Ref NoL/E/5
TitleChoreology (Effort) \ Files in Box 5
Datelate 1930s-late 1950s
Extent83 files of papers
DescriptionThis box contains the files listed below, given in the order Reference Number: Title [number of sheets; date if known]. The files contain writings (mostly handwritten) and drawings by Rudolf Laban. Most are undated.

L/E/5/1: Choreology (Effort) \ Cristallographie dynamique, La [Dynamic crystallography] [38 sheets]
L/E/5/2: Choreology (Effort) \ Revanche, La [the revenge] [5 sheets]
L/E/5/3: Choreology (Effort) \ Rudiments of a free dance technique, The [31 sheets]
L/E/5/4: Choreology (Effort) \ Enlargement of page 2 of 'The rudiments of a free dance technique' [15 sheets]
L/E/5/5: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort study [14 sheets]
L/E/5/6: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort [11 sheets]
L/E/5/7: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort [9 sheets]
L/E/5/8: Choreology (Effort) \ Living movement uses gravitation... [13 sheets]
L/E/5/9: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort, in switching on, living movement uses gravitation... [13 sheets]
L/E/5/10: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort control arising from effort study... [18 sheets]
L/E/5/11: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort which I am making..., The [26 sheets]
L/E/5/12: Choreology (Effort) \ In dream or feverish excitement... [20 sheets]
L/E/5/13: Choreology (Effort) \ Symbolic expression of structural and functional shapes [37 sheets; date: 1950?]
L/E/5/14: Choreology (Effort) \ Nervous organs and their functions [15 sheets]
L/E/5/15: Choreology (Effort) \ Real caress avoids carefully..., The [34 sheets]
L/E/5/16: Choreology (Effort) \ Movement cannot be fast and slow..., A [11 sheets]
L/E/5/17: Choreology (Effort) \ Working pattern of mental action power, The [5 sheets]
L/E/5/18: Choreology (Effort) \ Meaning of movement action and movement utterance, The [8 sheets]
L/E/5/19: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort notation [2 sheets]
L/E/5/20: Choreology (Effort) \ Recovery is the rediscovery... [3 sheets]
L/E/5/21: Choreology (Effort) \ Indulging in elan is ..., The [6 sheets]
L/E/5/22: Choreology (Effort) \ Revolt of life..., The [7 sheets]
L/E/5/23: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort as a psychophysic merger [3 sheets]
L/E/5/24: Choreology (Effort) \ We are used to consider a person who attacks a task... [2 sheets; ; date: 1952?]
L/E/5/25: Choreology (Effort) \ Basic chords of feelings [5 sheets]
L/E/5/26: Choreology (Effort) \ Visible and invisible bodily movement functions [1 sheet]
L/E/5/27: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort notation [6 sheets]
L/E/5/28: Choreology (Effort) \ But the arising of rest positions... [12 sheets]
L/E/5/29: Choreology (Effort) \ Basic notations in Kinetography and Effort notation, The [16 sheets]
L/E/5/30: Choreology (Effort) \ Civilisations in which the material... [1 sheet]
L/E/5/31: Choreology (Effort) \ Art of movement in contemporary civilisation, The [6 sheets]
L/E/5/32: Choreology (Effort) \ Not only detection of thought... [9 sheets]
L/E/5/33: Choreology (Effort) \ Hunting ground of the movement observer, The [1 sheet]
L/E/5/34: Choreology (Effort) \ General terms [18 sheets]
L/E/5/35: Choreology (Effort) \ In looking at the luminous movement tracelines of movement pictures... [4 sheets]
L/E/5/36: Choreology (Effort) \ Time-spiral perspective of effort, The [12 sheets]
L/E/5/37: Choreology (Effort) \ Background of the Art of Movement [11 sheets]
L/E/5/38: Choreology (Effort) \ Contents [9 sheets]
