Ref NoL/E/6
TitleChoreology (Effort) \ Files in Box 6
Datelate 1930s-late 1950s
Extent91 files of papers
DescriptionThis box contains the files listed below, given in the order Reference Number: Title [number of sheets; date if known]. The files contain writings (mostly handwritten) and drawings by Rudolf Laban. Most are undated.

L/E/6/1: Choreology (Effort) \ In our complex civilisation [11 sheets]
L/E/6/2: Choreology (Effort) \ Report on history of Kinetography [23 sheets]
L/E/6/3: Choreology (Effort) \ Motion powers and attitudes towards them, The [11 sheets]
L/E/6/4: Choreology (Effort) \ Flow of weight, The [2 sheets]
L/E/6/5: Choreology (Effort) \ Crystal and plant [12 sheets; date: 1952]
L/E/6/6: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort present in all manifestations of life [7 sheets]
L/E/6/7: Choreology (Effort) \ Physics are compulsive... [2 sheets]
L/E/6/8: Choreology (Effort) \ Correspondence course in movement observation [12 sheets]
L/E/6/9: Choreology (Effort) \ Tesseract - Reaction [3 sheets; date: 15 October 1946]
L/E/6/10: Choreology (Effort) \ Observation of effort, The [17 sheets]
L/E/6/11: Choreology (Effort) \ What is measuring an effort [1 sheet]
L/E/6/12: Choreology (Effort) \ Education of effort [10 sheets]
L/E/6/13: Choreology (Effort) \ Various notes relating to Effort [7 sheets]
L/E/6/14: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort [7 sheets]
L/E/6/15: Choreology (Effort) \ Why effort study? [5 sheets]
L/E/6/16: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort structure [17 sheets]
L/E/6/17: Choreology (Effort) \ Notes, symbols and drawings on effort [5 sheets]
L/E/6/18: Choreology (Effort) \ Acceptance [2 sheets]
L/E/6/19: Choreology (Effort) \ Children's theatre [9 sheets]
L/E/6/20: Choreology (Effort) \ Motion study and stagecraft [4 sheets]
L/E/6/21: Choreology (Effort) \ Motion study on the stage [4 sheets]
L/E/6/22: Choreology (Effort) \ Theory of movement [6 sheets]
L/E/6/23: Choreology (Effort) \ Movement elements [4 sheets]
L/E/6/24: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and drama [32 sheets]
L/E/6/25: Choreology (Effort) \ Kraft und form [Strength and shape] [6 sheets]
L/E/6/26: Choreology (Effort) \ Umriss Illusion [Outline illusion] [9 sheets]
L/E/6/27: Choreology (Effort) \ Stillness und stir [Stillness and stir] [11 sheets]
L/E/6/28: Choreology (Effort) \ Language of effort, The [7 sheets; date: 1945]
L/E/6/29: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort control [11 sheets]
L/E/6/30: Choreology (Effort) \ States, attitudes, drives, their buildup and relationships [13 sheets]
L/E/6/31: Choreology (Effort) \ Scale based on sensing [4 sheets]
L/E/6/32: Choreology (Effort) \ Study sheets with diagrams of states and attitudes in crystalline structures, and inclinations and spatial functions of W.S.T. [weight, space, time] and basic efforts [16 sheets]
L/E/6/33: Choreology (Effort) \ Everted and inverted effort streams [2 sheets]
L/E/6/34: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort projected into space and vice versa []
L/E/6/35: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort character compounds [1 sheet]
L/E/6/36: Choreology (Effort) \ Eight basic patterns, psuedo effects, basic efforts with flow [7 sheets]
L/E/6/37: Choreology (Effort) \ Letter from Mr A. Proctor Burman to Laban on efforts of animals, with a related newspaper cutting [2 sheets; date: 3 July 1950]
L/E/6/38: Choreology (Effort) \ Tesseract [11 sheets]
L/E/6/39: Choreology (Effort) \ Examples in which effort would be advisable in industry, in education, and in community life [3 sheets]
L/E/6/40: Choreology (Effort) \ Objects, facts and effort [3 sheets]
L/E/6/41: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort balance [5 sheets]
L/E/6/42: Choreology (Effort) \ Observation of movement, The [2 sheets]
L/E/6/43: Choreology (Effort) \ Synchronism and successiveness of effort performance [9 sheets]
