Ref NoL/E/41
TitlePsychological Implications \ Files in Box 41
Datelate 1930s-late 1950s
Extent60 files of papers
DescriptionThis box contains the files listed below, given in the order Reference Number: Title [number of sheets; date if known]. The files contain writings (mostly handwritten) by Rudolf Laban. Most are undated.

L/E/41/1: Psychological Implications \ Four Effects [2 sheets]
L/E/41/2: Psychological Implications \ Movement [5 sheets; 1943?]
L/E/41/3: Psychological Implications \ Double Waves [4 sheets; 1943?]
L/E/41/4: Psychological Implications \ Fairy Tale of Our Time, A [13 sheets]
L/E/41/5: Psychological Implications \ Verhältnismässig wenige Grundtypen ... [Relatively few basic types …] [2 sheets]
L/E/41/6: Psychological Implications \ Motivation for Movement, The [13 sheets]
L/E/41/7: Psychological Implications \ Phraseology of Movement, The [12 sheets]
L/E/41/8: Psychological Implications \ Definitions and Types of Action [4 sheets]
L/E/41/9: Psychological Implications \ Dramatic Character of Human Action, The [4 sheets]
L/E/41/10: Psychological Implications \ Conflict and Creativity in the Artist [1 sheet; 1955?]
L/E/41/11: Psychological Implications \ Alteration and Change [2 sheets; 1955?]
L/E/41/12: Psychological Implications \ About the Poetry of Mind and Body [7 sheets]
L/E/41/13: Psychological Implications \ In the Service of our Spontaneity [8 sheets]
L/E/41/14: Psychological Implications \ New School of Thought, A [33 sheets; 1956]
L/E/41/15: Psychological Implications \ Mental and Bodily Awareness [2 sheets]
L/E/41/16: Psychological Implications \ Table of Diagonals in Space Time Weight Flow [6 sheets]
L/E/41/17: Psychological Implications \ Psychology of Movement, The [10 sheets; 1958]
L/E/41/18: Psychological Implications \ Determination of the Constituents of Movement, A [88 sheets]
L/E/41/19: Psychological Implications \ Psychosomatic Relationships [2 sheets]
L/E/41/20: Psychological Implications \ Psychology of Action, The [36 sheets]
L/E/41/21: Articles about Laban \ Dance Observer \ 'Work of Rudolf von Laban, The' by Irma Otte-Betz \ Parts I-III [3 leaflets; 1938-1939]
L/E/41/22: Articles about Laban \ Dance Observer \ 'Rudolf von Laban' by Felicia Saxe [4 sheets; 1940]
L/E/41/23: Articles about Laban \ Dance Observer \ 'A Tribute to Rudolf Laban' by Irma Bartenieff and Ann Hutchinson [3 sheets; 1949]
L/E/41/24: Articles about Laban \ Dancing Times \ 'Revival in Group Dancing, The' by Douglas N. Kennedy / 'Modern Dance and its Place in England, The' by Lilian Harmel [5 sheets; 1939]
L/E/41/25: Articles about Laban \ Dancing Times \ 'Rudolf von Laban on his 60th Birthday' by Kurt Jooss [4 sheets; 1939]
L/E/41/26: Articles about Laban \ Dancing Times \ 'He Increases Output' / 'Watch Your Step' by Olive Ripman [3 sheets; 1943]
L/E/41/27: Articles about Laban \ Dancing Times \ 'Sitter Out, The' [1 magazine; 1954]
L/E/41/28: Articles about Laban \ Dancing Times \ 'Off Stage!' and 'Cologne 1977' by G.B.L. Wilson [1 magazine; October 1977]
L/E/41/29: Articles about Laban \ Protokol der 2. Ausserordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung des Deutschen Chorsangerverbandes u. Tanzerbundes e.V. [Report of the 2nd Extraordinary General Meeting of the German Choir and Dance Association] [1 booklet; 1935]
L/E/41/30: Articles about Laban \ Du \ Tanz als Pantomime' by Trudi Schoop / 'Wie Schriebt Man Tanze Auf?' by Albrecht Knust / 'Bewegungsbeobachtung in der Industrie' by Rudolf Laban [6 sheets; 1950]
L/E/41/31: Articles about Laban \ Education Physique et Sport \ 'Vendredi 18 Mai - Addlestone' by Denise Truc [2 sheets; 1957]
L/E/41/32: Articles about Laban \ Giornale delle Donne \ 'Vita Femminile' by Cesca Bozzi Sicione [1 sheet; 6 November 1936]
L/E/41/33: Articles about Laban \ Hilfe, Die \ 'Nachexpressionistische Tanzkunst am Scheidewerg, Die' by Alfred Jurgens [4 sheets; 6 November 1943]
