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TitleOral history interview with Mr David Peacock on 14 January 2016
Date14 January 2016
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Cheeseman, Rona
Peacock, David
DescriptionInterview conducted by Rona Cheeseman.
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Part One

00:00-00:34: Introduction

00:34-01:11: Why Battersea? recalls apprenticeship with Napier; lived in Ealing with parents

01:11-02:06: First impressions: describes Main Building; mentions Bob Battersby, porter

02:06-02:23: Friends from college: recalls regular reunions

02:23-03:08: Sandwich Course: 6 months on 6 months off; mentions Dr Leggett

03:08-03:47: Memorable staff: mentions Polish lecturers, Peter Neodovnik [Miodownik?], Joe Mackoviak [Mackowiak];

03:47-05:33: International Students: recalls first interactions with Indians; describes International Evening, mentions Paul Rogers; recalls Going Down ball and mentions Metallurgy society events

05:33-06:30: Student Newspaper: describes role as sub-editor under Mervyn Davies, wrote series of articles, 'Londoners'; remembers produced special editions, sometimes around Students' Union elections

06:30-07:17: Sport: didn't really play sport; mentions playing Carom board game in common room

07:17-08:54: Value of international community: recalls broadened experience of people; recalls industrial training at Wolverhampton, mentions Indian students; mentions trip to Italy with Metallurgy society

08:54-11:00: Food: describes Green Café; introduced to beer by Joe Walker, visited The Eagle public house, recalls drinking contests; remembers visiting London clubs

11:00-11:40: Music: developed appreciation of classical music; remembers Paul Rogers and jazz bands

11:40-13:00: Socialising: describes limited finances; mentions first date with future wife, Marion, studying nursing with Ray Winterburn's sister, needed a date for a college ball

13:00-13:46: Finances: paid by Napier during course; describes first four years living at home with parents; rented accommodation in fourth year

13:46-15:08: Accommodation: [telephone rings] describes rented accommodation in three storey house, shared with Joe Walker and Ray Winterburn; short bicycle ride to college

15:08-16:21: After Graduation: meant to return to Napier, but had been taken over by Rolls Royce who closed local plant; moved into titanium industry until retirement in 2000, consulted for six years

16:21 - End

Part Two

00:00-07:58: College environment: describes impact of environment; mentions Peter Miodovnik [Miodownik?], lecturer; describes weekend trips to Moor Park, Farnham; mentions Joe Macoviak [Mackowiak] ; mentions Jim Moore, industrial coordinator; describes liberal studies course, John Frayn head of department, recalls lectures from Roy Douglas and Margaret Westwood; describes relationship with lecturers; describes increase in confidence in public speaking; mentions value of participating in Students' Union

07:58-10:08: Weekend trips: describes visits to Moor Park, Farnham, organised by liberal studies departments; mentions Joe Walker, Mervyn Davis, Paul Rogers; recalls philosophical discussions

10:08-13:08: Humorous Anecdotes: recalls Paul Rogers driving hired Mini car to Farnham; describes theatre and cinema trips to central London, mentions Kenneth Williams and Fenella Fielding; remembers producing show for University of London Union

13:08-16:55: University of London Union: describes relationship with their students; explains Diploma of Technology was not recognised as degree; describes Battersea community; praises Battersea Students' Union; describes Head of the Lake competition, Roy Winterburn; mentions RAG week, Mervyn Davies

16:55-19:50: Why Metallurgy? Describes practical focus; mentions evening classes in Engineering and Higher National Certificate at Acton Technical College; mentions Gordon Swinyard at Acton; describes apprenticeship at Napier; mentions taking evening classes in Chemistry at Wandsworth College to catch up at Battersea

19:50-22:50: Timetable: Lectures all day 9am to 5pm; mentions revising for fourth year examination for an hour before breakfast; mentions degree result; describes role of apprentice supervisor at Napier; felt Battersea was very structured and disciplined

22:50-25:04: Battersea facilities: describes laboratory equipment as basic but adequate; mentions Peter Miodovnik [Miodownik?]; describes Great Hall at Battersea, mentions Oscar Film Club in Great Hall, mentions 'High Society'

25:04-26:33: Health and Safety in Labs: Not much at Battersea; None in Acton College of Technology; describes handling acid and lack of safety equipment; doesn't remember accidents

26:33-28:50: Links with industry: mentions head of department Les Derry; mentions tutor Jim Moore; felt metallurgy students were equipped to work in most industries, wide variety of skills

28:50-30:50: Fashion: one suit for special occasions; remembers male students wore trousers, shirts and sweaters; never bought a college scarf; [telephone rings]; recalls trip to Italy, Roger Farby; mentions Going Down Ball, first wore evening dress

30:50-34:30: Trip to Italy: Organised with Italian metallurgical society; week visiting Italian metallurgical companies; mentions '53 Club' for metallurgy alumni, disbanding of society held at The Eagle public house in Battersea; recalls Italy trip not organised by Battersea lecturers, stayed in hotel in Milan; mentions other tours in UK, Vauxhall plant in Luton, Stuarts & Lloyds in Corby

34:30-36:30: Romance: Roy Winterburn's sister Carol studing nursing with future wife Marion; she needed a partner for nursing ball at Empire Ballroom in Leicester Square; recalls taking Marion to Going Down ball, married her in 1964, two years after graduation

36:30-40:42: Sandwich Course: week off at Easter; Napier gave statutory holidays plus two weeks annual leave; mentions holidays in Devon; remembers University of London bicycle tour for American students

40:42-41:39: Transport: rare for students to have cars; DP's parents never had a car; first car bought after graduation, Austin Seven

41:39-44:28: Memories: kept diary of final year, mentions support of Joe Walker; remembers Roy Winterburn took photograph of 17 students who started course; recalls appreciating size of classes

44:28-46:49: Female Students: none on course; remembers some very attractive girls at Battersea, but not being distracted by them; mentions International Evening, describes photographs of performances, mentions Sibyl Tarbell

46:49 - End

Administrative HistoryDavid Peacock began studying a thin sandwich course in Metallurgy at Battersea in 1957 and graduated with a diploma in technology in 1962.
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