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TitleOral history interview with Mr Peter Mansbridge on 14 October 2015
Date14 October 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Nailon, Harriet
Mansbridge, Peter
DescriptionInterview conducted by Chris Gethin.

00:00-00:30 - Introduction

00:30-02:23: Why Battersea? Parents lived in Cheam; good reputation for electronics; not great A-level results

02:23-04:01: First Impressions: RAG week, bottles of water from Trafalgar Square fountains; wore suits; 100 students in the year

04:01-06:26: Course teaching: lectures in grand hall; overhead projector; first year PEMS (Physics, Electronics, Electrical Mechanics and Spectroscopy); 100 students in lectures; 6 in tutorials; debates about future of automation

06:26-09:09: Practical work: heavy and light currents laboratories; motors and generators; short first year of two terms, then onto industrial placement

09:09-12:18: Industrial Placement: strength of the course; EMI Electronics, Hayes; time spent in quality assurance, apprenticeship training, aerial technology; colour television; offered job for after graduation and £110 bursary

12:18-12:45: Graduation: early Surrey graduates, at Odeon cinema, Guildford, Alf Robens, Chancellor

12:45-15:48: Move to Guildford: sea of mud; Rich House halls of residence; Cathedral bell ringing on Fridays; wood plank walk ways from halls to lecture theatres; laboratories fully equipped; main canteen in a tent; damage to Guildford Cathedral

15:48-18:23: Regrets: work focus for engineers; missed social life by living at home; Graham Martin

18:23-22:25: Mix of students: lots of overseas students; Middle East, India, Far East; good integration; one woman on course

22:25-24:35: Socialising: quite introverted, so didn't go to dances; focussed on studying

24:35-28:39: Lectures: Professor Elton; lecture notes; lectures and tutorials; Dr Daphne Jackson; Polish lecturers from college nearby

28:39-29:38: Transport: lectures in Polish college in Putney; most students had cars; old van; parking in Albert Palace, Lurline Gardens

29:38-37:36: Computing: computers at Battersea were mainframes; developed problem-solving skills; work with Ministry of Defence

37:36-40:16: Characters: president of students' union had time out from course; mature students; engineering students were quite sensible; trips on river

40:16-46:53: Final project: suggestions provided by academics; project supervisor very helpful; Malcolm Mason, first class honours

46:53-56:01: Modern electronics: moved away from valves; error in exam question; move to digital systems

56:01-01:03:54: University of Surrey: glad they still do industrial placements; companies now taking staff straight from A-levels

01:03:54-01:07:56: Alumni: Institute of Electronic Engineers; meetings at University of Surrey; Professor Lovering

01:07:56-01:10:49: Alcohol: Bar on Guildford campus; Freshers' Week

01:10:49-01:13:08: Making models: molecular bonds, polystyrene balls and cocktail sticks; made models to predict results

01:13:08-01:20:03: Liberal studies lectures: debates about various topics, religion; Great Hall; guest speakers, Enoch Powell, Tony Benn, Barnes Wallis; Mechanical Engineering Society

01:20:03 - End
Administrative HistoryPeter Mansbridge studied Electronic & Electrical Engineering graduating in 1969.
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