26Miscellaneous Notes \ Spiral and Labyrinthn.d.
L/E/7/45Choreology (Effort) \ Philosophy of movementn.d.
L/E/25/45Philosophical comments \ Alle Ordnungsgesetze [All laws of order]n.d.
L/E/7/16Choreology (Effort) \ Kraft und form [Strength and shape]n.d.
L/E/23/54Philosophical comments \ Man and spacen.d.
L/E/4/72Choreology (Space) \ Space. Movement in space1943-1944
L/E/29/4Movement in general \ Perpetuum mobilen.d.
L/E/21/53Movement notation \ Bewegung [Movement]n.d.
L/E/26/46Philosophical comments \ Gespräche über die Schönheit [Discussions on beauty]n.d.
L/E/16/1Choreology in general \ Kreise der Isis [Circles of Isis]n.d.
L/E/24/45Philosophical comments \ Action and passionn.d.
L/E/3/46Choreology (Space) \ Stabiloid, Dasn.d.
L/E/13/77Choreutics \ Tetra harm. [Tetrahedron harmony]n.d.
L/E/11/47Choreutics \ In einem Raumzeichen... [In a space sign...]n.d.
L/E/3/47Choreology (Space) \ Zeichen zu A [symbol to A]n.d.
L/E/20/39Dance in general \ Bewegungkunst in Erziehung, Industrie und auf der Bühne [Movement in education, industry and on the stage]n.d.
L/E/7/71Choreology (Effort) \ Flown.d.
L/E/32/60Lecture notes on various subjects \ Historical comments and notes on effort and spacen.d.
L/E/1/29Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/1/5Choreology (Space) \ Gamesn.d.
L/E/3/63Choreology (Space) \ Lines; Planes; Twists; Knotsn.d.
L/E/6/35Choreology (Effort) \ Effort character compoundsn.d.
L/E/21/41Movement notation \ Choreological drawings, notes and symbolsn.d.
L/E/4/50Choreology (Space) \ Shapes of the unconscious: an investigation of the psychosomaticn.d.
L/E/17/2Choreology in general \ Raum und Bewegung [Space and movement]n.d.
L/E/15/60Choreutics \ Drawings containing crown, snake, flower, cross, and screwn.d.
L/E/21/44Movement notation \ Kinetogramsn.d.
L/E/15/7Choreutics \ Strahl und Spannung [Radiation and tension]n.d.
L/E/42/75Production Scripts \ Anmerkung [Notation]n.d.
L/E/15/4Choreutics \ Inhaltverzeichniss zur Raumbildsübungen [List of contents of space-shape exercises]n.d.
L/E/2/16Choreology (Space) \ Raum und Bewegung [Space and movement]n.d.
L/E/26/25Philosophical comments \ Auto, Radio, Konserven [Car, radio, preserves]n.d.
L/E/13/76Choreutics \ Schrägerblüten, Die [Slanting blossoms]n.d.
L/E/6/81Choreology (Effort) \ Actionn.d.
L/E/35/8Art in General \ Es soll hier der Versuch gemacht werden die Grundlagen zu einer aesthethischen Betrachtung der Bewegungserscheinung festzuhalten ... [Aesthetic Considerations of Movement]n.d.
L/E/6/87Choreology (Effort) \ Recapitulationn.d.
L/E/14/41Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/15/23Choreutics \ Drafts about choreutics and harmonyn.d.
L/E/15/20Choreutics \ Ideen zu I, II, III und Einleitung [Ideas about I, II, III and introduction]n.d.
L/E/1/71Choreology (Space) \ Greif- und Saug-Trichter [Cone that catches and draws in]n.d.
L/E/26/78Philosophical comments \ Space as a function of the body: 12 steps of developmentn.d.
L/E/32/76Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notes on space happeningsn.d.
L/E/26/19Philosophical comments \ Befreiung des Willens, Die [Release of the will] n.d.
L/E/28/63Movement in general \ Gesetz der Zeit, Das [The laws of time]n.d.
L/E/32/68Lecture notes on various subjects \ Theory is an intellectual gymnasticn.d.
