Ref NoL/E/14
TitleChoreutics \ Files in Box 14
Datelate 1930s-late 1950s
Extent88 files of papers
DescriptionThis box contains the files listed below, given in the order Reference Number: Title [number of sheets]. The files contain writings (mostly handwritten) and drawings by Rudolf Laban. None are dated.

L/E/14/1: Choreutics \ Body action words, symbols and a choreutic drawing [2 sheets]
L/E/14/2: Choreutics \ Massive body fills a hollow in space, A [1 sheet]
L/E/14/3: Choreutics \ Portrait drawing [1 sheet]
L/E/14/4: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawing [1 sheet]
L/E/14/5: Choreutics \ Directional categories [12 sheets]
L/E/14/6: Choreutics \ Diagonal traverses [14 sheets]
L/E/14/7: Choreutics \ Changes of linear shapes [12 sheets]
L/E/14/8: Choreutics \ In each seven-ring [1 sheet]
L/E/14/9: Choreutics \ Flat steep float [1 sheet]
L/E/14/10: Choreutics \ Drawings and symbols as comparison between angles and musical intervals [2 sheets]
L/E/14/11: Choreutics \ Drawing and symbols about relationship between kinesphere and dynamosphere [2 sheets]
L/E/14/12: Choreutics \ Kind of scale can be established in which the 46 transitions ... become ordered, A [4 sheets]
L/E/14/13: Choreutics \ 14 Inclinations [5 sheets]
L/E/14/14: Choreutics \ Seven-rings [4 sheets]
L/E/14/15: Choreutics \ Drawings and Kinetograms [5 sheets]
L/E/14/16: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [3 sheets]
L/E/14/17: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, symbols and notes [24 sheets]
L/E/14/18: Choreutics \ Seven-rings [6 sheets]
L/E/14/19: Choreutics \ Value of an inclination, The [1 sheet]
L/E/14/20: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings comparing angles with musical intervals [1 sheet]
L/E/14/21: Choreutics \ Curvature problems [10 sheets]
L/E/14/22: Choreutics \ Transversal seven-ring [1 sheet]
L/E/14/23: Choreutics \ Choreutic analytical drawings and symbols [3 sheets]
L/E/14/24: Choreutics \ Analytical drawings, notes and symbols [1 sheet]
L/E/14/25: Choreutics \ Kinships & differences of 7-rings [1 sheet]
L/E/14/26: Choreutics \ To be found through knot combination... [7 sheets]
L/E/14/27: Choreutics \ (Triangle)-ring scales over all transversals [1 sheet]
L/E/14/28: Choreutics \ Fiveness of plasticity, The [1 sheet]
L/E/14/29: Choreutics \ Primary scale [5 sheets]
L/E/14/30: Choreutics \ British Dance Theatre curtain opener: The Crows [1 sheet]
L/E/14/31: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawing, symbols and notes [1 sheet]
L/E/14/32: Choreutics \ Drawings and Kinetograms of rings [9 sheets]
L/E/14/33: Choreutics \ Choreutic effort figure, notes and 10-ring [5 sheets]
L/E/14/34: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [26 sheets]
L/E/14/35: Choreutics \ Notebook with choreutic drawings, notes and symbols [3 sheets, 1 notebook]
L/E/14/36: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, notes, and symbols [11 sheets]
L/E/14/37: Choreutics \ Drawings and effort graphs, with notes [5 sheets]
L/E/14/38: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawing [1 sheet]
L/E/14/39: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, Kinetograms and musical notation [6 sheets]
L/E/14/40: Choreutics \ A & B scales [2 sheets]
L/E/14/41: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings [3 sheets]
L/E/14/42: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [3 sheets]
L/E/14/43: Choreutics \ Solo-dance is on one place... [2 sheets]
L/E/14/44: Choreutics \ Adaptation of body attitudes to space harmony [4 sheets]
L/E/14/45: Choreutics \ Icosahedron, The [14 sheets]
L/E/14/46: Choreutics \ Drawings of seven-rings [2 sheets]
L/E/14/47: Choreutics \ Drawings, notations of 7-rings, and address names [1 sheet]
