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TitleOral history interview with Mr Joe Hegarty on 30 June 2015
Date30 June 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Nailon, Harriet
Hegarty, Joe
DescriptionInterview conducted by Harriet Nailon.

00:00-00:34: Introduction

00:34-07:19: Why Battersea? application to Imperial College and King's College unsuccessful; school chemistry teacher knew Dr Salmon at Battersea; recalls commuting from home; describes Freshers' Week, Barry Proctor; Freshers' Fair, joined lots of societies; describes council grant; explains timetable of lectures, Wednesday afternoon free for sports, ten-pin bowling in Streatham; lectures and debates in Students' Union, visit from Tony Benn

07:19-13:58: Chemistry course: 30 people on course, lectures together, split for laboratory work; two girls, Margaret Walder, Glenis Madrock; internal degree; Chelsea college; enjoyed course at start, but interest waned; developed interest in computing, employed by Surrey County Council

13:58-15:12: Lecturers: Dr Buse; Dr Larkworthy; Dr Redfern; Dr August; Dr Rubin; very pleasant people, but not inspiring

15:12-16:55: Contemporaries: Glenis Madrock and Margaret Walder became chemistry teachers; Keith Goddard also taught and organised reunion; Battersea teaching style encouraged independent learning

16:55-20:53: Impressions of Battersea: commuted from Marylebone; poor area; great fog of November 1962; ice on Battersea Lake thick enough to walk on; lunches in the Green café with Ralph Samuel; table tennis in Hall of the President

20:53-26:31: Students' Union: bands played at dances, Rolling Stones?; quiz competition at Union; films shown in Battersea Great Hall

26:31-33:51: Socialising: worked hard, because not that interested in course; missed out on social side by living at home; 1960s meant more freedom, birth control pill not commonly available; not aware of drugs; Battersea students were not fashionable

33:51-35:13: Student body: very few international students; no ethnic diversity in Chemistry course; some students from different backgrounds

35:13-36:49: Links with Industry: Professor Salmon linked with Permutit; visits from chemistry companies

36:49-40:36: Regrets: living at home; studying chemistry; careers advice; personal tutors

40:36-43:13: University of Surrey: Robbins Report; student body expected the change and the move

43:13-54:40: Other memories: graduation ceremony at Senate House; recalls post war optimism; mentions Cold War fear; Gary Powers; assassination of President Kennedy

54:41 - End
Administrative HistoryJoe Hegarty studied Chemistry and graduated from Battersea in 1965.
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