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TitleOral history interview with Mr John Quilter on 14 October 2015
Date14 October 2015
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Name of CreatorUniversity of Surrey, Alumni and Development Department
Nelson, Abigail
Quilter, John
DescriptionInterview conducted by Abigail Nelson.

00:00-00:30 - Introduction

00:30-01:12: Why Battersea College? Describes good reputation of chemical engineering course; Professor Tailby, good teacher; course would provide broad outlook

01:12-02:13: First Impressions: variety of people; describes Battersea Main Building; community feeling

02:13-03:51: First week: Ralph West hall of residence; party at nurses hospital, North Acton; night porter

03:51-05:44: Accommodation: 8th floor of Ralph West Halls of Residence; mentions vicinity of King's Road, Chelsea; mentions Spanish waitresses and warden, Mr Dia

05:44-08:34: Chemical Engineering: comparison of timetable to humanities students; describes location of Chemical Engineering laboratory; describes laboratory equipment

08:34-10:39: Staff: Dr Potalski; Dr Ernie Clutterbuck, heat transfer lecturer; Dr John Lamb, personal tutor; Alan Millington, lecturer

10:39-14:30: Move to Guildford: recalls canteen was a tent in the mud; remembers halls of residence were not finished, found dormitories at Charterhouse School; describes high drop out rate; contrasts relationship with local residents in Battersea and in Guildford

14:30-16:52: Socialising in Battersea: dramatic society, experimental play; sports, table tennis, ten-pin bowling; dances, alternated between Chelsea and Battersea; big bands, The Animals, Manfred Mann, Chris Farlowe, the Thunderbirds, Arthur Brown; stripper

16:52-17:37: Dances in Guildford: no venue at start of semester in Guildford; Students' Union was finished; popular bands visited

17:37-18:30: Ten-pin bowling: played against other students around North London; played every Saturday; high score of 199

18:30-21:10: Weekends: Student parties, dances, visit pub, restaurants; sleeping on floor of friend's flats

21:10-23:40: Favourite Memories of Battersea College: recalls great community; remembers laboratory in disused swimming pool in Putney; mentions bar in Battersea Main Building

23:40-25:29: Living in student flat: describes rented accommodation; remembers learning to cook and clean;

25:29-28:19: Course timetable: lectures start at 9:30am, 137 bus to campus; people often missed morning lectures; nocturnal students

28:19-31:30: Graduation: ceremony held at Odeon cinema in Guildford; Lord Alf Robens, Chancellor; first graduation at Guildford; recalls parents came with fiancée

31:30-32:39: Skills gained at Battersea College: recalls varied career; explains Battersea College community provided skills to form relationships;

32:39-35:14: RAG week: 'Raising and Giving'; describes bed on wheels sponsporship; pram pushing; drink Six Bells public house dry, King's Road

35:14-38:14: Final year: describes increased focus; mentions Wood Bridge public house; describes revising with other students

38:14-42:04: Chemical Engineering modules: design project practical work, to plan a plant, group work; practical exams and project work were submitted after final exams; exams were taken in sports hall in Guildford town; project about manufacture of steroid drugs; practical experiments, marked like coursework

42:04-44:54: Battersea College myths: Dr Thomas; broke chandelier at Six Bells public house in Chelsea; student bouncers outside dances to keep down numbers; Chris Farlow and the Thunderbirds

44:54-48:50: Fond memories: recalls high number of foreign students; ascribes confidence to student days

48:50-52:35: Battersea College Food: mentions The Green Café ; describes The Feedwell, owned by Susanne Manns; The Eagle Public House; mentions evening meals in Ralph West halls of residence; Vice Chancellor's Meal at Christmas time, throw bread rolls at Vice Chancellor;

52:35-54:10: Student life: different to school; independence; new community; friendly

54:13 - End
Administrative HistoryMr John Quilter studied Chemical Engineering at Battersea, graduating with a BSc in 1969.
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