L/E/18/33Choreology in general \ Lemniscate and knotn.d.
L/E/37/6Physiological - Scientific \ Feedingn.d.
L/E/26/26Philosophical comments \ Sinn des Geistes [The meaning of spirit]n.d.
L/C/10/57Sketches \ Explosionn.d.
L/E/14/76Choreutics \ Fantasnognosische Visionen [Phantasmagorical visions]n.d.
L/E/31/60Lecture notes on various subjects \ Werte [Values]n.d.
L/E/4/82Choreology (Space) \ Two dimensional harmonyn.d.
L/E/20/22Dance in general \ Raum, Rhythmus, Inhalt [Space, rhythm, content]n.d.
L/E/9/7Choreutics \ History of artn.d.
L/E/1/10Choreology (Space) \ Recreation1950
L/E/8/55Eukinetics \ Gradual changesn.d.
L/E/18/30Choreology in general \ Drawings related to regular and irregular circuitsn.d.
L/E/28/44Movement in general \ Touchingn.d.
L/E/6/73Choreology (Effort) \ Medium of drama, Then.d.
L/E/14/29Choreutics \ Primary scalen.d.
L/E/15/38Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/21/28Movement notation \ Miscellaneous notes and symbolsn.d.
L/E/19/6Dance in general \ Language of Ballet, Then.d.
L/E/8/30Eukinetics \ Conformance with targetn.d.
L/E/29/33Movement in general \ Rhythm of life, Then.d.
L/E/8/39Eukinetics \ Conclusionsn.d.
L/E/42/88Production Scripts \ Past, Present and Future - A Dance Fantasyn.d.
L/E/22/15Movement notation \ Notes on the notation of movement qualitiesn.d.
L/E/25/5Philosophical comments \ Realität [Reality]n.d.
L/E/52/21Letters \ Letter from F. Yamamoto \ Embassy of Japan28 January 1955
L/E/10/47Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/20/14Dance in general \ Thingtanz n.d.
L/E/32/78Lecture notes on various subjects \ Choreological notesn.d.
L/E/20/35Dance in general \ Modern educational dance in the service of recoveryn.d.
L/E/23/48Philosophical comments \ Thoughts on immortalityn.d.
L/E/1/53Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic notes, drawingsn.d.
L/E/23/52Philosophical comments \ Zeitkristalle und Raumrhythmenn.d.
L/E/4/54Choreology (Space) \ Mobility indicatorn.d.
L/E/20/38Dance in general \ Value of dancen.d.
L/E/15/63Choreutics \ 3 plane lemniscate, 3 plane knots, 3 plane scalesn.d.
L/E/26/43Philosophical comments \ Oben und unten [Above and below]n.d.
L/E/5/68Choreology (Effort) \ Dance and effort trainingn.d.
L/E/10/32Choreutics \ Punktbezeichnungen [Characteristics of points]n.d.
L/E/10/26Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/28/12Movement in general \ Spiritual crystallinityn.d.
L/E/6/69Choreology (Effort) \ Commentaries to the management of one's own personalityn.d.
L/E/77/33Industrial Rhythm \ Rhythm in International Trade and Economicsn.d.
L/E/2/58Choreology (Space) \ Space harmony of human movement, Then.d.
L/E/26/54Philosophical comments \ Nach dem Tode [After death]n.d.
L/E/28/20Movement in general \ Effort trainingn.d.
L/E/2/56Choreology (Space) \ Space properties of bending and twistsn.d.
L/E/11/53Choreutics \ Rechte Skala... [Right scales...]n.d.
L/E/11/2Choreutics \ Mensch der das Schicksal schaut..., Der [Person who looks at destiny..., The]n.d.
L/E/40/9Rhythm \ Rhythm of Happeningsn.d.
L/E/11/31Choreutics \ Counter movesn.d.
L/E/2/15Choreology (Space) \ Erschienendes ... Verschwindendes, Geschwindigkeit [Things that appear ... things that disappear, speed]n.d.
L/E/9/40Choreutics \ Music manuscript paper with symbolsn.d.
