Person NameLawrence; Ursella
RelationshipsDancer, Kokuma Theatre Dance 1986-1990; dance animator, Yorkshire and Humberside Arts 1991; dancer, Kokuma dance Theatre 1992-
General Contextflagged
KO/J/1222Benin \ 1 \ Premiere at MAC20 October 1993
KO/F/1/70Kokuma Performing Arts \ Nine Nights (Anderson)1986
KO/E/72/3Reaching out ... Making Connections: Historical Notes and Directory of Black and Asian Artists/es in Birmingham and the West Midlands1995
KO/F/1/51Kokuma Dance Theatre \ History of the Drum (Badejo)1992
KO/F/1/52Kokuma Dance Theatre \ History of the Drum (Badejo)1992
KO/F/2/9Kokuma Performing Arts \ Elements (Guy) 1988
KO/F/2/71Kokuma Dance Theatre Company Publicity \ Companyn.d.
KO/F/2/72Company Photographs1989
KO/F/4/23Kokuma Performing Arts \ Nine Nights (Anderson)1986
KO/F/2/40Kokuma Performing Arts \ Nine Nights (Anderson)1986
KO/F/4/24Kokuma Performing Arts \ Nine Nights (Anderson)1986
KO/F/1/69Kokuma Performing Arts \ Nine Nights (Anderson)1986
KO/F/1/68Kokuma Performing Arts \ Nine Nights (Anderson)1986
KO/E/75/19Kokuma Performance Schedulen.d.
KO/F/1/55Kokuma Dance Theatre \ History of the Drum (Badejo)1992
KO/F/1/56Kokuma Dance Theatre \ History of the Drum (Badejo)1992
KO/F/1/57Kokuma Dance Theatre \ History of the Drum (Badejo)1992
KO/F/2/8Kokuma Performing Arts \ Elements (Guy) 1988
KO/J/1224Benin \ 221 October 1993
KO/J/1226Benin \ 322 October 1993
KO/F/2/7Kokuma Performing Arts \ Elements (Guy) 1988
KO/F/2/11Kokuma Performing Arts \ Elements (Guy) 1988
KO/F/2/12Kokuma Performing Arts \ Elements (Guy) 1988
KO/F/2/16Kokuma Performing Arts \ Nine Nights (Anderson)1986
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