Ref NoL/E/20
TitleDance in general \ Files in Box 20
Date1926-late 1950s
Extent54 files of papers
DescriptionThis box contains the files listed below, given in the order Reference Number: Title [number of sheets; date if known]. The files contain writings (mostly handwritten) and drawings by Rudolf Laban. Most are undated.

L/E/20/1: Dance in general \ One could argue that music... [2 sheets]
L/E/20/2: Dance in general \ Three frustrations, The [13 sheets]
L/E/20/3: Dance in general \ Art of dancing, The [2 sheets]
L/E/20/4: Dance in general \ Riddle of human movement expression..., The [8 sheets]
L/E/20/5: Dance in general \ Rituals of procreation and killing [27 sheets]
L/E/20/6: Dance in general \ Dancing [4 sheets]
L/E/20/7: Dance in general \ Nine lectures for dance teachers given at Halensee in March and April 1926 [24 sheets; date: 1926]
L/E/20/8: Dance in general \ Gesichtspunkte eines Laien [Viewpoint of a layman] [20 sheets]
L/E/20/9: Dance in general \ Buch der Tanztheater [Book of dance theatre] [65 sheets]
L/E/20/10: Dance in general \ Artikel - Schönheit und Weisheit im Tanz [Article - beauty and wisdom in dance] [7 sheets]
L/E/20/11: Dance in general \ Tanzgestalt [Dance form] [6 sheets]
L/E/20/12: Dance in general \ Tanz der Hirten, Der [Dance of the shepherd] [8 sheets]
L/E/20/13: Dance in general \ Plastische Theater, Das [The plastic theatre] [3 sheets]
L/E/20/14: Dance in general \ Thingtanz [3 sheets]
L/E/20/15: Dance in general \ Gewalt in uns, Die [The strength in us] [8 sheets]
L/E/20/16: Dance in general \ Tanzkunde berichtet über alle Gesichtspunkte von denen aus der Tanz betrachtet werden kann [The study of dance includes all points of view from which dance can be seen] [1 sheet]
L/E/20/17: Dance in general \ Ballettschritte und Chortanzmotive [Ballet steps and dance motives] [3 sheets]
L/E/20/18: Dance in general \ Klarste Tanzkunde ist uns von der historischen Tanzkunst überliefert…, Die [The clearest study of dance is given to the historical art of dancing ..] [5 sheets]
L/E/20/19: Dance in general \ Möglichkeiten des Gruppenausdrucks [Possibilities for group expression] [5 sheets]
L/E/20/20: Dance in general \ Tanzkunde [Study of dance] [2 sheets]
L/E/20/21: Dance in general \ Kunstraum von…, Der [The field of art of …] [3 sheets]
L/E/20/22: Dance in general \ Raum, Rhythmus, Inhalt [Space, rhythm, content] [5 sheets]
L/E/20/23: Dance in general \ Allerlei [general (mixed bag)] [34 sheets]
L/E/20/24: Dance in general \ Dance into industry [10 sheets]
L/E/20/25: Dance in general \ Dance and movement sense [5 sheets]
L/E/20/26: Dance in general \ Recreational group dance [1 sheet]
L/E/20/27: Dance in general \ Concerning themes for educative dance plays [6 sheets]
L/E/20/28: Dance in general \ National dancing and the art of movement [7 sheets]
L/E/20/29: Dance in general \ Notes by Rudolf Laban on Choral movement [2 sheets; date: 1948-1949]
L/E/20/30: Dance in general \ Choral dancing [4 sheets]
L/E/20/31: Dance in general \ Dartington Hall [4 sheets]
L/E/20/32: Dance in general \ Notes on group dancing [4 sheets]
L/E/20/33: Dance in general \ Article about aim and content of dance plays for the lay dance [37 sheets; date: 1948]
L/E/20/34: Dance in general \ Dance [22 sheets; date: 1949]
L/E/20/35: Dance in general \ Modern educational dance in the service of recovery [25 sheets]
L/E/20/36: Dance in general \ Notes on group dances [20 sheets]
L/E/20/37: Dance in general \ Extract from an allocution held by Rudolf Laban on a meeting for community dance in 1936 [6 sheets; date: 1936]
L/E/20/38: Dance in general \ Value of dance [4 sheets]
L/E/20/39: Dance in general \ Bewegungkunst in Erziehung, Industrie und auf der Bühne [Movement in education, industry and on the stage] [15 sheets]
L/E/20/40: Dance in general \ Tanz und Körperbewegung [Dance and bodily movement] [22 sheets]
L/E/20/41: Dance in general \ Observation and specification of job efforts, The [3 sheets]
L/E/20/42: Articles about Laban \ 'Rudolf von Laban' by Margaret Wingler [1 bound volume; 1959-1960]
L/E/20/43: Articles about Laban \ An der Freunde des Bewegungschores und des Laientanzes [1 sheet; January 1928]
L/E/20/44: Articles about Laban \ Journal of Health and Physical Education \ 'Need for Realism, Courage and Invention in Modern Dance, The' by Juana de Laban [1 sheet; 1945]
L/E/20/45: Articles about Laban \ Dance \' What is the Jooss-Leeder Technique?' by Paquerette Pathe / 'Modern Dance Lexicon' by Paul Love [2 sheets; 1938]
L/E/20/46: Articles about Laban \ Wychowanie Fizyczne Ihigiena Szkolna \ 'Metodykai Praktyka' by Waclaw Gniewkowski [10 sheets; 1974]
L/E/20/47: Articles about Laban \ Schrifttanz \ 'Anna Pawlowa' by Rudolf von Laban [3 sheets; 1931]
L/E/20/48: Articles about Laban \ Schrifttanz \ 'Vom Sinn der Bewegungschore' by Rudolf von Laban [3 sheets; 1930]
L/E/20/49: Articles about Laban \ Schrifttanz \ 'Notizen und Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Schrifttanz' [5 sheets; 1931]
L/E/20/50: Articles about Laban \ Schrifttanz [12 sheets; 1929]
L/E/20/51: Articles about Laban \ Schrifttanz \ 'Rudolf v. Laban: Alltag und Fest' [4 sheets; 1929]
L/E/20/52: Articles about Laban \ Tat, Die \ 'Rudolf v. Labans Schwingende Gewalten' by Hans Brandenburg [3 sheets; 1922?]
L/E/20/53: Articles about Laban \ Tat, Die \ 'Tanz und die Neue Generation, Der' by Rudolf von Laban [2 sheets; 1922]
L/E/20/54: Articles about Laban \ Tat, Die \ 'Symbole des Tanzes und Tanz als Symbol' by Rudolf von Laban [4 sheets; 1922?]
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
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