L/E/8/19Eukinetics \ Sequence of incomplete efforts; Typical effort sequencesn.d.
L/E/15/18Choreutics \ Bodily perspective, Then.d.
L/E/19/12Dance in general \ Thoughts on the experience a work of art can give to mann.d.
L/E/42/10Production Scripts \ Rosarion.d.
L/E/6/67Choreology (Effort) \ Workn.d.
L/F/3/31Portraits \ Chichester1947
L/E/5/31Choreology (Effort) \ Art of movement in contemporary civilisation, Then.d.
L/E/5/53Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and sensationn.d.
L/E/15/56Choreutics \ Drawings related to orientation in spacen.d.
L/E/15/46Choreutics \ Six little Pierrots driving in the Wonderlandn.d.
L/E/13/21Choreutics \ Analytical drawings on Choreuticsn.d.
L/E/31/19Lecture notes on various subjects \ Main subjects of dance and drama are based on the art of movement, Then.d.
L/E/39/12Observation \ Auf der Rheinterasse [On the Rhine terrace]n.d.
L/E/14/37Choreutics \ Drawings and effort graphs, with notesn.d.
L/E/21/51Movement notation \ Sprache ist Schrift [Thought is writing]n.d.
L/E/6/62Choreology (Effort) \ Sequencesn.d.
L/E/18/60Choreology in general \ Order of directions and inclinationsn.d.
L/E/11/58Choreutics \ Analysis of space scalesn.d.
L/E/26/64Philosophical comments \ About living beings and existencen.d.
L/E/32/21Lecture notes on various subjects \ Discussion 19/10/195119 October 1951
L/E/4/38Choreology (Space) \ Dodecahedronn.d.
L/E/42/6Production Scripts \ Rhythm and Flow for Dramatic Charactersn.d.
L/E/77/30Industrial Rhythm \ Flux, Flow and Rhythm of Movementn.d.
L/E/1/13Choreology (Space) \ To Euclid II Space-Time Harmonyn.d.
L/E/1/6Choreology (Space) \ Questions to the Observern.d.
L/E/2/50Choreology (Space) \ Es ist bedauerlich... [It is regrettable...]n.d.
L/E/25/70Philosophical comments \ Bewegung und Instinkt [Movement and instinct]n.d.
L/E/3/60Choreology (Space) \ Investigation of movement elements and their meaningsn.d.
L/E/13/18Choreutics \ Flutlemniskate [Flow lemniscate]n.d.
L/E/3/31Choreology (Space) \ Harmonische Beziehungen [Harmonic relationships]n.d.
L/E/5/21Choreology (Effort) \ Indulging in elan is ..., Then.d.
L/E/6/38Choreology (Effort) \ Tesseractn.d.
L/E/4/53Choreology (Space) \ Yardstickn.d.
L/E/19/64Dance in general \ Euclid of the souln.d.
L/E/1/28Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/15/19Choreutics \ Vierte Dimension, Die [Fourth dimension, the]n.d.
L/E/36/10Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Ingenieur in der Hölle, Der [The engineer in hell]n.d.
L/E/41/16Psychological Implications \ Table of Diagonals in Space Time Weight Flown.d.
L/E/46/1Assessments, Reports, Records \ Self-Assessment of the Students' Attitude towards Dance and Dance Teachingn.d.
L/E/25/67Philosophical comments \ Empfinden, Das [Sensitivity]n.d.
L/E/3/53Choreology (Space) \ Skalen [Scales]1925
L/E/42/36Production Scripts \ Salomen.d.
L/E/1/66Choreology (Space) \ Present introduction into some basic features of Crystalline Movement, The1943
L/E/52/66Letters \ Letter to Laban from Lotte Maletzke9 December 1949
L/E/34/13Lecture notes on various subjects \ Social purposes of dance, The1939
L/E/51/86Letters \ Letter to Herr von der Mark16 June 1958
L/E/39/22Observation \ Contemporary Movement Observationn.d.
L/E/45/72Education \ Inter-relations of the Artsn.d.
