Person NameMcKnight; Joan
Other Forms Of NameGoodrich; Joan
L/E/51/31Letters \ Letter of thanks from Lord Horder to Joan Goodrich30 October 1946
L/F/2/7Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Joan Goodrich1955
L/E/51/32Letters \ National Association of Teachers of Dancing \ Letter to Joan Goodrich26 May 1947
L/E/51/33Letters \ Letter to Joan Goodrich30 October 1946
L/E/52/5Letters \ Correspondence with Joan Goodrichc.1946
XZK/C2049/3430Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineOctober 1956
L/E/36/17Stories, Poems, Drama, Music \ Eukinetics and Choreutics1941
LU/E/5/5Art of Movement Studio \ Studio Lease1945-1950
L/F/3/51Portraits \ Newtown, Mont. \ Rudolf von Laban with Diana Jordan and Lisa Ullmann \ Rudolf von Laban and Lisa Ullmann first meeting with Diana Jordan and Joan Goodrich when the M D H C [Manchester Dance Holiday Course?] were invited1941
L/F/3/97Portraits \ Margaret Dunn -left \ Joan Goodrich -right \ Doncastern.d.
L/F/2/12Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban with Joan Goodrich at Dartmouthn.d.
L/F/3/95Portraits \ Rudolf von Laban and Joan Goodrich \ Dartingtonn.d.
L/E/8/14Eukinetics \ Letter to Miss Joan Goodrich: explanation and the history of Eukinetics and Choreuticsn.d.
L/E/8Eukinetics \ Files in Box 8late 1930s-late 1950s
L/E/31/4Lecture notes on various subjects \ Copy of article re: Teachers' course in Shropshire26 January 1943
L/F/3/36Portraits \ Bedford \ from left Joan Goodrich, Mr and Mrs Lawrence, Rudolf von Laban, Jean Lindsay and others \ from left Lisa Ullmann , Mr and Mrs Lawrence, Rudolf von Laban and others.1946
L/F/3/35Portraits \ Chichester1947
L/E/52/4Letters \ Letter to Joan Goodrich from R.F. Tredgold, Roffey Park Rehabilitation Centre25 November 1947
XZK/C2049/3426Laban Art of Movement Guild MagazineDecember 1954
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