Person NameDuncan; Isadora (1877-1927)
ActivityUS Dancer and Teacher. Began professional carreer as an actress, troupe of Augustin Daly; dance recitals given in private homes and art galleries; in 1902 Loie Fuller sponsored her concerts in Vienna and Budapest; first professional appearance in Paris (1903), at the Theatre Sarah Bernhardt; founded a school with her sister in Grunewald, near Berlin(1905); moved school to Paris (1908); performed throughout Europe; opened a school in Moscow (1921-1924); moved to Nice in 1925 and gave her last performance in Paris in July 1927.
Dates and Placesb. San Francisco, 26 May 1877, d Nice, 14 Sep 1927
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SourceSource: Craine, D. and Mackrell, J. Oxford Dictionary of Dance. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.
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