L/E/23/70Philosophical comments \ Chains of adaptive acts of a living organism..., Then.d.
L/E/8/25Eukinetics \ Excellent technical performance..., The; notes about religion, ballet etc; Craftmanship in Effort-training; Youth Clubs; Growth and shape; Movement, man's magic mirror; notes and symbols; Prefacen.d.
L/E/2/32Choreology (Space) \ Gebrauch des Spationoms [Use of Spationoms]n.d.
L/E/52/19Letters \ Letters from Basil Langton \ Travelling Repertory Theatre11 July 1942-14 November 1943
L/E/11/54Choreutics \ Schriftzeichen-Harmonie [Character harmony]n.d.
L/E/51/14Letters \ Correspondence with Teddi Kabus-Ling13 January 1957 11/03/1957
L/F/2/1Portraits \ Rudolf von LabanJanuary 1950
L/E/53/16Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study \ Methods of Reading Effort Graphs, Then.d.
L/E/36/4Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ \ Leben der Formen, Das [The life of forms]n.d.
L/E/54/32Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Second Part \ Chapter XIV \ Pageant of Crafts and Industries, Thec.1953
L/E/50/81Letters \ Motion and Movement in Modern Engineering Practice \ Comments on lecture12 November 1946
L/E/34/7Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dance1939
L/F/2/28Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban in his workshop with Kurt Jooss \ Dartington Hall1939
L/E/51/33Letters \ Letter to Joan Goodrich30 October 1946
L/E/38/23Harmony \ Harmony20 November 1957
L/E/35/6Art in General \ Action in Artn.d.
L/E/52/43Letters \ Correspondence with Frances Perret2 July 1942-20 January 1958
L/F/1/10Portraits \ Rudolf Laban with his wife Martha and their daughter Azrac.1905
L/E/26/5Philosophical comments \ Denkseiten [Thinking areas]n.d.
L/E/39/1Observation \ Technique of Observation, Then.d.
L/E/37/5Physiological - Scientific \ Nerve Irradiationn.d.
L/E/45/65Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Notesc.1946
L/E/47/33Art of Movement, The \ Art of Movement Applied to Education, Then.d.
L/E/56/35Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Anhang I \ Illustrationer / Fotos [illustrations, photos]n.d.
L/E/41/9Psychological Implications \ Dramatic Character of Human Action, Then.d.
L/E/70/52Miscellaneous Notes \ Instructions as to How to Erect the Ball-like Shapen.d.
L/E/2/38Choreology (Space) \ Beobachtungen und Meinungen über das Wesen der Seele und über die Wirkungsweisen der Lebenskraft [Observations and opinions concerning the soul's being and the action of the life-force]n.d.
L/E/52/34Letters \ Correspondence with J.H. Simpson \ College of Preceptors, The15 October 1946-12 March 1947
L/E/46/13Assessments, Reports, Records \ Question Scheme for Lisa Ullmannn.d.
L/E/59/41Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Korper als Werkzeng, Der \ 2 of 7 [the body as tool]n.d.
L/E/53/17Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Motion Study \ Interpretation of Effort Sequences ..., Then.d.
L/E/70/16Miscellaneous Notes \ Detail Synopsis I & IIn.d.
L/E/51/30Letters \ Northern Children's Theatre Ltd \ Notice of Annual General Meeting15 March 1957
L/E/45/64Education \ Teachers' Dance Guide \ Art of Movement, Thec.1946
L/E/54/15Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ First Part \ Chapter V \ Angela, the Factory Girl \ Preliminary Draftsc.1953
L/F/2/88Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with his son Arpad \ Rudolf von Laban with his son and daughter-in-law and Mrs Loeb1954
L/E/17/52Choreology in general \ 2 Notebooks with notesn.d.
L/E/71/4Industrial Rhythm \ Dartington Hall \ Report \ Section 11942
L/E/32/93Lecture notes on various subjects \ Notebookn.d.