L/E/5/39: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort [13 sheets]
L/E/5/40: Choreology (Effort) \ Julian Huxley, evolution in action... [41 sheets]
L/E/5/41: Choreology (Effort) \ Degrees [6 sheets]
L/E/5/42: Choreology (Effort) \ Fifth chapter, Effort and bodily intelligence [33 sheets]
L/E/5/43: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort training [5 sheets]
L/E/5/44: Choreology (Effort) \ Any speed has a duration [4 sheets]
L/E/5/45: Choreology (Effort) \ Degrees [6 sheets]
L/E/5/46: Choreology (Effort) \ Notes, signals, symbols [2 sheets]
L/E/5/47: Choreology (Effort) \ Wade or swim out [2 sheets]
L/E/5/48: Choreology (Effort) \ Fairy tale about Microbe City..., The [1 sheet]
L/E/5/49: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and Space-Form [14 sheets]
L/E/5/50: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort in Time and Space [18 sheets]
L/E/5/51: Choreology (Effort) \ Degrees of tension [11 sheets]
L/E/5/52: Choreology (Effort) \ Flow of movement [11 sheets]
L/E/5/53: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and sensation [6 sheets]
L/E/5/54: Choreology (Effort) \ Attention [3 sheets]
L/E/5/55: Choreology (Effort) \ Mental motion [5 sheets]
L/E/5/56: Choreology (Effort) \ Play, The (Analysis) [2 sheets]
L/E/5/57: Choreology (Effort) \ Antrieb zu Muskelbewegungen zeigt Unterschiede, Der [Impetus for muscular movement shows differences, The] [8 sheets]
L/E/5/58: Choreology (Effort) \ Antriebs Studien [Impetus studies] [4 sheets]
L/E/5/59: Choreology (Effort) \ Lecture notes on impetus studies [2 sheets]
L/E/5/60: Choreology (Effort) \ Psychotechnische Bewegungskontrolle erfordert die Beobachtung, Die [Psycho-technical control of movement requires observation, The] [6 sheets]
L/E/5/61: Choreology (Effort) \ Notation symbols [5 sheets]
L/E/5/62: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort training [12 sheets]
L/E/5/63: Choreology (Effort) \ Observations concerning the difference between central and peripheral movements [4 sheets]
L/E/5/64: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort in dance [7 sheets]
L/E/5/65: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and the shape of body motion [4 sheets]
L/E/5/66: Choreology (Effort) \ Meaning of effort, The [10 sheets]
L/E/5/67: Choreology (Effort) \ Tectonic implications of the four movement media, The [15 sheets]
L/E/5/68: Choreology (Effort) \ Dance and effort training [30 sheets]
L/E/5/69: Choreology (Effort) \ We are used to think that a painter is moved... [7 sheets]
L/E/5/70: Choreology (Effort) \ Terminology [5 sheets]
L/E/5/71: Choreology (Effort) \ Space, time, weight, flow [12 sheets]
L/E/5/72: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and motion study [10 sheets]
L/E/5/73: Choreology (Effort) \ Connection of aspect with function and action [6 sheets]
L/E/5/74: Choreology (Effort) \ Two ways [3 sheets]
L/E/5/75: Choreology (Effort) \ Why man dances [13 sheets]
L/E/5/76: Choreology (Effort) \ Real time experience of a happening, The [7 sheets]
L/E/5/77: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort Microbe, The [5 sheets]
L/E/5/78: Choreology (Effort) \ Chemistry of sentiments [5 sheets]
L/E/5/79: Choreology (Effort) \ Elements of tension and relaxation [4 sheets]
L/E/5/80: Choreology (Effort) \ Kinship between movement elements [8 sheets]
L/E/5/81: Choreology (Effort) \ Dance [9 sheets]
L/E/5/82: Choreology (Effort) \ Flow is grip-release [4 sheets]
L/E/5/83: Choreology (Effort) \ Behind the screen [19 sheets]
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
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