L/E/14/48: Choreutics \ Anleitung zur graphischen... [Instruction to graphic …] [2 sheets]
L/E/14/49: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings [15 sheets]
L/E/14/50: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, notes, and symbols [8 sheets]
L/E/14/51: Choreutics \ Drawings and writings on Choreutics and Eukinetics [10 sheets]
L/E/14/52: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [11 sheets]
L/E/14/53: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [9 sheets]
L/E/14/54: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [10 sheets]
L/E/14/55: Choreutics \ Aus einem Versuch melodische Kadenzen mit Bew. in Einklang zu bringen [On an attempt to unify cadenzas with movement] [1 sheet]
L/E/14/56: Choreutics \ Personal motor tests [5 sheets]
L/E/14/57: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [7 sheets]
L/E/14/58: Choreutics \ Symbols, The [7 sheets]
L/E/14/59: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings, notes and symbols [14 sheets]
L/E/14/60: Choreutics \ Seven impressions [6 sheets]
L/E/14/61: Choreutics \ Miscellaneous notes, choreutic drawings and symbols [16 sheets]
L/E/14/62: Choreutics \ Numbers and symbols [1 sheet]
L/E/14/63: Choreutics \ Von Laban space exercises [19 sheets]
L/E/14/64: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings and notes [4 sheets]
L/E/14/65: Choreutics \ Associative and emotive power in living motion, The [1 sheet]
L/E/14/66: Choreutics \ Plastic spiral around..., The [10 sheets]
L/E/14/67: Choreutics \ Seven-rings within axial-scale [13 sheets]
L/E/14/68: Choreutics \ Choreutic drawings [5 sheets]
L/E/14/69: Choreutics \ Lebensfähigkeit ist ein lemniskatisch orientiertes Allgemeingeschöpf..., Die [Ability to live is a lemniscate-orientated general creation..., The] [21 sheets]
L/E/14/70: Choreutics \ Paradoxon [Paradoxes] [16 sheets]
L/E/14/71: Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and musical notation [3 sheets]
L/E/14/72: Choreutics \ World of shapes, The [2 sheets]
L/E/14/73: Choreutics \ Martyrium des siebten Pierrots, Das [Martyrdom of seventh pierrot] [4 sheets]
L/E/14/74: Choreutics \ Analytical drawings and notes related to the development of Kinetography [33 sheets]
L/E/14/75: Choreutics \ Notes and drawings [13 sheets]
L/E/14/76: Choreutics \ Fantasnognosische Visionen [Phantasmagorical visions] [14 sheets]
L/E/14/77: Choreutics \ Notierung, Kinetographie auch eukin und choreut. Nemerkungen [Notation, Kinetography, and Eukinetic and Choreutic observations] [5 sheets]
L/E/14/78: Choreutics \ Notizen D [Notes D] [4 sheets]
L/E/14/79: Choreutics \ Spiel der Wächter [Guard's Game, The] [11 sheets]
L/E/14/80: Choreutics \ Bewegungsrhythmik [Rhythm of movement] [12 sheets]
L/E/14/81: Choreutics \ Notizen E [Notes E] [25 sheets]
L/E/14/82: Choreutics \ Les chemins dilemmatiques du destin [The dilemma of destiny's paths] [21 sheets]
L/E/14/83: Choreutics \ Rhythmologik [10 sheets]
L/E/14/84: Choreutics \ Topographische Ordnung der Richtungen (Neigungen), Die [Topographical arrangement of directions (tendencies), The] [4 sheets]
L/E/14/85: Choreutics \ Droit, ouvert, tortille, rond [Straight, open, twisted, round] [3 sheets]
L/E/14/86: Choreutics \ Laufen, sturzen, kriechen [Running, rushing, crawling] [4 sheets]
L/E/14/87: Choreutics \ Harmonische Einfalle per Vierringe [Harmonic incidences by 4-rings] [3 sheets]
L/E/14/88: Choreutics \ Rolle des dynamischen Raumbildes in der Kunsterziehung und im Kunstschaffen [Role of dynamic space form in artistic education and the creation of art, The] [3 sheets]
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
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