L/E/6/91Choreology (Effort) \ Report by Raadgevend Efficiency Board1952
L/F/3/44Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana Jordan Bournville, Primrose Hill, Selly Oak, Birmingham1943
L/E/74/8Industrial Rhythm \ W.C. Holmes & Co. Ltd. \ Effort Assessments and Bonus Scheme \ 2 of 21942-1946
L/E/55/24Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ XI \ In a Giant Cave \ Lisa Ullmann's copyc.1953
L/E/66/34Industrial Rhythm \ Correspondence with Black Star Publishing Company Limited3 February 1942-1 July 1942
L/E/54/40Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Effort and Recovery \ Second Part \ Chapter XVIII \ At a Rehabilitation Centrec.1953
L/E/41/12Psychological Implications \ About the Poetry of Mind and Bodyn.d.
L/E/48/16Historical Data \ Laban Rudolf1959
L/F/1/53Portraits \ First workshop at Dartington Hall \ A visit from an old student - the dancer Tashamiran.d.
L/E/34/52Lecture notes on various subjects \ Laban Guild, The1947
L/E/51/39Letters \ Northern Childrens Theatre Ltd. \ Letter, Publicity, Programme and Constitution1952
L/E/47/14Art of Movement, The \ Modern Dance \ Answer to Questions27 August 1943
L/E/60/4Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Korper als Werkzeng, Der \ 7 of 7 [the body as tool]n.d.
L/E/34/53Lecture notes on various subjects \ Freeing the Will ...n.d.
L/E/52/24Letters \ Letters from John Trevelyan \ Westmorland County Council Education Committee20 October 1945-24 December 1945
L/E/75/14Industrial Rhythm \ Why Do We Need Special Training for Women Workers?17 August 1942
L/E/59/6Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Antrieb und Arbeit [Effort and Work] \ 3 of 4c.1957
L/E/73/14Industrial Rhythm \ Manchester Ship Canal Company \ First Investigation into the Flow of Dock Work27 February 1946
L/E/70/24Miscellaneous Notes \ Theory of Eternal Life, Then.d.
L/F/2/3Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Muriel Webster and Audrey Bambra \ Dartington Hall \ MDH Summer Course1950
L/E/67/37Photostat and Newspaper Cuttings \ Nassauische Landeszeitung \ Tanzerische Mensch, Der2 July 1968
L/E/20/54Articles about Laban \ Tat, Die \ 'Symbole des Tanzes und Tanz als Symbol' by Rudolf von Labanc.1922
L/E/6/8Choreology (Effort) \ Correspondence course in movement observationn.d.
L/E/50/55Letters \ Correspondence with Karola Dessauer30 November 1957-13 December 1957
L/E/59/23Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Einfügung in IA [inclusion in IA]n.d.
L/E/50/88Letters \ Letter to Ada Franellich re C.B. Sicione and Olivetti19 November 1956
L/E/47/29Art of Movement, The \ Modern Dance in Art, Industry and Education \ Article for the Dance Observern.d.
L/E/46/12Assessments, Reports, Records \ Young L16 September 1945
L/E/46/78Information from Others \ Cast Lists and Programme Notesn.d.
L/E/46/4Assessments, Reports, Records \ Leeds Visitn.d.
L/E/46/21Assessments, Reports, Records \ Organisation of Regional Movement Advice Centres, Then.d.
L/E/53/4Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Method of Drawing an Effort Graph, Then.d.
L/E/34/6Lecture notes on various subjects \ History of dance1939
L/E/34/51Lecture notes on various subjects \ Art and Creativity1954
L/E/23/71Philosophical comments \ Formationsn.d.
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L/E/8/40Eukinetics \ Conformancen.d.
L/E/15/31Choreutics \ Verschachtelungen [Boxing in]n.d.
L/E/8/58Eukinetics \ R.A. [right A scale]n.d.
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L/E/20/6Dance in general \ Dancingn.d.
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L/E/5/35Choreology (Effort) \ In looking at the luminous movement tracelines of movement pictures...n.d.
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L/E/8/73Eukinetics \ Mixturesn.d.
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L/E/16/50Choreology in general \ Notesn.d.
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L/E/1/14Choreology (Space) \ There is an aspect to space which is nothing to do with...n.d.