L/E/41/34: Articles about Laban \ ICI Magazine \ 'School for Drama' by Molly Quinn [4 sheets; 1951]
L/E/41/35: Articles about Laban \ Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, The \ 'Mind and Medium in Modern Dance' by Katharine Everett Gilbert [1 booklet; 1941]
L/E/41/36: Articles about Laban \ Journal of Mental Science \ 'Dance-Mime: A Contribution to Treatment in Psychiatry' by Grace Bainbridge et al. [1 booklet; 1953]
L/E/41/37: Articles about Laban \ Journal of Physical Education and School Hygiene \ 'Industrial Rhythm - The Key to Motion Study' by F.C. Lawrence / 'Group Dancing' by Sylvia Bodmer [7 sheets; 1943]
L/E/41/38: Articles about Laban \ Journal of Physical Education \ 'What is Dance?' by Douglas Kennedy / 'Relation of Expressive Work to the Needs of Children, The' by Gwendolen E. Chesters [7 sheets; 1950]
L/E/41/39: Articles about Laban \ Journal of Physical Education \ 'Movement Training for Girls' by Christine Roberts [4 sheets; 1953]
L/E/41/40: Articles about Laban \ Journal of Physical Education \ 'Work of the Art of Movement Studio, The' by Rudolf Laban [6 sheets; 1954]
L/E/41/41: Articles about Laban \ Kraft und Schonheit \ 'Neue Wege zur Frauenschonheit' by Herman Soltmann [11 sheets; unknown]
L/E/41/42: Articles about Laban \ Leaflet of the Ling Physical Education Association, The \ 'Art of Movement, The' [2 sheets; 1954]
L/E/41/43: Articles about Laban \ Mind Alive \ 'Language of Movement, A' by Ian Hogg [2 sheets; 1968]
L/E/41/44: Articles about Laban \ Movement \ 'Letter from Rudolf Laban, A' by Rudolf Laban [2 sheets; 1948]
L/E/41/45: Articles about Laban \ Movement \ 'Movement in Education (1)' by Lisa Ullmann / 'Movement in Education (2)' by John Trevelyan [5 sheets; 1948]
L/E/41/46: Articles about Laban \ Musik, Die \ 'Aus der Geschichte der Tanzschrift' by Rudolf Sonner [6 sheets; 1938]
L/E/41/47: Articles about Laban \ Muzsika \ 'Laban Rudolf Emlekere' [2 sheets; 1959]
L/E/41/48: Articles about Laban \ New Era, The \ 'Child's Feeling for Movement, The' by Lilian Harmel [2 sheets; 1956]
L/E/41/49: Articles about Laban \ New Era, The \ 'Notes on the Movement Group' by Betty Meredith Jones [3 sheets; 1951]
L/E/41/50: Articles about Laban \ New Era, The \ Special Issue on Rudolf Laban [1 sheet; 1959]
L/E/41/51: Articles about Laban \ Pedagoski Rad \ Centar Rudolfa Labana za Naucno Istrazivanje Pokreta ['Rudolf Laban's Center for the Scientific Research of Movement'] by Ana Maletic [7 sheets; 1957]
L/E/41/52: Articles about Laban \ Pedagoski Rad \ Umjetnost Pokreta u Odgoju ['Art of Movement in Education, The'] by Ana Maletic [7 sheets; 1957]
L/E/41/53: Articles about Laban \ Physical Recreation \ 'Recreative Dancing in the Movement Choir' by Lisa Ullmann [3 sheets; 1942]
L/E/41/54: Articles about Laban \ Physical Recreation Bulletin \ 'Laban Lawrence Industrial Rhythm' by F.C. Lawrence [2 sheets; 1942]
L/E/41/55: Articles about Laban \ Picture Post \ 'Where Youth has its Fling' [3 sheets; 24 November 1951]
L/E/41/56: Articles about Laban \ Produktivnost \ 'Laban's Research of Movement & its Practical Appliance in the Laban-Lawrence Method of Rationalisation in Industry' by Vera Maletic [23 sheets; 1957]
L/E/41/57: Articles about Laban \ Quadrante \ 'Danza di Masse' by Cesca Bozzi Sicione [6 sheets; unknown]
L/E/41/58: Articles about Laban \ Scala, La \ 'Verso la Nuova Danza' by Sicione-De Mattia [8 sheets; 1952]
L/E/41/59: Articles about Laban \ Scala, La \ 'Modern Dance' by Sicione-De Mattia [6 sheets; 1954]
L/E/41/60: Articles about Laban \ Scheinwerfer, Der \ 'Radius des Tanzkunstwerks, Der' by Fritz Bohme / 'Choreographie und Theater' by Rudolf von Laban [6 sheets; 1928]
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
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