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TitleOral history interview on 30 June 2015
Date30 June 2015
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Banfield, Mike
DescriptionInterview conducted by Mike Banfield.
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00:00-00:35: Introduction

00:35-03:09: Why Battersea? recalls UCAS booklet, interest in Microbiology; describes Battersea as new and exciting; convenient; halls of residence in first year; explains grant from Essex County Council

03:09-05:11: Microbiology: mentions A level results and entry requirements; employment with chemist Allen and Hanburys; mentions Higher National Diploma in Applied Biology

05:11-09:24: First impressions of Battersea: describes microbiology at Falcon Road Annex; recalls dances at Battersea Main Building, Kenny Ball, steel band; recalls interview with John O Smith, Olive Murphy; describes locations of lectures

09:24-15:08: Course: mentions Dr Hart; Richard Jackson, mycology; Harold Hillman, physiology and histology; recalls focus on uses in industry; employment after degree at Water Pollution Research laboratory

15:08-17:59: Industrial Placement: air pollution laboratory of St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College; Patrick Lawther, manager, provided reference for first job after degree

17:59-22:48: Accommodation: mentions construction of Courland Grove Halls of Residence; mentions Ralph West Halls of Residence; mentions Pauline Goodchild; recalls completions of Courland Grove Halls of Residence; describes room and facilities; mentions gender segregation

22:48-26:13: Rented Accommodation: during second and third years; mentions Ducie Street, Brixton; Trinity Road; 3 students, one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen; describes structure of Courland Grove halls of residence

26:13-27:44: Food: Meals were part of halls accommodation; vegetarian food; kitchen with hatch next to student common room in Courland Grove halls of residence, salad sandwiches;

27:44-31:41: Socialising: The Grove Public House; recalls 21st birthday in The Windmill on Clapham Common; Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction; visited public houses on Wednesday afternoons; recalls neck tie for Falcon Road annexe, describes courses studied there

31:41-34:35:: Guildford campus: describes reunion Christmas dinner in Goldfish Bowl; mentions Jill Hawkins; recalls no lectures in Guildford; describes construction; mentions University charter; describes graduation, gowns at Guildford Cathedral, ceremony at Odeon cinema, 'The Love Bug' showing;
describes college scarf, blue and purple with white stripe

34:35-36:48: Fashion: 1960s; influential films: Georgie Girl, Up the Junction; tights invented; miniskirts; King's Road; high swede boots; policeman's cloak from Portobello Road;

36:48-40:32: Students Union: strikes about introduction of student identification cards, National Union of Students; first person in family to have gone to University; not very politically aware

40:32-47:29: Events: RAG week 1966, lorry float from Battersea to Chelsea, dressed as Britannia; mentions dances; not aware of drugs culture; recalls very little contraception available, especially for women; describes attitude to education

47:29-51:30: Student demographic: recalls mostly White British, grammar school educated;

51:30-58:15: Music and clubs: Kenny Ball; adverts for The Beatles' singles; classical concerts in London on Wednesday afternoons; The Kinks, Waterloo Sunset; Manfred Mann; recalls talk in Battersea Great Hall by drummer, James Blades; Radio Luxembourg; Bob Dylan, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; Muddy Waters; mentions friend who was in photographic society and friend in rowing club;

58:15-01:06:37: Graduation and afterwards: Graduated in June 1969; employment in Water Pollution Research Laboratory in Stevenage in August 1969; recalls role with Scientific Civil Service; mentions Tommy Tomlinson; describes voluntary work; Masters Degree in Computer Science; Legionnaire's disease risk assessment scheme for Hertfordshire County Council; trained to be science teacher;

01:06:37-01:13:42: University holidays: recalls employment during holidays; describes industrial placement at Standard Telecommunication Laboratories in summer of 1967; mentions trip to Switzerland;

01:13:42-01:15:02: Salary: Laboratory technician before studying £8 per week; placement at St Bart's Medical College £10 per week; Water Pollution Laboratory £30 per week

01:15:02-01:16:35: Exams: recalls friendship with other students; describes celebrating end of exams

01:16:35 - End
Administrative HistoryThis alumni studied for a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, graduating in 1969.
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