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L/E/13/41Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingn.d.
L/E/29/32Movement in general \ X-raying of human personality, Then.d.
L/E/11/55Choreutics \ Drawingsn.d.
L/E/22/9Movement notation \ Space accidentalsn.d.
L/E/13/37Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/11/37Choreutics \ Symbols for typewritingn.d.
L/E/1/15Choreology (Space) \ Argument of modern physics is..., Then.d.
L/E/70/25Miscellaneous Notes \ Lackingn.d.
L/E/6/16Choreology (Effort) \ Effort structuren.d.
L/E/40/8Rhythm \ Rhythm of Nature, Then.d.
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L/E/3/65Choreology (Space) \ Analytical diagramsn.d.
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L/E/24/66Philosophical comments \ Miscellaneous notesn.d.
L/E/20/36Dance in general \ Notes on group dancesn.d.
L/E/32/43Lecture notes on various subjects \ Illusionn.d.
L/E/34/25Lecture notes on various subjects \ Primitive dance1939
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L/E/3/14Choreology (Space) \ Writingsn.d.
L/E/26/36Philosophical comments \ Glück der Halbmoncher n.d.
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L/E/24/47Philosophical comments \ Our humble stepsn.d.
L/E/10/14Choreutics \ Choreutic drawingsn.d.
L/E/11/39Choreutics \ Observation 3. Regularly orientated seven-ring connectionsn.d.
L/E/15/8Choreutics \ Berühren [Touching]n.d.
L/E/9/15Choreutics \ General principlesn.d.
L/E/17/41Choreology in general \ Fluss und Gestalt [flow and form]n.d.
L/E/21/70Movement notation \ Tanzschrift [Dance script/writing]n.d.
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L/E/6/24Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and draman.d.
L/E/21/15Movement notation \ Letter VIIIn.d.
L/E/16/60Choreology in general \ Notesn.d.
L/E/13/58Choreutics \ 7-ringe [seven-ring]n.d.
L/E/17/10Choreology in general \ Flow of materialn.d.
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L/E/19/43Dance in general \ Modern dancen.d.
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L/E/29/3Movement in general \ In der Atmung [Breathing]n.d.
L/E/35/33Miscellaneous Notes \ Comments by R. Laban 19571957
L/E/24/44Philosophical comments \ Recurrence and selectionn.d.
L/E/2/48Choreology (Space) \ Miscellaneous notesn.d.
L/E/23/35Philosophical comments \ Space \ Introduction to flowers of spacen.d.
L/E/20/27Dance in general \ Concerning themes for educative dance playsn.d.
L/E/11/32Choreutics \ Direct and indirect moves in harmonic writingn.d.
L/E/18/59Choreology in general \ Key to directional points and chains of space inclinations of human movementn.d.
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L/E/42/28Production Scripts \ Art of Movement on the Stage, The \ Introductionn.d.
L/E/49/31Personal Statements \ Objektive Beobachtung von Subjektiven, Die \ Bewegung und Aktion [Objective observation of subjectives. Movement and action.]n.d.
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L/E/26/4Philosophical comments \ Leichtepunkte [Points of interest] n.d.
L/E/25/31Philosophical comments \ Deux plans de l'espace, Les [the two levels of space]n.d.
L/E/26/57Philosophical comments \ Thoughts about the various relations as servant of life1938-1939
L/E/28/39Movement in general \ Flown.d.
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L/E/14/53Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notesn.d.
L/E/32/47Lecture notes on various subjects \ Quotationsn.d.
L/E/22/20Movement notation \ Notes on dance notationn.d.
L/E/13/19Choreutics \ Kreis, Wring, Strahl [Circle, wring, radiate]n.d.
L/E/24/3Philosophical comments \ Nothingnessn.d.
L/E/1/43Choreology (Space) \ If you look at a dancer...n.d.
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L/E/9/3Choreutics \ Vision on dynamismn.d.
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L/E/33/19Lecture notes on various subjects \ Studiesn.d.
L/E/40/14Rhythm \ About Sports and Gamesn.d.