L/E/6/44: Choreology (Effort) \ This book is about people... [15 sheets]
L/E/6/45: Choreology (Effort) \ Motivation [7 sheets]
L/E/6/46: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort rhythm [1 sheet]
L/E/6/47: Choreology (Effort) \ Irritation evokes an effort! [4 sheets]
L/E/6/48: Choreology (Effort) \ Movement observation shows... [4 sheets]
L/E/6/49: Choreology (Effort) \ Dissolving of an effort element..., The [1 sheet]
L/E/6/50: Choreology (Effort) \ In hearing a sound... [5 sheets]
L/E/6/51: Choreology (Effort) \ Great rhythm of effort and recovery..., The [4 sheets]
L/E/6/52: Choreology (Effort) \ Every movement has a certain psychic and physical intensity which demands effort... [3 sheets]
L/E/6/53: Choreology (Effort) \ Recovery [2 sheets]
L/E/6/54: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort and recovery [7 sheets]
L/E/6/55: Choreology (Effort) \ Actions, manners and passions [3 sheets]
L/E/6/56: Choreology (Effort) \ There is a difference between producing voluntarily the dynamic effort... [4 sheets]
L/E/6/57: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort [26 sheets]
L/E/6/58: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort-life [29 sheets]
L/E/6/59: Choreology (Effort) \ Interpretations of efforts observed [14 sheets]
L/E/6/60: Choreology (Effort) \ Notes on effort [27 sheets]
L/E/6/61: Choreology (Effort) \ Method of drawing effort graphs, The [2 sheets]
L/E/6/62: Choreology (Effort) \ Sequences [13 sheets]
L/E/6/63: Choreology (Effort) \ Miscellaneous notes and drawings on effort [27 sheets]
L/E/6/64: Choreology (Effort) \ Correction of Effort [3 sheets]
L/E/6/65: Choreology (Effort) \ Thinking is a commodity... [1 sheet]
L/E/6/66: Choreology (Effort) \ Quaternary observation of movement, The [6 sheets]
L/E/6/67: Choreology (Effort) \ Work [2 sheets]
L/E/6/68: Choreology (Effort) \ Channel of decision [2 sheets]
L/E/6/69: Choreology (Effort) \ Commentaries to the management of one's own personality [2 sheets]
L/E/6/70: Choreology (Effort) \ Under the glare of powerful electric lamp... []
L/E/6/71: Choreology (Effort) \ Difference between 'event' and 'action', The [1 sheet]
L/E/6/72: Choreology (Effort) \ Primitive persons assume... [1 sheet]
L/E/6/73: Choreology (Effort) \ Medium of drama, The [2 sheets]
L/E/6/74: Choreology (Effort) \ Recreation [2 sheets]
L/E/6/75: Choreology (Effort) \ Space - Time [5 sheets]
L/E/6/76: Choreology (Effort) \ Toilful and even painful taking into consideration..., The [6 sheets]
L/E/6/77: Choreology (Effort) \ Kinetic outlook on the world, A [42 sheets]
L/E/6/78: Choreology (Effort) \ Change in space [14 sheets]
L/E/6/79: Choreology (Effort) \ Scales of inner attitudes, space-time intensity factors in movement [5 sheets]
L/E/6/80: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort readiness for inner or external actions [2 sheets]
L/E/6/81: Choreology (Effort) \ Action [8 sheets]
L/E/6/82: Choreology (Effort) \ Rules of the inner flow [4 sheets]
L/E/6/83: Choreology (Effort) \ Study of the introvert aspects of movement [4 sheets]
L/E/6/84: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort [2 sheets]
L/E/6/85: Choreology (Effort) \ Long and short preparations for action [7 sheets]
L/E/6/86: Choreology (Effort) \ Calming down, getting excited [7 sheets]
L/E/6/87: Choreology (Effort) \ Recapitulation [1 sheet]
L/E/6/88: Choreology (Effort) \ Polarities and modalities [9 sheets]
L/E/6/89: Choreology (Effort) \ Effort graphs [49 sheets]
L/E/6/90: Choreology (Effort) \ What we know about the psychological components of movement [4 sheets]
L/E/6/91: Choreology (Effort) \ Report by Raadgevend Efficiency Board [10 sheets, 1 bound volume; date: 1952]
CodePerson NameDates
DS/UK/P417Laban; Rudolf (1879-1958); movement theorist1879-1958
DS/UK/P4625Burman; A Proctor
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