Ref NoL/E/1
TitleChoreology (Space) \ Files in Box 1
Datelate 1930s-late 1950s
Extent76 files of papers
DescriptionThis box contains the files listed below, given in the order Reference Number: Title [number of sheets; date if known]. The files contain writings (mostly handwritten) and drawings by Rudolf Laban. Most are undated.

L/E/1/1: Choreology (Space) \ Space Harmony [2 sheets]
L/E/1/2: Choreology (Space) \ Space Exercises [7 sheets]
L/E/1/3: Choreology (Space) \ Sens spatial de l'homme motorique, Le [The spatial sense of the man on the move] [6 sheets]
L/E/1/4: Choreology (Space) \ Introduction to Exercises Series C & D [1 sheet]
L/E/1/5: Choreology (Space) \ Games [8 sheets]
L/E/1/6: Choreology (Space) \ Questions to the Observer [2 sheets]
L/E/1/7: Choreology (Space) \ Space operations [3 sheets]
L/E/1/8: Choreology (Space) \ Application [1 sheet]
L/E/1/9: Choreology (Space) \ Light - Darkness [3 sheets]
L/E/1/10: Choreology (Space) \ Recreation [2 sheets; date: 1950]
L/E/1/11: Choreology (Space) \ Believed betrayal [9 sheets]
L/E/1/12: Choreology (Space) \ Notes: On inner and outer equator; Sucking in and bulging out [6 sheets]
L/E/1/13: Choreology (Space) \ To Euclid II Space-Time Harmony [12 sheets]
L/E/1/14: Choreology (Space) \ There is an aspect to space which is nothing to do with... [2 sheets]
L/E/1/15: Choreology (Space) \ Argument of modern physics is..., The [10 sheets]
L/E/1/16: Choreology (Space) \ Plastical centricity of circles, The [3 sheets]
L/E/1/17: Choreology (Space) \ Verhältnis von Punkt zu Punkt..., Das [Relation of point to point..., The] [6 sheets]
L/E/1/18: Choreology (Space) \ Entwicklungsdauer einer Bewegungsform..., Die [Length of time taken for a form of movement to develop..., The] [3 sheets]
L/E/1/19: Choreology (Space) \ Tänzerische Raumbeziehung [Choreographic relationship to space] [12 sheets]
L/E/1/20: Choreology (Space) \ Durchringungsprodukte; Wachstum; Wölbungsempfinden [Products of fusion; growth; the feeling of curvature] [5 sheets]
L/E/1/21: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Analytical drawings [11 sheets]
L/E/1/22: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Analytical drawings [8 sheets]
L/E/1/23: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawings [5 sheets]
L/E/1/24: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drittel oder ein Dreifaches, Ein [A third or three times the amount] [2 sheets]
L/E/1/25: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawings [4 sheets]
L/E/1/26: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Ico Grundriss [Outline of Icosahedron] [4 sheets]
L/E/1/27: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawings [7 sheets]
L/E/1/28: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawings [6 sheets]
L/E/1/29: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawings [7 sheets]
L/E/1/30: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Zeit [Time] [12 sheets]
L/E/1/31: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Dreikerb [8 sheets]
L/E/1/32: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Drawings [14 sheets]
L/E/1/33: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Notes and drawings [5 sheets]
L/E/1/34: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Volutenfolge, Eukin. Dim. Kräfte..... [13 sheets]
L/E/1/35: Choreology (Space) \ Spationom \ Notes and drawings [9 sheets]
L/E/1/36: Choreology (Space) \ Zu Modell Spationom [Concerning the Spationom Model] [64 sheets]
L/E/1/37: Choreology (Space) \ Mannen wach [men alert] [10 sheets]
L/E/1/38: Choreology (Space) \ Kreise [circles] [6 sheets]
L/E/1/39: Choreology (Space) \ Drehmitte ist flucht [Turning centre is flight] [8 sheets]
L/E/1/40: Choreology (Space) \ Dynamische Morphologie [Dynamic Morphology] [8 sheets]