L/E/4/34Choreology (Space) \ Doppelwürfel [Double cube]n.d.
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L/E/40/6Rhythm \ Education of Rhythm, Then.d.
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L/E/7/10Choreology (Effort) \ Writings and drawingsn.d.
L/E/6/5Choreology (Effort) \ Crystal and plant1952
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L/E/32/42Lecture notes on various subjects \ Of what can movement speak?n.d.
L/E/32/38Lecture notes on various subjects \ Structural body exercisesn.d.
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L/E/8/37Eukinetics \ Effort values Points (corners)n.d.
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L/E/42/26Production Scripts \ Two Kinds of Undergroundn.d.
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L/E/3/7Choreology (Space) \ Über die Aufbaukräfte der Kristalle [Concerning crystals' strength of construction]n.d.
L/E/18/62Choreology in general \ Plane penetrations in icosahedron, polar 3-rings and their corresponding transversals, lemniscatic band between themn.d.
L/E/1/24Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drittel oder ein Dreifaches, Ein [A third or three times the amount]n.d.
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L/E/13/32Choreutics \ Folge von rein dim. und Schrägen [Conclusions from the purely dimensional and slopes]n.d.
L/E/45/53Education \ \ Inhalte deutscher Laientanze [Contents of German lay dancing]n.d.
L/E/39/5Observation \ Control and Analysis of Dance Movementsn.d.
L/C/1/50Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Lines1938-1940
L/E/47/32Art of Movement, The \ Introduction to the Art of Movement into Industry, Then.d.
L/E/22/5Movement notation \ Nachwort: kinetischer Syntax und Poetik [Afterword: kinetic syntax and poetry]n.d.
L/E/45/31Education \ Remarks to the Question of Introducing Dancing in Recreational Activities1943
L/E/18/14Choreology in general \ Movement is the expression of the mystery of relatednessn.d.
L/C/3/5Figure Drawings \ Group of Small Figures1938-1940
L/E/2/44Choreology (Space) \ Buch III: simultane Wirkung Sim I - Sim XII., ZW18-24 [Book III Simultaneous effect]n.d.
L/E/42/50Production Scripts \ Gebet [Prayer]n.d.
L/E/12/46Choreutics \ 42-er Transformationen [42-er Transformations]n.d.
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L/E/46/14Assessments, Reports, Records \ Why more women than men seem to be more interested in the new methods of training ...n.d.
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L/E/70/18Miscellaneous Notes \ Why Do We Study the Harmony of Movement (in Group-Dance)n.d.
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L/E/46/65Information from Others \ An die Deutsche Tänzerschaft! [On German dancers]1928
L/E/46/25Man, Matter and Motion \ \ Im Menschen sind Drei Existenzen... [There are three existences in humans …]n.d.
L/E/47/22Art of Movement, The \ Kunst der Bewegung, Die [Art of Movement, The]n.d.
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L/E/42/25Production Scripts \ Which are the Elements of Theatrical Art?n.d.
L/C/1/51Architectural Theatre Buildings \ Lines1938-1940
L/E/46/33Man, Matter and Motion \ Industrial Organism, Then.d.
L/E/45/24Education \ Development of Movement Awarenessn.d.
L/E/1/11Choreology (Space) \ Believed betrayaln.d.
L/E/28/8Movement in general \ History of movementn.d.
L/E/42/29Production Scripts \ Art of Movement on the Stage, Then.d.
L/E/47/47Art of Movement, The \ Centre Universitaire de la Danse, Le [Scheme for the Development of a University Degree]1947
L/E/14/45Choreutics \ Icosahedron, Then.d.
L/E/52/8Letters \ Letters from J.M. Bullivant5-6 May 1947
L/E/5/60Choreology (Effort) \ Psychotechnische Bewegungskontrolle erfordert die Beobachtung, Die [Psycho-technical control of movement requires observation, The]n.d.
L/E/5/73Choreology (Effort) \ Connection of aspect with function and actionn.d.
L/E/18/27Choreology in general \ Analytical drawingsn.d.
