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TitleOral history interview with Mr Peter Hallgarten on 14 January 2016
Date14 January 2016
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
England, Lauren
Hallgarten, Peter
DescriptionInterview conducted by Lauren England.

00:00-00:26: Introduction

00:26- 02:47: Why Battersea? Recalls good reputation of Battersea College; describes student demographic, ex-military, few women; class of about 30; describes full time table; chemistry, physics, maths and biology in first year, then specialised

02:47-05:14: Sport: Wednesday afternoons, cricket in the summer; played bridge too; played matches against other colleges, Birmingham, Cambridge; cricket ground in Collier's Wood

05:14-07:04: Catering: Doctoral degree students could eat in hotel and catering restaurant; mentions The Refectory; mentions The Grove public house

07:04-09:51: Socialising: lived away; event with famous scientists; dances; research laboratory club, had their own tie

09:51-13:35: Lecturers: Charles Arcus, shy and knowledgeable; Professor Salmon; Dr Stark; Voss; Professor Elton, expert in fog; sometimes drank in public house with the professors

13:35-17:44: Practical work: describes dangers of practical laboratory work

17:44-26:01: After Battersea: role in metallurgy for government; describes role in family wine business; mentions Charlie Arcus, supervisor, inspirational man

26:01-27:01: Accommodation and transport: Lived at home; could use family car; could read or study while travelling; home within an hour

27:01-31:35: 1950s: Optimistic about prospects; harder to find work in late 1950s; socialised at home at weekends; no concessions in theatres; spent pocket money on cigarettes

31:35-37:15: Fond memories: describes social life; describes motor rallying club, Mike Bader, best navigator, Pete Hutson, Mike Bayford; contrasts undergraduate degree to doctoral degree

37:15-44:26: Examinations: describes written and practical examinations; mentions Tony Lackham; examinations taken in Battersea Great Hall; German translation paper; final exams were three papers and laboratory work

44:26-45:45: Graduation: recalls doctoral degree graduation ceremony at Senate House with Queen Mother; one guest

45:45-59:23: After Battersea: Visited United States of America for fellowship under professor in Chicago; visited American theatres; stayed in International House; moved into family business, wine trade; travelled around the world with work

59:23-01:02:46: Summary: Very regimented life; classes of 30; science not offered at all Universities

01:02:50 - End
Administrative HistoryPeter Hallgarten received his BSc in Chemistry in 1953 and his PhD in 1956, both studied for at Battersea.
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