L/E/1/41: Choreology (Space) \ Sich bewegen heisst... [To move means...] [15 sheets]
L/E/1/42: Choreology (Space) \ Stellen Sie sich eine Kugel rund um ihren Körper vor... [Imagine there is a sphere around your body...] [7 sheets]
L/E/1/43: Choreology (Space) \ If you look at a dancer... [20 sheets]
L/E/1/44: Choreology (Space) \ There are rows... [5 sheets]
L/E/1/45: Choreology (Space) \ Es gibt keine Fortschreitung... [There is no progression...] [16 sheets]
L/E/1/46: Choreology (Space) \ Wie die vierte Dimension in der dreidimensionalen Bewegung sichtbar wird [How the fourth dimension can be seen in three-dimensional movement] [8 sheets]
L/E/1/47: Choreology (Space) \ Spielende und die Schrift, Der [Player and writing, The] [4 sheets]
L/E/1/48: Choreology (Space) \ Tabu Verbindungen [Combinations that are taboo] [6 sheets]
L/E/1/49: Choreology (Space) \ Verbindung von Neigungen [Tendencies in combination] [104 sheets]
L/E/1/50: Choreology (Space) \ Notizen, lit. Versuche, Nebenskizzen [Notes, literary experiments, related sketches] [117 sheets]
L/E/1/51: Choreology (Space) \ Rache der Geiserwelt, Die [Revenge of the spirit world, The] [8 sheets]
L/E/1/52: Choreology (Space) \ Alle Bewegung ist materiell... [All movement is physical...] [7 sheets]
L/E/1/53: Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic notes, drawings [10 sheets]
L/E/1/54: Choreology (Space) \ Ausprall-und Anschmiege Kräfte die Formen gestalten..., Die [Shattering and welding forces which form shapes..., The] [12 sheets]
L/E/1/55: Choreology (Space) \ In Raum verstreut... [Scattered in space...] [29 sheets]
L/E/1/56: Choreology (Space) \ Aesthetische Geometrie [Aesthetic Geometry] [7 sheets]
L/E/1/57: Choreology (Space) \ Es gibt an Zusammenhängen 1 3 5 [Concerning the sequences 1 3 5...] [12 sheets]
L/E/1/58: Choreology (Space) \ Zweites Kapitel [Second Chapter] [15 sheets]
L/E/1/59: Choreology (Space) \ Körpitel über die dynamische..., Ein [13 sheets]
L/E/1/60: Choreology (Space) \ Spiral-bound notebook of choreutic drawings, writings and notes [1 bound volume]
L/E/1/61: Choreology (Space) \ Überblick über mein Thema [Overview of my subject, An] [18 sheets]
L/E/1/62: Choreology (Space) \ Langenverhältnisse der Kanten, Axen, etc. [Proportional lengths of edges, axes, etc., The] [9 sheets]
L/E/1/63: Choreology (Space) \ Choreological and choreutic notes and drawings [17 sheets]
L/E/1/64: Choreology (Space) \ Spiral-bound notebook with choreological and choreutic notes and drawings [1 bound volume]
L/E/1/65: Choreology (Space) \ Analytical drawings [19 sheets]
L/E/1/66: Choreology (Space) \ Present introduction into some basic features of Crystalline Movement, The [20 sheets; date: 1943]
L/E/1/67: Choreology (Space) \ Mirror problem, The [5 sheets]
L/E/1/68: Choreology (Space) \ 12 positions [11 sheets]
L/E/1/69: Choreology (Space) \ Entfaltung [Unfolding] [4 sheets]
L/E/1/70: Choreology (Space) \ Hauptbewegung, Nebenbewegung, Kristeil, Durchstrahlen [Main movement, secondary movement, circle section, to radiate through] [7 sheets]
L/E/1/71: Choreology (Space) \ Greif- und Saug-Trichter [Cone that catches and draws in] [10 sheets]
L/E/1/72: Choreology (Space) \ Umraum. Unsere Umwelt. Die Bewegungsgesetze. [Surrounding space. Our environment. The laws of movement. Cinetosphere. Sensitivity of the feeling of touch.] [31 sheets]
L/E/1/73: Choreology (Space) \ Space [20 sheets]
L/E/1/74: Choreology (Space) \ Flowers of Space [16 sheets]
L/E/1/75: Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic drawings [22 sheets]
L/E/1/76: Choreology (Space) \ Choreutic drawings [15 sheets]
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
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