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L/C/10/63Sketches \ Cobweb, Face, Figuresn.d.
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L/E/58/24Books, Manuscripts, Outlines \ Monograph on: 'Language and Movement' in three parts \ Cover pagesc.1956
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L/C/9/43Holiday Drawings \ Schoolgirl in a Fieldn.d.
L/E/22/8Movement notation \ Motion charactersn.d.
L/E/29/37Movement in general \ Human being does not stand solidly in an erect position, An.d.
L/E/7/57Choreology (Effort) \ Diagrammatic notes using colours for showing the coming together of the four continua at Icosahedral pointsn.d.
L/E/51/54Letters \ City of Birmingham Training College26 June 1947
L/E/20/7Dance in general \ Nine lectures for dance teachers given at Halensee in March and April 19261926
L/E/45/73Education \ Concerning Themes for Educative Dance Dramasn.d.
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L/E/21/46Movement notation \ Zeichen [Signs]n.d.
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L/E/32/62Lecture notes on various subjects \ Thoughts on human valuesn.d.
L/E/70/11Miscellaneous Notes \ Lightn.d.
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L/E/13/56Choreutics \ Schlingenring hat 9 neig [Loop ring has 9 …]n.d.
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L/E/11/20Choreutics \ Kantkrafte [Edge forces]n.d.
L/E/5/66Choreology (Effort) \ Meaning of effort, Then.d.
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L/E/17/14Choreology in general \ Energy and Spacen.d.
L/E/2/45Choreology (Space) \ Kraftzeitraum 1-7 [Strength's span of time]n.d.
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L/E/14/30Choreutics \ British Dance Theatre curtain opener: The Crowsn.d.
L/E/29/59Movement in general \ Group composition1940
L/E/9/28Choreutics \ Notes, symbols, drawings and scalesn.d.
L/E/20/5Dance in general \ Rituals of procreation and killingn.d.
L/E/21/50Movement notation \ Leeder problemen.d.
L/E/26/75Philosophical comments \ About stillness and stirn.d.
L/E/17/56Choreology in general \ Pattern and shape of movementn.d.
L/E/9/35Choreutics \ Lemnis Knoten [Lemniscal knots]n.d.
L/E/10/39Choreutics \ Vierring und Dreiring [4-ring and 3-ring]n.d.
L/E/29/23Movement in general \ Raum, Rhythmus, Inhalt [Space, rhythm, content]n.d.
L/E/16/41Choreology in general \ Extension is not near and far...n.d.
L/E/18/22Choreology in general \ Two and three pronged halvings, The1954
L/E/20/29Dance in general \ Notes by Rudolf Laban on Choral movement1948-1949
L/E/12/26Choreutics \ Drawings and notes related to Choreuticsn.d.
L/E/12/16Choreutics \ Impulslehre [Impulse teaching]n.d.
L/E/23/61Philosophical comments \ Translation of sense perception..., Then.d.
L/E/28/17Movement in general \ Dynamic thinkingn.d.
L/C/10/79Spatial Forms \ Icosahedronn.d.
L/E/8/8Eukinetics \ Four activities of life, Then.d.
L/E/1/39Choreology (Space) \ Drehmitte ist flucht [Turning centre is flight]n.d.
L/E/32/4Lecture notes on various subjects \ Personal directivesn.d.
L/E/32/9Lecture notes on various subjects \ Contribution of movement study to educational problemsn.d.
L/E/3/10Choreology (Space) \ Form und Klang [Form and sound]n.d.
L/E/15/37Choreutics \ Geschlossene und ungeschlossene Lemnis [Closed and unclosed lemniscates]n.d.
L/E/4/65Choreology (Space) \ Graphic representation of the fixed linen.d.
L/E/35/9Art in General \ Musik, Tanz, Architektur und Poesie [music, dance, architecture and poetry]n.d.
L/E/32/7Lecture notes on various subjects \ Research department of Art of Movement Studion.d.
L/E/21/30Movement notation \ Conditionsn.d.
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L/C/9/59Holiday Drawings \ New ForestNovember 1954
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