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TitleOral history interview with Mr Edward Goddard 14 January 2016
Date14 January 2016
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
England, Lauren
Goddard, Edward
DescriptionInterview conducted by Lauren England.

00:00-00:36: Introduction

00:36-04:04: Why Battersea? mentions entry requirements; recalls interview with Professor Laverne; describes gaining sponsorship from London Underground; describes Battersea Main Building and facilities

04:04-06:44: First impressions: Freshers' week; Horse Guards; Tiddliwinks in Victoria Station; climbing Charring Cross Road; pipes in Putney swimming pool

06:44-10:39: Industrial Placement: London Underground; describes apprenticeship; learnt how business worked; communication skills; valued the chance to experience industry

10:39-12:27: Working with different people; British Railways; mature students; very few women

12:27-17:43: Studies: normal contact time, but lots of laboratory work; describes long hours with London Underground; describes division of time; London Underground sponsorship of Masters degree

17:43-23:26: Socialising: recalls playing bridge in student bar; describes studies involving computers; recalls creating computer programme to simulate movement of trains

23:26-28:55: Lecturers: Williamson, systems engineering; great grounding in computer programming; Laverne and Williamson; passed on love of maths; intellectually stimulating

28:55-31:44: Move to Guildford: graduated at Central Hall, Westminster; briefly visited University of Surrey campus; contrast to Battersea College, which was overflowing; impressed by scale of Guildford campus

31:44-33:46: Battersea College Campus: lots of buildings; most of lectures in Battersea Main Building; mentions Edwin Tate Library; mentions food and eating out

33:46-37:22: Graduation: Next to parents' public house; describes ceremony; big classes, but high drop-out rate

37:22-44:09: Value of industrial placement: communications problem; managing labourers; succeeded by coincidence; Hainault Loop underground track; Chief Engineer

44:09-57:19: Final memories: only two girls on course; not much time for socialising; only male friends; successful career in London Underground; encourages return of sandwich courses

57:19-01:01:37: Student body: lots of boys from grammar schools; grammar school taught him to work hard; student life was similarly independent; lived at home so missed out on some life on campus

01:01:45- End
Administrative HistoryEdward Goddard (known as Eddie) studied for a BSc in Electrical Engineering in 1967 and a Masters degree in Systems Engineering which he finished in Guildford at University of Surrey in 1970.
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